Ana Sepulcre
Arlington, MA
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Ana Sepulcre

Ana S.

Arlington, MA
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Teaching Locations:
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Teaching Locations:
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Levels taught:
Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
I have been teaching Spanish for over 13 years at universities (SDSU and Georgetown), private schools and through private lessons, and my students have gone on to develop a deep love of Spanish culture, study abroad in Latin America, and more! It is important for me to get to know my students and their goals so that I can adapt my lessons to their pace and needs...espero contar con su presencia!
I am currently just accepting students for long commitment with the lessons.

About Ana S.

My name is Ana and I can't wait to meet you! If you are ready to learn Spanish, I would be happy to make that experience fun and enriching.

I have been teaching Spanish since 2007 and I have truly enjoyed helping my students reach their goals.
I worked for 5 years in the USA (San Diego State University and Georgetown University) as a Spanish Lecturer. After that, I worked again as a Spanish instructor for different schools in the Netherlands and I did the transition to online teaching more than 6 years ago. I have completed two Master's programs (Spanish linguistics / Teaching Spanish as a Second Language) and together with my experience, they have truly helped me to explore and develop my potential.

I am a motivated and dynamic teacher, and I believe that all students can learn a second language if they are challenged and encouraged. I like to create interesting and useful activities and to make grammar as simple as possible.

Languages are essentially a tool to communicate and that is why I design my lessons to give students plenty of opportunities to use Spanish during our sessions. I also provide my students with structure and guidance because they are truly helpful to get in the right path. In addition, I select and prepare a good amount of homework to do between lessons. I work with many resources to make homework engaging and dynamic.

I might be forgetting something so, I will be happy to answer to any question you still may have about the lessons. Ready when you are!

Important information: at least 48 hours notice for cancelation


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80 Reviews
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Great introductory lesson. Ana was encouraging and patient. Really enjoyed it!

Posted May 27, 2021
Profile-location-online Online

Ana is very good in her explanation and is a kind and relaxed person. It makes it very pleasant to learn the language during the lessons.

Besides her explanation she speaks perfect Spanish!

Posted May 2, 2021
Jennifer M.
Profile-location-online Online

We are only a few lessons in, but Anna has been a wonderful teacher so far! Very knowledgable, very helpful, and caters the lesson to what will help me most and build my confidence. I look forward to more lessons and more learning!

Posted Jan 27, 2021
Profile-location-online Online

Ana did a great job. The first thing she did was find out where Gabriel was at in his "Spanish Quest". Always a great place for the Teacher to start. Very thankful for Ana.

Posted Jan 13, 2021
Zoe A.
Profile-location-online Online

I just had my first lesson with Ana and she was so wonderful! I'm a total beginner to Spanish and Ana made me feel totally safe to fumble through the first stages of learning. I'm excited to continue to learn more!

Posted Dec 9, 2020
Caroline P.
Profile-location-online Online

Ana is an incredible Spanish teacher! I have no hesitation in recommending her. After multiple stalled attempts at language learning apps, I feel so LUCKY to have found Ana! I started studying with her a few months ago and already feel so much more confident with my Spanish. She is kind, funny, supportive and exceptionally qualified. Ana creates meaningful and engaging lessons with the use of various learning materials. She also takes into account my interests. I look forward to our lessons and send my deepest thanks to her!

Posted Dec 8, 2020
Profile-location-online Online

I took four years of Spanish in high school and tried studying independently on a few apps in recent years. I always received an "A" and yet never became fluent. Ana is by far the best instructor I've had! I finally feel like I'm really learning the language. Ana's lessons and homework include interactive activities, conversation, and reading. She immerses me in both the Spanish language and culture, which makes me feel more prepared and excited for travel to Spanish-speaking countries. I will continue studying with her long-term!

Posted Nov 19, 2020
Lindsay G.
Profile-location-online Online

Ana has been so helpful to my 14 year old daughter. My daughter needed help improving her Spanish skills for school. Ana was patience, the lesson were well thought out and she is an excellent teacher. I would highly recommend Ana.

Posted Aug 20, 2020
Niren C.
Profile-location-online Online

Ana is an excellent teacher ! She is passionate and loves to teach and knows how to make it fun . She has a great sense of humor that I enjoy and makes me look forward to the lessons . I have learnt more from her than from any other Spanish teacher and that too in a very short period . If you want to learn and enjoy the process of learning I recommend Ana !

Posted Aug 17, 2020
Jack O.
Profile-location-online Online

Ana exceeded my expectations of a Spanish tutor. My goal was to speak Spanish well enough to effectively and confidently communicate with residents of small towns in northern Spain while on a planned two week vacation. Ana was the perfect choice. She is fluent in English and that enables her to teach the important nuances of Spanish. She is organized, punctual and sincerely interested in helping me learn proper pronunciation and grammar. She uses various teaching aides that allowed me to apply the lessons using practical exercises. All the individual lessons were on Skype which is a very effective way to learn and maintain interest throughout the one hour lessons.

Ana admits that Spanish is not an easy language and supported my many errors with patience, encouragement and good humor. I highly recommend Ana if you want to improve your chances of learning Spanish.

Jack O
Naples, Florida, USA

Posted Jun 2, 2020
Profile-location-online Online

Ana was incredibly helpful I would definitely recommend her. When working with Ana I was taking upper division college Spanish literature classes. She helped me go through my essays and correct my grammar, structure and overall delivery sentence by sentence so that I could more clearly articulate myself and also learn through the corrections. In addition, when I asked for review on certain grammar areas she came up with amazing and very helpful review sheets and practice problems that correlated to issues she saw in my writing. She was always very kind and flexible and helped me improve my Spanish in many ways.

Posted May 24, 2020
Profile-location-online Online

I have been taking classes with Ana for a few months and I have really enjoyed her style. She is very patient, explains the grammar in an easy to understand way, very organized and always prepared. Learning has been lot of fun and if you serious about learning, Spanish, would highly recommend Ana as a teacher!

Posted May 17, 2020
Profile-location-online Online

Ana is very patient and skilled with her approach to teaching Spanish and I can recognize my progress

Posted Feb 23, 2020
Ada H.
Profile-location-online Online

Ana is a very capable teacher and is engaging from the start. Lessons are easy to follow, and she makes learning a new language fun

Posted Dec 17, 2019
Jack O.
Profile-location-online Online

Ana is the best

Posted Dec 4, 2019
Brett Hudson

I have been working with Ana for the past 2 and a half months. She is an excellent teacher and works really well to keep her students always learning new things and makes sure you understand the concepts before just moving on. I plan to work with her for years at this point.

Posted Dec 2, 2019
Paul C.
Profile-location-online Online

i have been taking lessons with Ana for approximately six months so far and plan to be taking lessons with her for at least the next year if not years. Ana is great.
i like her approach to teaching and her personality is making a very frustrating task easier, not easy, but easier. it is obvious she is well educated and experienced in her craft. I always wanted to learn a second language and I was searching the web for lessons, found Takelessons and feel very lucky to have choosen Ana. For anyone who wants to take lessons online i would highly recommend Ana. She is a professional.

Posted Aug 8, 2019
Profile-location-online Online

I have been working with Ana for six months and could not speak more highly of her ability as a teacher. She is extremely organized so not a single minute of the hour session goes wasted. She is a very patient teacher and explains grammar in a way that's easy to understand and remember. She also selects interesting content, including stories and news articles, so homework never felt like a chore! It was my first experience with taking a class via Skype so I was somewhat skeptical of the format initially, but it works extremely well and I feel like I got so much out of my weekly sessions. I highly recommend Ana to anyone who wants to improve their Spanish level quickly!

Posted Jun 20, 2019
Profile-location-online Online

Ana has been fantastic! I have very much appreciated our time together. I would highly recommend her to anybody.

Posted May 30, 2019
Profile-location-online Online

Ana was very focused and prepared. Has a good way about her.

Posted May 29, 2019
Profile-location-online Online

Ana helped me to understand the basics of Spanish before my big trip to South America. She was super professional, patient and well organized. I found our sessions very helpful and with the material she recommended, it was easy to continue practising after!

Posted May 12, 2019
Shaina J.
Profile-location-online Online

Ana is an amazing instructor!!! I came back to Spanish lessons after having some time away from the language and I needed to recharge my conversational skills. I found Ana to be personable and professional and the classes to be engaging, enjoyable and varied. Specifically, I wanted to get ready for a trip back to Spain this past fall. I felt more than prepared and had an amazing time and my ability to speak easily in a language that I love was a huge part of it. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Ana to anyone.

Posted Feb 16, 2019
Profile-location-online Online

Ana is very good teacher. She is very patient and doesn’t mind going over something that you’re stuck on more than once. She has helped me excel in Spanish tremendously

Posted Feb 5, 2019
Orietta C.
Profile-location-online Online

Great first lesson. Ana was able to pin point my level and now I am on a path to complete fluency.

Posted Jan 29, 2019
Profile-location-online Online

I've been working with Ana since August 2018, and she's been great. As I'm somewhat advanced, we mainly focus on conversation. What I like most about Ana is that she allows me to speak a lot, while correcting me when I make a mistake. Other tutors sometimes speak too much. Ana also selects very interesting material to work on during our lessons, which help build vocabulary. She can also provide good grammatical revisions if this is of interest. I highly recommend Ana!

Posted Dec 30, 2018
Carey Y.
Profile-location-online Online

Ana is very patient. Her techniques and pronunciation are perfect for beginners and intermediates to learn. Thank you!!

Posted Nov 27, 2018
Profile-location-online Online

Ana is a fantastic spanish teacher. Ready to accomodate my schedule and abilities. Great sense of humor. Encouraging.

Posted Oct 25, 2018
Profile-location-online Online

Ana is terrific! She tailors lessons specific to my needs and has researched and provided me with numerous resources to help my studies. She is very knowledgeable, patient and supportive and I couldn't ask for anyone better to work with. I would highly recommend Ana to anyone who wants to learn Spanish.

Posted Oct 15, 2018
Profile-location-online Online

Ana is an awesome teacher! I am so excited for my next lesson!

Posted Sep 12, 2018
Profile-location-online Online

love working with Ana

Posted Sep 6, 2018
Profile-location-online Online

I have been taking Spanish lessons online with Ana for almost a year. I am a business executive with a frequent travel schedule but Ana's flexibility has made this work for me. Ana is very good at pacing the lessons according to proficiency level and she makes it fun with different exercises and activities. I am still at the beginner level but I am feeling more confident when I am around Spanish speakers. I feel particularly confident in my ability to read and understand short passages, signs, directions etc. I highly recommend Ana to people of all ages and skill levels.

Posted Aug 29, 2018
Profile-location-online Online

Ana is a fantastic instructor! She is an expert in teaching Spanish as a second language and has a knack for identifying your level of Spanish and the type of support you need. Our classes are a perfect combination of structured lesson (to create a strong foundation of grammar and vocabulary) and free conversation (to practice speaking and listening.) Ana is easy to speak with and our meetings are fun, informative and incredibly useful. I couldn't recommend Ana more highly.

Posted Jul 27, 2018
Kristen N.
Profile-location-online Online

Ana is great! She was able to gauge my strengths and weaknesses in the very first lesson and immediately adapted to my level. Very excited to continue with her!

Posted Jul 3, 2018
Tawanda C.
Profile-location-online Online

Ana is an excellent instructor. She speaks English very well so it is easy to follow and understand her. She is very experienced in explaining Spanish grammar and sentence structure and comparing it to English so that the concepts are easier to grasp. Her program is structured and tailored to the student's needs and goals. She is also friendly and easy to work with.

Posted Apr 23, 2018
Profile-location-online Online

Ana is a delight. From the very first session we had, where we discussed my linguistic goals, she has been professional, knowledgeable, and encouraging. She makes time for me, accommodates my schedule, and is always full of positive energy each time we meet. With Ana's help, I have no doubt that my dream of being fluent in Spanish is going to come true. I cannot recommend her more highly!

Posted Mar 13, 2018
Profile-location-online Online

Ana is great! She gave me materials before our first class and we had a quick chat. The first lesson was informative and fun. She clearly puts a lot of time and effort into what she does and I'm grateful to have found her.

Posted Feb 26, 2018
Laura A.
Profile-location-online Online

Always learn so much in just 30 mins

Posted Jan 19, 2018
Laura A.
Profile-location-online Online

just had my first lesson and I am very excited for next week!

Posted Dec 21, 2017
Katelyn S.
Profile-location-online Online

Ana is a very, very effective and enjoyable teacher. I'm trying to learn Spanish for a specific work context, and she's gone above and beyond to customize my lessons for that need. She's also been flexible and patient with my changing schedule. I couldn't recommend her more.

Posted Dec 12, 2017
Profile-location-online Online

I have taken five lessons with Ana and she has been outstanding. She is always very prepared and has helped me work towards my goal of improving my Spanish before I head to Spain! I plan to continue taking lessons with her.

Posted Nov 8, 2017
Profile-location-online Online

Ana is super prepared and knows how to maximize the time we have together. She gives interesting articles to read for conversational engagement and prepares lessons to practice specific parts of the Spanish language. I have learned so much in just 5 lessons!

Posted Oct 30, 2017
Profile-location-online Online

I have been taking lessons with Ana via SKYPE for over 4 months. My spanish has improved significantly over this time and was able to communicate confidently on recent extended trip to Spain. Ana takes a structured approach to the lessons and provides a clear understanding of the content with a great mix of in class learning and outside of class assignments. There has never been any issues with the connection speeds. / technology etc. Everything works great and the video calling is perfect for my schedule since I travel frequent on business. I had several other instructors over the past years, but have advanced more in a shorter period of time with Ana. Overall I highly recommend Ana.

Posted Jul 24, 2017
Profile-location-studio Teacher's Studio

Ana is my Spanish teacher through the Fuentes company in the Netherlands. We're a group of 8 people. Ana is very enthusiastic during our classes and she teaches with a lot of humour. She makes sure that every student gets to participate during classes. And she creates a great learning environment.

Posted Jul 4, 2017
Profile-location-home Student's Home

Ana is a very enthusiastic teacher. She has a lot of humor and ensures that the lessons are never boring. She uses different methods besides the reader to learn the language faster. She is very motivated and patient and ensures in a fun way for you to be inspired to work harder, making it easier to learn the language. If you want a good teacher, choose Ana. She's great!

Posted Apr 4, 2017
Profile-location-studio Teacher's Studio

Ana teaches our small group of students. She brings a lot of enthusiasm into the class. Her lessons are never the same; apart from the book she uses different methods like games, role plays, quizzes, songs, videos etcetera. She makes sure to involve all students equally. She is a very dedicated teacher and brings a personal touch to the lessons as well. For me Ana makes learning Spanish not feel like an effort, but a fun experience. I would definitely recommend her as a teacher!

Posted Apr 1, 2017
Profile-location-online Online

I can only agree with all the other reviews. Ana has a great attitude during the lessons and the material she designs make the learning process fun and easy to digest the hardest grammar concepts. I would definitely give her an A+

Posted Jan 12, 2017
Eric H.
Profile-location-online Online

I am an adult student looking to build on the few basics of Spanish learned via RosettaStone and become language proficient. Ana did a great job in assessing my level of knowledge and developing a program that best met my needs. She is very personable, with a great sense of humor and a pleasure to work with. She is very patient and provides the help needed when I run into difficulties, but also provides the encouragement and discipline needed to keep me on track. I highly recommend Ana for anyone looking to develop their Spanish language skills.

Posted Nov 16, 2016
Jim M.
Profile-location-online Online

Great job she did with the time we had.

Posted Oct 10, 2016
Vernon Stark
Profile-location-online Online

Ana recommended some excellent Spanish books which I'm working through. She's excellent at answering my questions and clarifying concepts presented in the texts such as those concerning the usage of certain Spanish words. Ana has also provided excellent supplementary material to that presented in the Spanish text books. I enjoy working with Ana and I'm making great progress toward becoming bilingual.

Posted Oct 5, 2016
Profile-location-online Online

Ana does a great job with preparation and starting dialogue. In addition she explains questions very well and I really enjoy my classes with her. I actually look forward to them! Thank Ana for your help.

Posted Aug 2, 2016
Tony B
Profile-location-online Online

Ana is an exceptional teacher. I began studying Spanish with Ana 11 months ago, and the experience has been beneficial and wonderful. As a business development executive handling Latin America, her lessons have enabled me to more effectively communicate with my clients in their native language. Ana is organized, structured and prepared for each and every class; while being flexible enough to work with me on a rather crazy schedule. Ana tailors her lessons based upon my progress. I was initially skeptical of classes conducted on Skype, but her effectiveness and the convenience of having class at home or the office has made the experience quite agreeable. I highly recommend Ana to anyone who has a desire to learn Spanish.

Posted Jun 27, 2016
Profile-location-online Online

Ana is very prepared and puts together a great lesson plan for each week. She adjusts the lessons based on how you are progressing. I strongly recommend her.

Posted Jun 20, 2016
Martin B.
Profile-location-online Online

Ana is superb teacher. I have taken classes with her for a few months by now and she is always very well prepared, on time, and flexible to address any questions. She also tailors the lessons based on my needs and she is a motivating and patient teacher. She uses a great variety of learning materials for her lessons and exercises, which makes it fun to learn Spanish! I would highly recommend her to anyone who would like to learn Spanish!

Posted May 31, 2016
Profile-location-online Online

Great lesson!

Posted Apr 18, 2016
Profile-location-online Online

I've been taking online classes with Ana for several months. Ana is my 4th Spanish instructor and by far the best. Ana tailors her lessons to her students' needs and mixes her lessons with fun exercises and Spanish popular culture such as movies, videos, and online articles. Ana is very patient but also holds her students accountable -- to me a great combination when learning a language. I would highly recommend Spanish lessons with Ana.

Posted Feb 19, 2016
Caleb Hopkins
Profile-location-online Online

Ana clearly understands the language and linguistic pedagogy. She is patient, encouraging, and funny. A great teacher!

Posted Jan 29, 2016
Dave R.
Profile-location-online Online

This is going to be a great learning experience. I like the process and guidance that she provides!

Posted Jan 28, 2016

Ana is a fantastic teacher. I actually look forward to my lessons, which is shocking to me. I've learned so much already and she takes the time in advance to tailor the lessons just for me. She never makes me feel stupid if I say something wrong or don't understand. She's the best language teacher I've ever had. I'm in this for the long-term!

Posted Jan 18, 2016
Ryan S.

I give Ana 5 stars as a teacher

Posted Jan 18, 2016
Nicolás FM
Profile-location-online Online

Ana is a wonderful tutor. She is always prepared and makes learning Spanish a great deal of fun! Moreover, she is kind and patient. I highly recommend her.

Posted Jan 8, 2016
Matt R.
Profile-location-online Online

Ana is fantastic. I am looking forward to working with her as much as possible.

Posted Nov 18, 2015
Mohini B.
Profile-location-online Online

Only had 1 lesson but it was fantastic!

Posted Sep 23, 2015
Profile-location-online Online

What an awesome spanish teacher! First and foremost, Ana has the credentials I was looking for. She knows how to teach the language effectively. And to boot, she's enthusiastic about her job and makes our classes fun. I'm excited to see where my spanish skills go with Ana guiding me.

Posted Sep 12, 2015
Profile-location-online Online

I have found Ana to be a prompt, prepared, and organized instructor. She also has a kind and patient(!) way of teaching. She has been very flexible to incorporate my questions into the lessons as well. I have thoroughly enjoyed learning from her.

Posted Sep 8, 2015
Profile-location-online Online

Ana is a wonderful Spanish instructor. She is always very well prepared for all her classes and always on time. I like that she gives me an assignment to make sure that I don't forget what I learn in between classes. In addition, she always challenges my abilities and pushes me to learn more in a fun way. I also love the fact that I am learning more about other cultures while learning the Spanish language. :)

Posted Jul 14, 2015
Marcia A.
Profile-location-online Online

Ana is a very gifted language instructor. I have only had 2 sessions with her, but I am already impressed. I am a language teacher myself and I can tell you that she is a serious teacher who takes the time to carefully assess the level of her student in order to provide appropriate learning materials. She understands the importance of having a strong foundation. She is a good communicator and an excellent listener. She also has an abundance of patience! I am so thankful to have her as an instructor. Thank you Ana!

Posted Jun 25, 2015
Estrella R.
Profile-location-studio Teacher's Studio

Ana is a very good teacher Spanish. She is always so prepared and keeps me motivated by making the lessons very interesting. My Spanish has improved a lot since i started the lessons. She is very professional, reliable and nice. If you are looking for a very good Spanish teacher, dont look any further!

Posted Jun 9, 2015
Rene V.
Profile-location-home Student's Home

Ana has been teaching me to speak Spanish for the last four months and i can only but praise her for her dedication and professionalism. Her wonderful command of the English language helps me so much better in coming to grips with Spanish.

Posted Jun 7, 2015
Rima T.
Profile-location-studio Teacher's Studio

I wish all teachers could be like Ana! Her playful way of teaching and great personality made it so much fun to go to her classes. You would almost forget that you are learning something at the same time. I’ve followed courses with other teachers but really no one is like her. She has all skills to teach, the sometime difficult Spanish langue, to people at all levels. Even after a long day of work I would look forward to follow her class. Thanks Ana, you’ve been great!

Posted Jun 4, 2015
Rima T.
Profile-location-studio Teacher's Studio

I wish all teachers could be like Ana! It's her personallty and playfull way of teaching that makes learning the Spanish language seem so easy. I've had some lessons with other teachers, but really there is nobody like her. Ana has a great sense of humor and has all skills that are needed to teach all levels. She makes learning a new language really fun!

Posted Jun 4, 2015
Martin P.
Profile-location-online Online

Ana teaches me Spanish at home and online and both ways work great for me. She is always able to explain even complex rule or concept in a way that learning Spanish is enjoyable. Always 110% prepared, knowledgable and flexible to adjust her schedule, Ana is the best language teacher i have ever had.

Posted Jun 3, 2015
Michael B.
Profile-location-online Online

Ana has been super. She has tailored my lessons to my skill level and my stated objectives. She is very patient and very professional.

Posted Apr 20, 2015
Grace N.
Profile-location-online Online

My daughter Jasmine really enjoyed having her online Spanish tutoring with Ana. She is a big help to boost her confidence!

Posted Mar 16, 2015
Brian K.
Profile-location-online Online

Off to a good start with Ana, an experienced teacher who knows her stuff!

Posted Dec 2, 2014
Mohan M.
Profile-location-online Online

Posted Feb 26, 2020
Profile-location-online Online

Posted Jan 10, 2020
Alan T.
Profile-location-online Online

Posted Aug 22, 2019
Profile-location-online Online

Posted Jun 26, 2018
Laura Romano
Profile-location-online Online

Posted Jan 26, 2018
Profile-location-online Online

Posted Oct 9, 2017

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Spanish instructor
Feb 2013 - Jan 2015

Fuentes (Spanish school in Holland)

I was teaching courses in all levels and also conversation and culture courses.

Spanish Lecturer
Aug 2009 - May 2012

Georgetown University

As a lecturer I had different tasks. Of course, I was in charge of different Spanish courses (I covered all levels and also some Spanish culture sections), but I was also in charge of arranging the Spanish coffee hour every week and I was part of the instructors team responsible for evaluating the proficiency tests.

Spanish Teaching Associate
Aug 2007 - May 2009

San Diego State University

During my two years as a Master's student I had the opportunity to teach two Spanish courses every semester. I taught courses in different levels. In the lower levels I worked with colleagues to prepare everything included in the syllabus and in higher levels I had certain freedom to create material and I really enjoyed the challenge.


Master in Teaching Spanish as a Second Language
Oct 2012 - Oct 2013

University of Alicante (SPAIN)

Master in Spanish Linguistics
Aug 2007 - May 2009

San Diego State University



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Limited Proficiency


Fluent / Native Proficiency

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