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Amy N.
Teaches Online
Master Knitting Basics with Easy Lessons from a Professional Teacher
I have a LOT of patience! All you need is the desire to learn to knit. If you never have knitted before, I will get you knitting. If you want to learn, but believe you can’t learn because someone told you can’t learn to knit, I will prove that you can knit. If you have knitted a long time ago, but forgot all of it or most of it, I will bring it back to you. If you already know the basics of knitting, but don’t know how to get beyond the simple knitted squares and rectangles, I can get you to the next level. If you know knitting basics, but gave up because you make a lot of mistakes, I will show you how to fix mistakes, so that mistakes don’t become traumatic. If you know the basics, but want to learn a different technique such as color work, cables, lace, or more, I can teach you. Do you have trouble reading patterns or charts, I can take the mystery out of them. Because of COVID-19, I mostly teach online for now. If you are vaccinated, I will consider teaching in person within 6 miles of where I live, (Massachusetts). I use Zoom for my teaching platform only. Please get familiar with Zoom on the device you will be using before coming to your lessons. Every devilce works and looks differently and I’d rather be teaching knitting than how to use your computer and the Zoom app. “Online” 30 minute sessions are permissible for only students that are comfortable with the basics: cast on, bind off, knit stitch, purl stitch. If you are an absolute beginner, I recommend the first 1 or 2 lessons to be 2 hours long. After, that any time slot, (30, 60 or 90 minutes) will be fine. I look forward to meeting you!
About Amy N.

I am extremely patient and determined to teach anyone with a desire to knit or crochet, no matter how high or low their individual learning curve seems to be. I believe that if you have the desire, then you can learn. The speed in which you learn may be different than the next person, but, that is ok. I don’t think learning should be a competition; it should just be enjoyable. Since the start of the Covid pandemic, I have been teaching online 99% of the time. If you are vaccinated, I will consider teaching in person within 6 miles of where I live, (Massachusetts). I do use the Zoom app as my classroom platform; please familiarize yourself with Zoom on your device before coming to the lesson. My 25 years or so educational and professional past experience is in industrial, exhibit, graphic, stage and jewelry design. My passion for knitting and then crochet started in 2003 and 2012 respectively. My passion for teaching knitting and crochet began in 2013. I completed the certification programs for teaching Knitting 1 and Crochet 1 from the Craft Yarn Council. I am currently enrolled in the Expert Knitter Program at Webs. I started teaching at Michaels craft store and at an assisted living community. Since then I have taught at a boutique yarn store, at a children’s after school program, and at other elder care facilities. And I still teach at several technical high schools in their continuing education programs. My students have come and do come in all ages and with a wide range of abilities and disabilities. While I am not fluent in Spanish, I use the little Spanish I know, (and the help of translating apps), to successfully teach Spanish speakers. I can also use translating apps to teach other non-English speakers. My knitting and crochet experience also includes making samples for The Third Piece, Purl Soho, and TJX and designing patterns for an independent yarn company, Raw Material No. 52. Notice on scheduling a lesson: The calendar will never be accurate because my schedule changes VERY frequently. The calendar on TakeLessons.com is only a ROUGH outline of my availability. (It doesn’t take into account vacation days, dr appointments, emergencies, or my private life). If you are interested in scheduling a lesson for the first time, PLEASE contact me first through TakeLessons’ portal, before purchasing lessons. I will work with you to find a convenient time for both of us. Once we agree on a time, you purchase a lesson and then I will put the lesson in the calendar.

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