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Antoinette teaches: Ages 5 to 80
Special needs
Teaching since: September 2005
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Finding an schooled violinist and finding a good violin teacher are two very different things. When I see other teacher's profiles, they boast of the years of training they had. Anyone can learn and play, but it takes a love of teaching to really make a difference in someone's life.

When you have a love of teaching, you have a seemingly endless resource of patience. This is because what the student sees as "patient" is really just a small step in the educational process. It is a fraction of time just before a correction. When you have something new to teach, whether it is a new technique, or a correction of something being done improperly, and you know exactly how to break it down so it is understandable and accomplishable, you know it is always a short matter of time before the student gets it. And by short, I mean a matter of seconds, or minutes.

I respect others and what they feel and have to say. I treat others as I would want to be treated and lessons are always a pleasure to my students, because it is a pleasure for me to teach them.

I have been playing for over 26 years. I have played with a multitude of local orchestras and bands and have done countless studio recording sessions and live shows. All of this experience comes through in my teaching either directly (when it comes time for you to perform) or incrementally.

When you are learning, there is a vast sea of information. Not all of that knowledge is equal in importance. It is incredibly important to be able to distinguish what is important and what is not very important. All of my real-life experience, and continuing experience reveals itself in the form of ensuring my students know what is truly important.

Lest you get the idea that I am a wishy-washy, undemanding teacher, I can assure you this is not the case. Lessons are fun, but that is because they are productive. You will walk away being able to do something, and that requires hard work, and practice.

And a winning attitude.

I can even work with you if you don't have a winning attitude, but it makes it more fun when you do!

Some students who were musicians previously leave the first lesson being able to play their first song. Most students however, who have never played an instrument before, can expect to be comfortable bowing (a huge part of the process - half the sound!) within the first few weeks, and will then move on to learning songs. We will be learning sheet music as well, on a very, very easy gradient. After the first couple months, I expect you to tell me which song it is you might like to learn most so that we can start working on it.

I rent out violins of all sizes.
I sell the book that I teach out of (or you can obtain it online or from Sam Ash).

If you have any questions, I am happy to answer them. You can use the contact button on this website and I will gladly answer you in return.

Photos and Videos

Here is a GoT arrangement I made for two violins which will be performed by the group class (running Sept - Dec 2017) in December.


Violin Teacher
Nov 2016 - Present
La Scuola D'Italia

I am the middle school violin teacher at La Scuola, an American-Italian private school on 67th and 1st.

Violinist and Violin Teacher
Jul 2011 - Present
The NYC Violin Studio

I have a small home studio in Times Square. There is room enough for one or two students and I have a weighted keyboard, amp and cables (for electric violin), all sizes of violins to rent, and a computer/printer for on-the-spot sheet music requests.

Sep 1990 - Present
New York

I have been playing the violin since I was 7 years old. That's 27 years now. I've played in string orchestras, chamber orchestras, quartets, pit orchestras, bands, and done studio recordings and many live shows and performances.

Violin Teacher
Jul 2009 - Mar 2011
Muse for Life

Primary violin teacher. Also managed the business in terms of scheduling new and recurring students, and signing up new students and managing all teachers' lesson schedules.


Professional Instructor Curriculum
Jan 2004 - Jan 2005
Flag Service Organization
General Education
Sep 2000 - Jun 2001
SUNY New Paltz

Languages Spoken

Fluent / Native Proficiency


Professional Course Supervisor
Jan 2006
Flag Service Organization

One year program with training in specialized and innovative teaching solutions for students of all ages and learning capacities. Other elective classes and apprenticeships taken to strengthen this.

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Tonia May 29, 2017
· Fiddle · In studio I took violin lessons for a year with an instructor I found through a different organization (not TakeLessons)--and I learned more in one hour with Antoinette than I learned in 30 lessons with that other teacher. In just one lesson, I can see that Antoinette is friendly, smart, encouraging, knows her stuff--and knows how to teach (which not every good player can do). I'm an adult, but I bet she'd be just as great with a student of any age.
Donna Feb 16, 2017
· Violin · In studio Antoinette was patient and effective during my first lesson. As an adult, having never taken a violin lesson in my life, I was nervous. But Antoinette has confidence in me and I am looking forward to more lessons with her!
Donna Feb 16, 2017
· Violin · In studio Antoinette was patient and effective during my first lesson. As an adult, having never taken a violin lesson in my life, I was nervous. But Antoinette has confidence in me and I am looking forward to more lessons with her!
Diane M. Jan 31, 2016
· Violin · In home Antoinette is a gifted teacher. I learned so much in my first lesson with her! She explains everything so clearly. It'll be easy to remember her words and imagery as I practice during the week.
Edward M. Jan 10, 2016
· Violin · In home Really great first lesson with my (somewhat experienced) son last night and looking forward to more.
Jim Ingram Nov 17, 2015
· Violin · In studio Very happy with my first lesson. Antionette was very patient and encouraging. I actually left wishing I had started lessons years earlier.
Ari K. Oct 19, 2015
· Violin · In studio My son enjoyed the class. He felt inspired by the talented teacher and is looking forward to the next class.
Patty D. Jul 2, 2015
· Fiddle · In studio Never having touched a violin before, Antoinette is a great, and patient, teacher!
Marissa H. Jun 18, 2015
· Fiddle · In home Antoinette is professional and pleasant to learn from. She gives clear instruction and is patient.
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Antoinette A.

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