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Amanda C.

Gainesville, FL
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Teaching Locations:
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Profile-location-studio Teacher's Studio
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Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Hey there! I'm Amanda! Let's work together on your goals towards learning French! Unlike everyone else listed here, I am not a language teacher, I am a language COACH. It's 2019; let's learn languages like it's the 21st century! As a PhD candidate at the University of Florida studying Linguistics, I have studied all the best ways to learn a language and would love to share my passion with you!

As your coach, I'll help you focus on your goals and hold you accountable for accomplishing them. I promote student agency and will help you to make your own choices about your own learning; this way each lesson fits your individual needs and differences. As your own language and success coach, we will not only work together to understand the target language vocabulary and grammar, but we will also delve into the metacognitive and self-regulatory skills necessary to study quickly and efficiently, feel comfortable speaking the language, and get ahead in other areas of your life as well!

Say goodbye to being scared of speaking French!

I focus on lowering anxiety and building confidence in each lesson. I coach using encouragement and positive feedback to help keep you focused on your values and goals. In regards to grammar and vocabulary, I teach using a guided, discovery method that has been proven to be effective in the current Second Language Acquisition research.

Send me a message if you have questions or want to discuss your language learning goals! Let's make an action plan together and finally get started! I look forward to meeting you!

About Amanda C.

Hi there! I'm Amanda!

Congratulations on starting/continuing your language journey in French! I would love to join you! I'm a PhD student at the University of Florida studying Linguistics with a specialization in Second Language Acquisition (aka the best ways to learn languages)!!! Different, from the other individuals listed here, I am not a language teacher, I am a language COACH. It's time to learn a language like it's the 21st century! Let's work together to reach your goals!

What is a language coach?

As a language coach, I enable students to focus on their goals and hold them accountable for accomplishing them. I promote student agency and allow students to make choices about their own learning; this way each lesson fits their individual needs and differences. As your own language and success coach, we will not only work together to understand the target language vocabulary and grammar, but we will also delve into the metacognitive and self-regulatory skills necessary to study quickly and efficiently, feel comfortable speaking the language, and get ahead in other areas of your life as well!

My mission for each lesson is to provide a language learning experience unique in its approach to incorporate strategy instruction including reducing foreign language anxiety, building agency, and developing self-regulated learning skills. My coaching objective is to help learners reach their second language goals through not only language teaching, but student empowerment as well. I aim to help students realize and build their own agency, resulting in a self-actualized, relaxed, and engaged learning environment. Through this one-of-a-kind coaching method, success is having my students end each tutoring session feeling positive, and eventually ending tutoring sessions all together knowing that they are competent, intelligible, and composed speakers of the target language.

I have been a language instructor and coach since 2009 teaching children English in France through the TAPIF program. I have taught/coached undergraduates French at both the Ohio University (where I earned my BA and MA in French) and the University of Florida (where I am earning my PhD in Linguistics). Further, I have taught English as a Second Language and English for Academic Purposes at the University of Florida as well as Santa Fe College.

As a researcher, I have focused my life's work and dissertation on the topic of lowering Foreign Language Anxiety in foreign language learners. Foreign Language Anxiety is often cited as the number 1 correlation to achievement in acquiring the target language. Do you get nervous when you attempt to speak the language that you've learned? Are you scared what others are going to think of you? Do you have perfectionist tendencies? Well, helping you manage Foreign Language Anxiety while learning French would be exactly my skill set!

While I am a seasoned, SLAT (Second Language Acquisition and Teaching) certified instructor and am able to teach at the university level, tutoring is my true passion. I began tutoring in 2008 at Ohio University and I have not stopped since. My youngest tutee was 4 years old and my oldest tutee, who is still working with me, is 74 years old. I can cater to all ages, language levels, individual differences, objectives and goals, attitudes, and motivation levels. Send me a message with any questions that you have, and we can chat and set some goals for your language learning journey.

I look forward to meeting you and helping you in any way possible in the world of French or ESL! Talk to you soon! :)


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Profile-location-online Online

Working with Amanda has been my biggest pleasure! She truly cares about her students and she has the best, most current knowledge and research on Second Language Acquisition. My skills have greatly improved thanks to Amanda, and I have even applied these skills to other aspects of learning in my life. Truly one of a kind personal instruction!

Posted Aug 24, 2020
Samantha Bolen
Profile-location-studio Teacher's Studio

This tutor is worth every penny! Amanda made me laugh while giving comical memory devices to help the lesson material go faster. She also reduced my anxiety by telling me that I could ask her ANYTHING and made me feel so comfortable—-not embarrassed like I usually feel over struggling with concepts that other students find “easy”. She is the best tutor and worth every moment, and she really makes it fun and not boring. I’ll keep her as long as I can!! A+++++++

Posted Aug 13, 2020

I felt at ease in my first class I think it was good.

Posted Feb 23, 2019
Mohammed A.
Profile-location-online Online

Energetic and fun! Very knowledgeable and knows what she is doing and what is best for you to learn and how to introduce it to you.

Posted Jan 14, 2019
Tammie T.
Profile-location-online Online

I thoroughly enjoyed my first lesson and look forward to many more!!!!!

Posted Dec 15, 2018
Krystal B.
Profile-location-online Online

This was our first lesson, but Amanda put me at ease immediately. She is highly intelligent and was able to set a clear picture on how I can shape my own lessons based on my learning style. I am very excited to work with her in the future and would recommend her to anyone.

Posted Sep 27, 2018
Profile-location-studio Teacher's Studio

Amanda is the best tutor ever! She has a very patient and compassionate way of teaching. She makes learning a new language fun and not fearful. I do not know what I would do without her guideness and expertise when it comes to French. I highly recommend Amanda if you are need of a French tutor! Her teaching skills are top notch! She is the best! I cannot say enough about how wonderful and helpful she is.

Posted Jun 8, 2018
Profile-location-online Online

Just had my first lesson with Amanda and am so pleased that I have more lessons scheduled with her. She is a very good teacher and the hour went by so fast!

Posted May 30, 2017
Profile-location-studio Teacher's Studio

I'm a learner of English as a second language and I can say with confidence that Amanda is one of the most passionate, dedicated, and successful teachers of language! Her methods are well researched, her experience extensive, and her personality amazing.

Posted May 25, 2017
Profile-location-studio Teacher's Studio

Amazing. Highly recommend Amanda for her teaching skills and just being a great person to learn from.

Posted May 21, 2017
Profile-location-studio Teacher's Studio

Amanda has an extensive background in and knowledge of French, and makes a great instructor to anyone trying to learn or improve both written and speaking skills in the language. She is passionate about language acquisition and very comfortable to work with. Highly recommended.

Posted May 21, 2017
Natalie A.
Profile-location-studio Teacher's Studio

Amanda is an incredible teacher of both French and ESL. She prepares extremely well for her classes and tailors her lesson plans to you individually so that you learn in a safe environment. Her specialization is reducing language anxiety, so she helps a lot with making you feel at ease to make mistakes and learn from those mistakes. Highly recommend!

Posted May 16, 2017

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Private Tutor
Aug 2008 - Present

Privately, now TakeLessons

Providing customized action plans for ESL and French students focusing on increasing perceived self-efficacy, agency, and lowering foreign language anxiety. Truly providing a one of a kind tutoring experience that includes life, academic, and career coaching as well! Tutee experience ranges from 7 year olds to 68 year olds!

Adjunct Assistant Professor of English for Academic Purposes (EAP)
Jun 2019 - Jan 2020

Santa Fe College

Leading EAP courses for adult learners. Employing apprehension reduction techniques into group discussions and individual conferences to promote long-term student growth and success.

French Teaching Instructor
Aug 2017 - May 2018

University of Florida

Organized, taught, and evaluated two sections (~23 students per class) of beginning French 1 and beginning French 2 to traditional and non-traditional college students in a classroom setting. Pedagogy consisted mainly of guided discovery learning and deductive grammar instruction for maximum language retention. Met with students one-on-one for explicit guided explanations of vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation practice as well as foreign language anxiety interventions. Overall instruction focused not only on language learning skills, but also on language coaching, which includes building student agency, setting language learning goals, increasing student motivation and perceived self-efficacy (self-confidence), and reducing foreign language anxiety. Highest rated instructor for the course section for both fall and spring semester by student evaluations.

English Language Instructor
May 2015 - May 2017

English Language Institute of the University of Florida

Taught academic and informal English to international students from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds at the English Language Institute at the University of Florida, accredited by the Commission on English Language Accreditation. Primary language skills taught include listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Specialized in high-beginning and low-intermediate level students and the instruction of self-regulation, anxiety reduction, and student agency skills and strategies.

McNair Graduate Research Assistant
Aug 2014 - May 2015

University of Florida

Conducted research on the implicit and explicit acquisition of binomial expressions and to what extent they represent a psycholinguistic reality for native speakers of English as well as advanced English language learners. Duties included assisting in the development of research materials, administering multiple treatments of the experiment, analyzing cloud-based video recorded materials of learners during a grammaticality judgement task of frequent binomials for any and all examples of cognitive regulation such as private speech (silent, abbreviated and aloud) as well as manual gestures and cursor pacing. Finally, assistance was provided to the principal investigator during quantitative and qualitative analysis of final data as well as creation, revision, submission, and presentation of results.

Success Coach
Aug 2012 - Apr 2014

Tiffin University

Built relationships with a diverse, non-traditional, online associate degree seeking student population through motivation, support and encouragement. Supported students' academic, career, and personal success through weekly phone meetings and showed continued support with engaging follow-up e-mails. Aided students in setting reasonable goals and creating action plans to further their success in higher education.Guided students through problem and conflict resolution and helped students connect with online support services and other resources. Maintained accurate student records by projecting, assessing, and reporting on student achievements and deficits. Maintained satisfactory persistence rates, successful outcomes, scheduling goals, and referral goals. Contributed to a positive overall student experience potential for student success in higher education through academic advising, life coaching, and career planning.

French Teaching Associate
Sep 2010 - Jun 2012

Ohio University

Planned, organized, executed, and evaluated four weekly second language classes of French to beginning level undergraduate college students through immersion. Advised and promoted student self-regulation, responsibility, and agency individually outside of the classroom through multiple mediums such as e-mail and social media. Consistently used a variety of modern teaching strategies, multi-media presentations, and assessed student needs to result in unique, engaging, and unforgettable lessons resulting in higher student retention in future language classes and successful completion of language requirements as well.

English Instructor
Oct 2009 - Jun 2010

French Government (TAPIF Program)

Actively engaged new and beginning-level students between the ages of six and ten in learning the English language. Created unique and individualized resources to supplement lessons. Successfully acquired efficient teaching pedagogy without engaged mentors or classroom supervision. Met students at their level through the use of games, songs, and arts and crafts in an immersion environment resulting in effective second language acquisition. Balanced and coordinated six weekly lessons for over 200 students and competently assessed student performance in the target language following individual classroom objectives.


Doctorate of Philosophy in Linguistics
Sep 2014 - Present

University of Florida

Master of Arts in French
Aug 2010 - Jun 2012

Ohio University

Bachelor of Arts in French, Minor in Linguistics
Aug 2006 - Jun 2009

Ohio University



Fluent / Native Proficiency


Fluent / Native Proficiency


Limited Proficiency


Second Language Acquisition and Teaching Certificate
Jun 2017

University of Florida

Endorsement of education, training, and practice in teaching second languages as well as confirmation of significant contribution to the language teaching profession through presenting original, innovative research at conferences and holding workshops on language pedagogy (teaching).


Perfect Rate My Professor Score
May 2018

Graduate Teaching Assistantship
Aug 2017

University of Florida

Graduate Teaching Assistantship
May 2015

University of Florida

McNair Research Assistantship
Aug 2014

University of Florida

Grinter Fellowship
Aug 2014

University of Florida

Success Coach Extraordinaire
Dec 2013

Tiffin University

Outstanding Teaching Associate
May 2012

Ohio University Department of Modern Languages

McNair Scholar
Mar 2008

Ronald E. McNair Post-baccalaureate Achievement Program


American Association of Applied Linguistics
Jan 2015
Applied Linguistics is an interdisciplinary field of inquiry that addresses a broad range of language-related issues in order to understand their roles in the lives of individuals and conditions in society. It draws on a wide range of theoretical and methodological approaches from various disciplines–from the humanities to the social and natural sciences–as it develops its own knowledge-base about language, its users and uses, and their underlying social and material conditions.
Florida Foreign Language Association
Oct 2014
he Florida Foreign Language Association (FFLA) is a non-profit educational organization dedicated to the study and teaching of languages and cultures. Membership is open to educators of all levels (K-20) and all languages. FFLA is an affiliate of the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) and its member organizations include the Florida Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese (FAATSP), the Florida chapter of the American Association of Teachers of French (AATF-FL), the Florida Association of Teachers of German (FATG), the Classical Association of Florida (CAF), the Florida Chinese Teachers Association (FCTA), the Association of Florida Teachers of Japanese (AFTJ), the Florida American Sign Language Teacher Association (FASLTA), and the Florida Foreign Language Association for Managers in Education (FFLAME).
National Education Association
Aug 2014
The National Education Association (NEA), the nation's largest professional employee organization, is committed to advancing the cause of public education. NEA's 3 million members work at every level of education—from pre-school to university graduate programs. NEA has affiliate organizations in every state and in more than 14,000 communities across the United States.
Linguistic Society of America
Aug 2014
The Linguistic Society of America (LSA) was founded in 1924 to advance the scientific study of language. LSA plays a critical role in supporting and disseminating linguistic scholarship both to professional linguists and to the general public.
Graduate Assistants United
Aug 2014
Graduate Assistants United was founded in 1972 to improve the lives of all Graduate Assistants during their time at UF. As a recognized labor union, GAU gives Graduate Assistants the right to negotiate the terms of our employment through a contract with the University of Florida. Through GAU, we have won tuition waivers, free health insurance, regular pay increases, paid sick leave, due process rights, and a formal grievance procedure to enforce these rights.
Ohio Foreign Language Association
Aug 2011
The Ohio Foreign Language Association is committed to articulated, standards-based world language study beginning in the primary grades, so that every learner, from early childhood through adult, acquires a high level of communicative and intercultural competence.

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