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Amit delivers an exceptional lesson experience and ranks in the top 15% of our teachers nationwide.
Teaches students:
Ages 18+

Teaching since:
January 2006

Hi! I'm 35 y/o, experienced musician/guitarist, 15 years in the business.
Majored in music in high-school in 1998 and studied at the Rotterdam Conservatory in Holland. Released 6 albums, played tours & festivals in Europe & the states,
worked as a session player in studios and live shows & produced albums for others.
My expertise is acoustic guitar & finger-picking. I can also teach:
Technique, solo playing & improvisation on chord changes.
Theory & harmony - scales & chords structures.
Ear training - Recognize intervals & harmonies by ear.
Work on songwriting and how to construct intricate and interesting guitar
arrangements with fingerpicking and other methods.

Regarding learning Hebrew - it is my mother-tongue and I would gladly teach it.
I'm patient & easy going, and I'd be happy to make you happy!
Looking forward to meet you. Please feel free to ask questions.

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Pop Guitar - Pop department
Sep 2003 - Aug 2004
Rotterdam School for Music and Dance
Music & Physics
Sep 1995 - Jul 1998
Alon Highschool for Arts and Science - Israel


Professional Proficiency
Fluent / Native Proficiency

Photos & Videos

My solo project is called "The Secret Sea", This is a live in-studio performance of one of my songs - Kind Of Dance.
Taken from a live concert of The Secret Sea.
Picture by Victor Muperphoto.

Howe - an original piece
(Dedicated to Steve Howe from YES)
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Gil R Feb 20, 2016
Acoustic Guitar · In home

Amit is a fantastic guitar player who teaches with full attention,
professionalism and tolerance.
I studied with him for a year and a half, and I Highly recommend him to any player.

Gil R Feb 20, 2016
Guitar · In home

Amit is a fantastic guitar player who teaches with full attention,
professionalism and tolerance.
I studied with him for a year and a half, and I Highly recommend him to any player.

Dan Feb 19, 2016
Guitar · In studio

I've study with Amit for about a year.

I got to him as an intermediate player, and from the first moment he was on the spot about the things that I want to improve.

He has a vast knowledge in music and in guitar (techniques, theory and a lot of different genres)
And he is a lovely person!

I highly recommend him to anyone that want to learn to play the guitar.

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Reut Jan 30, 2016
Guitar ·

I began to study with Amit after a long time in which I learned guitar by myself, and I didn’t know how to continue and make progress alone. I decided to try and learn from him because I knew and loved his music for years. I was inspired by his guitar playing even before I actually started to learn from him.
The choice to study with Amit was the best choice I made in learning guitar ever! He understood my level and I started to make progress in an incredible speed. I wanted to learn acoustic guitar fingerpicking style, and instead, Amit taught me not only fingerpicking, but also guitar solos, music theory and electric guitar. I came to Amit while thinking there are stuff that I can’t do on the guitar, and Amit taught me I can reach any level I want to reach. Today, I play electric and acoustic guitar in a few ensembles, and a lot of it is thanks to Amit. I also feel more freedom while playing the guitar and a greater connection to the guitar, and it is also thanks to Amit.
Amit promoted me in such an incredible way also because he’s the nicest, most encouraging teacher I know. He knows how to understand the student’s level, to correct him when necessary, to add when necessary and to push forwards when necessary. In sum, don’t hesitate, you want to study with this guy!

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Adi Jan 26, 2016
Acoustic Guitar · In home

I've been in and out of the guitar world since I was about 15 [i am 26 now]. tried a bunch of different approaches and a bunch of different teachers over time. I tend to take it very seriously, ­ the teacher­-student relationship. I believe that the teacher I choose represents some kind of an indication to the kind of musician I would like to be. I didn't approach Amit by accident. I approached him after knowing his work for a while, and his reputation as one of the most noticeable indie folk musicians in the Israely scene.
I remember I used to feel like even when I stay at home to play all day long, its not working out. like I'm not "hitting the right buttons" to improve my skill level substantially. the first thing he did when we met was to "read" my playing. he analyzed instantly and carefully my strengths and weaknesses and knew exactly what to point out about the way I play so that I could continue to open up and unravel this peace of wood in my hands.
other then being probably the nicest and coolest guy alive, he's impressively professional and devoted. I deeply believe that no matter what your goal is in regards to guitar playing and music,­ you can "use" [for the lack of a better word] him in your life. it goes without saying that he knows and understand everything you need to catch up on­ theoretically or technically. also, he can explaine it simply and logicly to someone who is new to that way of thinking (i find that not a lot of people can do that).
also, I think that first and foremost, Amit is a soulful, original and very impresive song writer. That's why he can meaningfully understand songs (no matter the genre) as well as he does people (basically, kind of the same thing – don’t you think?). if you write songs, you probably feel like its one of the most intimate parts of your experience, and you need to be able to trust. the guy who's helping you out with that. You cant go wrong with this guy. you can be thankful that you ran into him; I know I was :)

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Maya Jan 19, 2016
Acoustic Guitar · In studio

Amit is first and foremost the best guitar player I've ever met and heard.
Usually being so talented doesn't automatically make you a good teacher, BUT fortunately enough - that's not the case!

What got me the most is the fact he went along with what I wanted to learn, and tailored the lessons so they better fit my ambitions, style and capabilities.

Honestly I couldn't have asked for a better teacher. If you are looking for guitar lessons - he's your guy :)

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Itay Hay Jan 16, 2016
Acoustic Guitar · In studio

Amit was my first guitar teacher, I've learned to play classic and acoustic guitar with him for a couple of years, until he relocated.
As my first teacher, Amit introduced me to the amazing world of guitar playing, he taught me both music theory and technique, exposed me to wonderful music and artists, and we even went guitar-shopping together once :).
Amit is highly professional and super skilled, he can probably help you achieve whatever it is you wish to with your guitar.
If you are not convinced yet - just check his youtube channel.

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Rachel Jan 16, 2016
Guitar · In studio

I've studied with Amit for a year.
I came to him with a goal; to improve my guitar skills, that got so better i'm playing with a few bands now, and feeling more comfortable than ever.
We end up with a full album that he produced for me.
During the lessons he tought me through my own songs and exposed me to a whole new world of music.
I had the best time with Amit, i'm glad that i had the privilege to work with him.

I recommand Amit, with all my heart, knowing his a teacher for life.

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Alex Jan 15, 2016
Guitar · In studio

I've studied with Amit for over a year, that year was probably the one I've made the most progress as a guitarist in. The classes were one of the greatest highlights of my week.
I first contacted Amit as a fan of his music. Seeing him play live a few times he blew my mind away, later I got to discover that he is an amazing teacher just as he is an amazing artist.
I've improved my improvising, composition, fingerpicking and general sound on the guitar tremendously. I highly recommend Amit's classes!

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Roni Jan 13, 2016
Guitar ·

I've studied with amit for the last two years and i can undoubtedly say that he is one of the teachers that most influenced me as a guitar player and a musician.

He taught me in a supporting and inspiring atmosphere with great knowledge, experience, patience and good taste. He helped me take my playing and composing to newer and higher levels.

I greatly recommend everyone to go and study with amit and i'm super jealous of those who study with him right now and of those who are going to study with him!

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Oren H. Jan 11, 2016
Guitar · In studio

I highly recommend Amit for his dedication, knowledge, proficiency, attitude and approach. With Amit you will improve your musicianship while having tons of fun.

I played guitar for many years but never took a lesson before I met Amit.
For about a year under Amit's tutoring I learned lots of stuff I was never exposed to before - music theory, acoustic guitar picking styles, classical guitar fingerpicking, electric guitar solo techniques, improvisation and songwriting.

Amit always challenged me, making me get the maximum out of myself while supplying a great inspiration, as he is an awesome musician in his own right.

Thank you Amit for that precious gift!

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