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Andree-Ann teaches: Ages 5 and up
Special needs
Teaching since: September 2004
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Welcome to my profile - I can't wait to start working with you!

I have been teaching piano and general music topics for over 10 years, and I am currently on the faculty at California State University Los Angeles - needless to say, I've seen students from all ages, all backgrounds and all levels. Lucky for me, they all one thing in common: a strong desire to learn music, and an open mind!

Some of my younger students have gone on to audition for arts high school in the greater LA area, and I've also helped a few prepare for college auditions. I've also been working with several students to prepare Certificate of Merit exams (in California) and I have been affiliated with the Southwestern Youth Music Festival as well. Other little ones were quite content learning how to play their favorite Christmas song or impress their friends at their school's talent show.

I have also taught adults, who used to play and decided to pick it up again - or newbies wanting to discover the wonders of jazz standards.

In short, whatever your personal goal is, I can help you achieve it and hopefully inspire you to set a new goal to achieve right after that!

I can also help with music theory entrance exams, tutor for AP music classes or college classes, etc.

*Quick note on online lessons:
Many prospective students are wary of online lessons and not sure if it's the right way to go for them - I always tell them that you'll never know until you try it for sure! I have taken online lessons myself in the past and loved the experience. I can also attest that several students get a much deeper musical understanding this way, because teachers can't just play an example and have the student copy it - the teacher actually needs to explain how to perform the passage, which leads to the student understanding clearly what is expected and how to achieve it, rather than just copy someone's hand movements without understanding why they are doing it in this particular way. I'm sure you'll also be more relaxed in the comfort of your own environment, at your own scheduled time!

Professional Bio:

Canada-born pianist Andree-Ann has performed extensively across North America and Europe; her work has been heralded as “…Gorgeous, gritty, powerful, and traditional, all in one package” (The Music Farmer).

Specializing in familiarly-danceable yet traditionally-influenced Latin Classical music, Andree-Ann has found a calling for her art on the Left Coast, an ideal melting pot for blending cultures and musical styles. Aside from being recognized as a semi-finalist for the American Prize and nominated at the Utah Music Awards, Andree-Ann’s first album, Cervantes, Lecuona & Nazareth earned the Global Music Awards’ Silver Medal for Outstanding Achievement. Most recently, her Summer 2016 release, Milhaud & Ginastera, blended French, Canadian, Brazilian, Argentinean, and American musical traditions – perfectly timed with the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. This album has also been recognized at the Global Music Awards in September 2016.

With keen interest in developing her uniquely diverse repertoire, Andree-Ann regularly performs as a soloist, chamber music (in a piano-percussion duo), jazz pianist, and accompanist in the Los Angeles area. Her training includes a Master of Music degree in Afro-Latin music from California State University Los Angeles, and she is currently pursuing a Doctor of Musical Arts degree at Claremont Graduate University. Prior to relocating to Southern California, she graduated with honors from Humber College in Toronto, Canada.

Cervantes, Lecuona & Nazareth has been featured as “New & Noteworthy” on iTunes Canada, and may be heard on KXLU 88.9 FM. Andree-Ann’s music is also available on Amazon, CD Baby, CD Universe, and Arkivmusic.

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Advanced Piano Instructor
Sep 2014 - Present
Joe Ferrante Music Academy

- Teach weekly and bi-weekly individual lessons to advanced piano students

- Prepare students for auditions, festivals, merit exams

- Develop personalized study plan and repertoire for each student, including ear training and theory when applicable

- Prepare students for several recitals throughout the year

Adjunct Faculty
Sep 2014 - Present
California State University Los Angeles

Adjunct Faculty for the Music Department at CSULA.

Currently teaching MUS 1031/32 and MUS 2031/32 (group piano classes for undergraduate students).

Private Piano Instructor
Jan 2004 - Present
Andree-Ann D. Piano Studio

- Teach weekly individual lessons to piano students

- Prepare students for auditions, festivals, merit exams

- Develop personalized study plan and repertoire for each student, including ear training and theory when applicable

- Organize semi-annual studio repertoire for honor students


Aug 2015 - Present
Claremont Graduate University
Sep 2012 - Jun 2014
California State University Los Angeles
Advanced Diploma
Aug 2008 - Jun 2010
Humber College

Languages Spoken

Fluent / Native Proficiency
Fluent / Native Proficiency
Limited Proficiency


Semi-Finalist, Piano Solo
Dec 2016
The American Prize
Silver Medal - September 2016
Sep 2016
Global Music Awards
Silver Medal - March 2016
Mar 2016
Global Music Awards


Music Teachers' Association of California
May 2016

MTAC aspires to be the recognized leader in (1) Student Programs, which make a positive impact in the quality of music education and in the lives of music students; (2) Member Programs, which inspire quality teaching, the pursuit of ongoing teacher education and member involvement with community outreach; (3) a thriving Foundation, which funds Student Programs and member needs through its investments, donations, and grants.

College Music Society, The
Jan 2016

The College Music Society promotes music teaching and learning, musical creativity and expression, research and dialogue, and diversity and interdisciplinary interaction. A consortium of college, conservatory, university, and independent musicians and scholars interested in all disciplines of music, the Society provides leadership and serves as an agent of change by addressing concerns facing music in higher education.

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Adan Apr 1, 2017
· Accompaniment · In home I worked with Andree-Ann for various concerts and recitals and have been impressed by her professionalism, preparation, and musical abilities.

Her solo performances have been noted by various attendees as virtuosic and artistic. In addition, she is very friendly and works well other musicians.

I fully recommend her to teach and guide prospective piano students.
Marie Apr 1, 2017
· Piano · Online I love my lessons with Andree-Ann! At first, I was a bit apprehensive about taking online piano lessons, but honestly she's helped me so much and I would highly recommend her. I'm preparing for RCM exams in Toronto, and I'm hoping to take level 9 this summer. At this point, I'm not a beginner anymore so I mostly need help with musicality, phrasing, and interpretation, all things that Andree-Ann has been super helpful with! She is a great teacher who expects you to work as hard as she does when she's teaching.
Ramya Apr 1, 2017
· Piano · Online A wonderful teacher! I started online lessons with her, and I have learnt a lot in the last few months. She works with me on my technique, but also style and how to play with emotion. I definitely recommend her! :)
Jackie Mar 23, 2017
· Piano · In home Andree-Ann is an amazing combination of direct and artistic. She is no nonsense, when it comes to technique but values the beauty of music above all things. Every lesson I feel like we accomplish so much more than I would imagine we could in an hour. She knows my level and challenges me accordingly. I feel like through working with her I am growing as a more well rounded musician in addition to becoming more proficient pianist. Great teacher and stellar pianist.
Gill Mar 10, 2017
· Classical Piano · In home Andree-Ann is the best piano teacher I know. Not only she is very qualify for teaching piano (she teaches in the university so she knows what she's talking about) but also her standards for the students are high! She knows both styles on classical and jazz, and is very patient for the beginners too so you definately will have fun in her lessons.
Christina E. Mar 2, 2017
· Piano · Andree-Ann is an incredible artist and teacher. Her students always come out of lessons sounding polished and professional. She is meticulous, but also patient when it comes to teaching. I would highly recommend her to anyone!
Linh Feb 19, 2017
· Piano · In home I have two little girls, and Andree-Ann has been teaching them both. What I really like is that she doesn't teach them exactly the same thing and tailors their lessons according to their abilities, and their interests. For example, one is super into Taylor Swift and the other one wants to play classical music, so they're both learning things they enjoy. We used to have a different teacher who was only teaching certain pieces and it seemed that all of her students were playing the same thing. At least now the girls aren't complaining about practicing because they're excited to play their music!
Dennis Feb 19, 2017
· Classical Piano · Online I used to take lessons in-person with Andree-Ann, a few years ago, and had to stop after I had some health problems. Since I cannot drive anymore and moved outside of her area, we both decided to try out online lessons. I love it! I've been able to keep learning my favorite classical pieces despite my mobility issues and I'm glad I was able to keep her as my instructor. I always loved playing the piano, but I enjoy it even more ,because she helped me get to the next level, and I feel so much more musical!
Alexandra Feb 5, 2017
· Classical Piano · In home Andree-Ann has been teaching both my kids for several years - she expects excellence from her students, but she does gives them all the tools they need to succeed and push them to become better musicians every day! We are currently preparing for Certificate of Merit exams in March for the first time and I feel confident that both my boys will do very well. I definitely recommend her, and have already recommended her to several of my friends whose kids are now also studying with her.
Joshua Feb 2, 2017
· Music Theory · Online I am a college student and have been struggling with my music theory class. Andree-Ann has helped me immensely to better understand my assignments and thanks to her, I was able to pass the class with a much better grade than I thought I would!

I highly recommend her as a teacher. She is very knowledgeable, responds quickly and knows her stuff.
Andree-Ann Deschenes
Andree-Ann D.

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