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Acrylic Painting

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I have been ant artist my entire life, starting with drawing at age four, and being in love with not only it, but learning about it and expanding my skills in it over the decades.
I started painting when I was about eight years old, and I have been working to improve on my self expression ever since.

My style is mainly brightly coloured, pop style paintings, inspired by anything from celebrities, to inspiring quotes, to just whatever I'm feeling today.

I have been teaching and tutoring art as well as language for over fifteen years, and I can help you with pretty much anything you want to know. We will cover everything from dimension, light and shadow, and basically to not be afraid of colour, because in letting go of what you think is wrong, you manage just be able yo express yourself, which is what art is for.

I do have some assignments that I give through books that have inspired me, I will have a small list of books that you can look for through Amazon, or you can just take a screenshot of the pages I show to the screen and we can also go from there, in case you're a little strapped for cash. (honestly, there are people reselling these books for pennies on the dollar on Amazon, though.)

Honestly, there isn't much to it: You pick the paints, pick a canvas, pick up a brush and get to it. And the best part about art is that there's no wrong way to do it. The thing is - and this is crucial to point out - all people are missing is the confidence. You've got it in spades, you just have to put it in the right place.

I'm not here to teach you how to express yourself - only you know how do that for you, just like I know only how to express myself, because I'm the only one who knows how to do that for me.
I'm here to encourage you, guide you, give you some tips and tricks and techniques, and just give you a reason to practice and vibe out.

And honestly, I could use the company. I love painting with people!

The only thing I'm here to actually teach you is that there's no wrong answer to art, because there's no wrong answer to you, and how important it is that you know that.
I'm not a hard-nosed person, or anything like that, quite the contrary, I'm just a goofball! I just want to share something I love with others.

I'm looking forward to playing with you!

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My name is Amargeaux, and I have been have been teaching and tutoring language for about nine years.

I was exposed to multiple languages for, like, the first seventeen years of my life before I ever wanted to make languages into a hobby. But when I did, I realized that people were making language learning harder than it actually was.

They were giving a bunch of jargon no one understood to teach something so simple, you know? You don't need crazy, brainiac, scientific words in order to learn just one new word!

When I teach people languages , I teach them the same way they learned English; in a normal conversation.

(I Promise I won't use baby talk with you,) But you DO start off as if you were a baby, because frankly, when it comes to a new language, you are. No offense.

I want to just talk with you. The best way to learn is to be as organic as possible, which is not hard. I love people, and I'm VERY patient.
We use conversation to be very repetitive (for the sake of practicing recall -- VERY important!!) And then we'll do the occasional drill just to make sure it's sticking (as if it isn't already.)
We will learn just a few words at a time, so you won't have to worry about feeling overwhelmed, and we'll keep switching back and forth Between English and your new language until you have enough in your vocabulary to speak only the new language.

You know you can do this, otherwise you wouldn't be looking for a teacher. I don't even know you yet, and I KNOW you're capable of everything you put your mind to.

Let me give you a chance to show you just how capable you are.

Looking forward to chatting with you. Lots of love!

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