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Elementary, Middle School, High School, College
In essence, chemistry is the study of the change. And ultimately, these 'changes' are those that occur at the atomic level of our famous chemical elements; how they interact with each other, how they behave, and most importantly, how we can manipulate them to do amazing things. From synthesizing addition polymers like HDPE to solving for the internal energy of an expanding balloon. I focus on the foundations of chemistry by highlighting the keystone aspects that define its very nature. I take pertinent concepts from introductory chemistry, such as the periodic table of the elements and the SI unit system, and dissolve them into parcels of data that can easily be memorized, and that can be effectively recalled when you tackle the enigmatic units of chemistry that dazzle most students. I then offer meticulous and in depth explanations for the most daunting problems that plague chemistry. With me as your tutor, you will enter your chemistry lectures/classes with unparalleled confidence as your grades expeditiously ameliorate in a fortnight. Why surrender, instead make 'chemistry capitulate'.
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Amadou passed a background check that includes a SSN verification, national criminal record check, and sex offender registry search. Learn More
Amadou delivers an exceptional lesson experience and ranks in the top 15% of our teachers nationwide.
Teaches students:
Ages 1+ and special needs

Teaching since:
June 2008

I am a distinguished graduate from Illinois Tech with a bachelor's of mechanical engineering. I make it my duty to break down many of the complexities in math, science and engineering that have been plaguing students since the beginning of time. I have over 10 years of teaching experience teaching students of all ages math, science and ACT/SAT prep who have went on to make 180 degree turns in their grades. This field experience has allowed me to develop the patience and understanding that is crucial in producing stellar students.

As an engineering-inclined individual, I encourage an exemplary study ethic in my students as well as an organized and systematic approach geared towards maximizing student grades/scores. I also bring results by relating to my students by incorporating elements of the things that they like (sports, hobbies, music, etc...) into their most challenging courses allowing them to even potentially develop a passion for their most difficult courses. I always make a conscious effort to work at each student's own pace and I make it my priority to decompose the most challenging topics into components that can be more easily internalized by my students, effectively increasing their grades and giving them the self-confidence and enthusiasm they need to get killer grades. I guarantee quality, commitment, and results!

Having lived in over 20 countries has also permitted me to maintain my patience, composure and sense of flexibility and open-mindedness when dealing with even the most extreme personalities. I believe that everyone has potential; however potential is worthless unless put in motion. And experts like me take pride in our abilities to give students that push, that jolt of energy that galvanizes them into pulling themselves up by their own bootstraps, allowing them to achieve academic excellence.

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Co-founder of Trackr sports app
Sep 2017 - Dec 2017

The project explored how fatigue affects a basketball player’s performance. Using multiple variables, we planned out a program that coaches can use to efficiently substitute better rested players for fatigued ones.

Assistant Engineer
Jun 2014 - Jul 2014

Participated in and achieved a certificate of achievement from the NYLF summer program hosted at Loyola University.

Project Syncere participant
Jul 2013 - Aug 2013
After school matters

Here, I led my team members to victory in the various challenges.

Senior ACT math prep tutor
May 2013 - Jun 2013

During my junior year in high-school, I assisted my fellow seniors in their pursuit to score higher on the upcoming ACT math.


Bachelors in Science
Jul 2015 - Dec 2018
Illinois Institute of Technology
Mechanical Engineering
Jul 2015 - Dec 2018
Illinois institute of Technology
Associates in Science
Aug 2014 - May 2015
American Honors at Ivy Tech
Diploma in Natural Science
May 2014 - Jun 2014
Wolaitta Liqa Secondary and Preparatory school


Fluent / Native Proficiency
Fluent / Native Proficiency
Limited Proficiency


Distinguished Graduate Award
May 2015
American Honors at Ivy Tech Northwest

For Academic Achievement, Integrity and Leadership

Certificate of Recognition for the History Award
Apr 2015
American Honors at Ivy Tech

For stellar performance and participation in class.

Dean's List
Jan 2015
American Honors at Ivy Tech

Maintained a 4.0 GPA through Freshman year of first semester and made the Dean's List; taking 6 classes and 18 credit hours.

Certificate of Achievement
Jul 2014
National Youth Leadership Forum (NYLF) - Engineering

For demonstrating exceptional leadership, critical things and creativity skills.

Excellence in science
Jun 2013

My awards for exhibiting exemplary prowess in the field of science.

Highest Honors G.P.A
Jun 2013

My award for having the highest grade point average of the entire junior class(4.00).

Excellence in English
Jun 2013

My awards for displaying miraculous grammar and mechanics skill and compelling writing and oral ability.


Most Valuable Engineer
Aug 2013
Project Syncere
Most Complex Engineering Design
Aug 2013
Project Syncere


National Tutoring Association
Jan 2014

The NTA was formed in 1992 for the purpose of establishing a membership organization for tutoring professionals. The NTA is dedicated exclusively to tutoring, and represents the interests of thousands of tutors in the U.S. and thirteen other countries, practicing in all phases of tutoring, program administration, and supplemental student services.

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Basic math

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Elementary math
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SC Nov 4, 2018
ACT Math · Online

Amadou is excellent!!

Nancy N. Jul 20, 2018
Geometry · Online

Great job

Toby May 19, 2018
Geometry · Online

We didn’t have a lesson yet

lisa M. May 14, 2018
Algebra · Online

Amadou was very patient and encouraging! He explained Algebra in a way that made sense to me. When I was stuck, he helped me work through the problem until I understood it.

Rosa May 7, 2018
· Online

Amadou was very helpful and available for my son's schedule. Passed the class.

Micah Mar 14, 2018
Physics · Online

Amadou is a great teacher! He explains complex concepts in a way you'd understand. I recommend him to anyone who's struggling in this subject.

Amy Feb 15, 2018
Chemistry · Online

He has a lot of patience and goes at a perfect pace! I would recommend him to everyone!

Will Dec 6, 2017
Algebra · Online

Amadou was patient and made learning easy for me.

Leah .. Nov 28, 2017
AP Calculus · Online

We only had one lesson with Amadou, but he was very nice and easy to schedule with. We're trying out a few different teachers to find the right fit, but are definitely considering Amadou in our top choices. Thank you!

Latissya Nov 2, 2017
Common Core Math · Online

Very kind and patient. Has qualities to help those not confident in Math to feel empowered. My 8 year old finished her first training lesson with Amadou smiling about Math. That was a first!

Kara Jul 18, 2017
Elementary Math · Online

Amadou is fantastic! My daughter is 9, going into the 4th grade and math has been a struggle for her. Kara was very nervous at first, as this was her first online class! Amadou helped her become comfortable fast. She loved the fact that he could make her laugh. He has the skill to make math fun! She was so encouraged with the lesson and feels so much more confident in what she's learned. She was surprised at how much she picked up so quickly with the little 'tools' Amadou went over. What a great class/lesson. Thanks Amadou!

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Kam Jul 18, 2017
French · Online

Amadou has a great ability to figure out a client's learning style. So far he has been able to tailor class so that the new knowledge is instantly applicable.

Rosa May 25, 2017
AP Calculus · Online

My son was having much difficulty with this class on the border of failing. Amadou was essential in helping my son understand rules and recognize formulas needed to solve problems. Thank you so much Amadou. I would highly recommend him as a tutor.

Fumiko Apr 15, 2017
Calculus · Online

Amadou is a great tutor. His explanation was quite clear even for me, who is a non-native speaker of English.

Anthony Dec 31, 2016
AP Calculus · Online

Amadou is a great tutor. He is very patient and very helpful. I quickly became comfortable learning from him and was very grateful at how patient and helpful he was with me.

Keri .. Nov 13, 2016
French · Online

Wonderful instructor. She now enjoys her lessons and has much enthusiasm for each one.

Navila Feb 24, 2016
Algebra 2 · Online

Amadou has been a great help for our daughter. She was struggling in her class and wasn't exactly seeing eye-to-eye with the teacher. Amadou was able to identify her strength/weaknesses and encouraged her to not doubt her initial instincts. While it took sometime for her to realize it, he influenced her to change her study habit. He followed up with us by providing addition work/practice problems that strategically enabled her to work in a "harder" problem. I do believe that he is worth every penny.

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Jessica Feb 14, 2016
Algebra 2 · Online

Amador is a really great tutor! He's a very chill, funny guy that allows students to connect better. Be able to communicate is the most important part between teacher and student. It makes it easier to learn if i am able to share my problems without embarrassment knowing that he will help me in whatever way he can. Thanks Amadou!

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Marco D. Feb 7, 2016
French · Online

Great instructor! He will definitely help you increase your hearing and speaking ability in French. There were excellent exercises in class too.

Marco D. Jan 11, 2016
French · Online

Amadou is a great instructor. He guided me patiently through the online platform and was very helpful with answering my questions. Highly recommended!

Marco Dec 30, 2015
French · Online

Amadou is a great instructor. She guided me patiently through the online platform and was very helpful with answering my questions. Highly recommended!

Megan Soderberg Dec 23, 2015
French · Online

We had a great first lesson. He made me feel very comfortable.

Patricia B. Oct 26, 2015
French · In studio

Amdadou this great. We were able to interact and we both learned something from each other. The time went by so fast! Enjoying this very much. I will be referring Take Lessons to other friends.

aisha S. Oct 3, 2015
French · Online

Learned at lot in just one session...

Cheryl Jul 18, 2015
Pre Algebra · In studio

The most wonderful thing about Amadou is his innate capacity to connect with young people, and in doing so, he make the tutoring sessions and the learning that takes place seemingly fluid and effortless. I hired him to tutor my 10 year old son in math. We met at his office in Hyde Park and we stayed with him for about 2 months, but then we had scheduling conflicts. My son has an innate ability with math (inherited from my husband). He's very intuitive with it, but he also had a problem with focusing and taking time to work through each and every step (also inherited from my husband). He would get frustrated working with me, so I thought having someone else who would make math fun and challenging would ensure that he was advancing appropriately in math. Amadou's sessions were structured, he factored in breaks (incl. snacks!) and he provided workbooks and homework that he would go over the next lesson. He was always looking for ways to engage my son's mind, but make it interesting. He went step by step through a sample problem,, and then would work through additional problems and point out errors and talk them through with my son. He was also open to listening to me when I made suggestions about content and approach. He was very good. As my son told me, "an hour just flies by with Amadou, it doesn't feel like work at all!" I recommend him highly.

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Keesha Jul 18, 2015
Elementary Math · In home

Amadou has a great way of relating with children and providing them with techniques for math. He had my son learning for hours and increased his math and French grade to an A. Even my son teacher saw the growth in his math skills.

Andrew Jun 18, 2015
Common Core Math · Online

We have just had our first Common core math lesson for our 14 year old son. We look forward to working with Amadou and hope he can help our son. So, far we are impressed with his organized and communication. His enthusiasm for learning has also got my son excited to learn.

+ Read More
Marcus P. May 6, 2015
Math · Online

So far we are very happy with Amadou. I like how he shows interest on my son and his needs. I like how he makes an effort on getting necessary information to help himself get a better pictures of where my child is struggling so he can target that area. I think we found a keeper :) oh and he is very patient with my math challenge kid :-)

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Kaye J. Mar 23, 2015
Chemistry · Online

Amadou is a wonderful Chemistry tutor. He demonstrates great communication skills, patience and an extensive knowledge of Chemistry. He also provides thorough notes that I sometimes refer to when I am in a jam as well. With his help my Chemistry grade has improved.


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Jill M. Mar 16, 2015
French · Online

Words cannot say how much we appreciate and value Amadou's instruction. He is a terrific teacher and what is particularly unique is that he is good with little kids. He is teaching my 6 year old son French on line and has managed to engage him and keep him coming back, which is true testament to how good he is. He seems knowledgeable about a host of subjects, communicates well, is clear and easy to deal with. I highly, highly recommend Amadou for tutoring.

+ Read More
Katrina E. Jan 3, 2015
Chemistry · Online

For the brief time my daughter had Amadou, I can say Amadou is very helpful, kind and patience. I like the fact that Amadou is so encouraging to my daughter and motivates her in a positive way.

Jean C. Sep 16, 2014
AP Chemistry · Online

Very dedicated and very helpful!

craig P. Jul 26, 2014
Test Prep · In studio

What a better review than one that comes from a parent. Parents know the value of education and when looking for revision or acquisition of skills for their child: they look for safe, good and economical instruction. Amadou has a safe location for instruction and the best fees for quality instruction. And just a bit about quality: Amadou makes even learning the hardest of math and science subjects fun for children. He has mastered an approach that is quite easy for children to grasp the most difficult subjects and achieve better grades, understanding and confidence.

+ Read More
sybil B. Jul 16, 2014
Algebra · In studio

What a wonderful experience. My son is moving into the 7th grade and I wanted him to have a insight to the next level of math and sciences. After my sons initial consultation and testing, Amadou made some topic suggestions (algebra and Chemistry) and I was truly impressed with his understanding of exactly where my son was and what he needed. But most importantly after 3 weeks my son has grasped the concepts taught by Amadou, he is happy and incredibly he looks forward to going to tutoring and it's the middle of summer. That's spectacular for me as a parent.

+ Read More
Diana S. Jul 1, 2014
Statistics · In home

Amadou is an EXCELLENT teacher. I really appreciate how he can break complex subjects down into easy to understand terms. In my senior year of undergrad Amadou helped me complete several statistics assignments and pass with flying colors. I would recommend children and adults to take advantage of his vast knowledge and ability to make the seeming impossible, possible.

+ Read More
Shalvaw B. Jul 1, 2014
Algebra 2 · In studio

Amadou is very intelligent,and a great teacher! Due to his help I passed my College math exams with an A!!! I highly recommend him for any type of Math or Natural Science!

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