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Anthony B.

Saint Paul, MN

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anthony teaches: Ages 18 and up
Special needs
Teaching since: February 2014
Last sign in: Within two months


**I am available to teach ages 8 and up once I renew my background check with this site. I haven't used Takelessons for a couple years**

Anthony B. has been teaching private lessons actively in the Twin Cities Metro since 2013 and is currently available to teach lessons at his downtown St. Paul location. Anthony has helped students achieve specific musical goals, understand the learning process, apply theory to the craft , and find the most beneficial way to achieve success as a performer.
Anthony has received his training at South Dakota State University with a B.S. in Arts & Sciences in Music Merchandising and is currently finishing his Master’s degree in Performance at McNally Smith College of music in downtown St. Paul. As a professional performer in the Twin Cities, Anthony looks forward to helping new students achieve success. Anthony’s teaching style is engaging, laid back, and tailored to the student’s musical interests.

Teaching Philosophy:
I have a very distinct vision for my students because it has always been my goal to convey information in the most clear and concise way possible. It’s my purpose to help students find the most streamlined path to success. I do this by implementing a strong work ethic from the first lesson/rehearsal and also by creating parallels between percussion and everyday life. I think the key to getting students on the same page is to create some sort of real world example that the player can identify with such as the comparison of dribbling a basketball to the motion that hand makes when executing a stroke on the drum with a stick. I think the key to getting students on the same page is to create some sort of real world example that the player can identify with and in my experience, the basketball example is a common thread because most people have dribbled a ball before.

Once I find that connection with the student, I can then work with their current skillset and transition that knowledge toward the application through the drum stick. The main goal I want all students to maintain is that learning music is a process that doesn't always follow a linear path that can foster professional growth. I believe that success in teaching comes from finding common ground with the student and it can be either a skill, ability, or like minded interests to bridge the gap between student and teacher. The primary mode of operation at the end of the day is to help the student feel comfortable in the learning environment and it all begins with me making sure that the student is in the right headspace to continue down the path of the learning process.
I feel as though my job as a teacher is never done, but I have learned from experience that accomplishment comes when the student's) start to take ownership of the process and start to learn from each other. I’ve noticed this time and time again in drumline and pit ensemble as at a certain point, the players reach a point of singularity and work as one cohesive unit. I’ve learned how to give students the tools, help them adjust and adapt, and when to give the students the opportunity to hold leadership roles. In my experience, I’ve done my job when the student has the tools and ambition to keep pushing forward.

Photos and Videos

Wibesmen covering an up-tempo version of Beginning of the End's FUNKY NASSAU. This is just a snippet for my profile.


Master's in Percussion Performance

Aug 2014 - Present
McNally Smith College of Music

B.S. in Arts & Sciences in Music Merchandising

Aug 2007 - Dec 2013
South Dakota State University
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Erik K. Dec 8, 2013
Verified Student
Patient & Knowledgable

I am taking drum lessons with Anthony. I was brand new to the instrument when we started, but Anthony was very patient and took the time to make sure I understood each concept. He is an enthusiastic teacher and is very reliable and an excellent communicator. He provides things to work on for the week after each lesson, therefore I was able to get up the learning curve quickly. The learning materials and equipment he recommended were excellent, and he appears to enjoy working with students. I highly recommend Anthony for anyone looking to get into drums.