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Andrew teaches: Ages 5 and up
Teaching since: 2011
Last sign in: Within two months


I'm an enthusiastic musician, scientist, and teacher. I've taught private music lessons for over five years, on instruments like the guitar, banjo, piano, bass and drums. I love music theory and always use it as a springboard for learning any kind of instrument. I was a music composition student in college and nothing excites me more than writing new music! I write songs of my own and have performed with rock, bluegrass, and funk bands, as well as the symphony orchestra in my local city. Outside of music, I have a background in environmental science and ecology. I've taught undergraduate science courses and am always happy to help students with their studies. I've spent years as a naturalist and guide, leading people on backcountry hiking and river trips in National Parks. I've also taught English as a second language to students abroad and would love help people learn remotely. Get in touch if you're interested in learning music or studying nature from an enthusiastic teacher!

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