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Alexandra teaches: Ages 10 and up
Teaching since: September 2000
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Hello future student(s),
I've been teaching English and ESL since 2000. I've taught all ages from Elementary to adults. I've written a children's book and I am currently working on my second one. I enjoy making grammar, writing, speaking, and vocabulary fun and obtainable for all students!

I've taught Acting for Film & Television since 2010. My focus is on helping the student(s) to enjoy the process of learning the skills of scene-study, auditions strategies, memorization, Improv techniques, etc. to get them to raise their audition and call-back numbers or just for the joy of acting!

I love teaching and helping students find their own way down the road of 'the love of learning!'.


Acting Teacher/Coach
Aug 2012 - Present

Teach Acting for Film & Television; scene-study, Audition techniques, Improv, Monologues, Memorization, etc.


Masters in Education
May 2014 - May 2016

Languages Spoken

Limited Proficiency


Screen Actors Guild/American Federation of Television and Radio Artists
Mar 2003

An American labor union representing over 160,000 film and television principal and background performers, journalists, and radio personalities worldwide.

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Lucie Mar 24, 2017
· Film and TV Acting · Alexa is a great teacher! She has taught me all about auditioning and how it works. She brought scripts to practice with each other and gave the class many tips about acting with another actor or alone in front of a camera and casting director. She's also given a lot of advice about how to start a career in acting and is very supportive. It was really fun and her class helped me figure out that I have a passion for acting. It was a remarkable experience!
Beau Mar 22, 2017
· Acting · In studio An incredible experience!
Dani Mar 21, 2017
· Acting · In studio Awesome!
April Mar 21, 2017
· Acting · In studio Alexa is a terrific teacher. She's kind and supportive, yet helps you stretch as an actor. She also incorporates a lot of great information on the business of acting into her classes -- which is so important for creating the career you desire. She encourages you to read, watch, study, practice everything you can in regards to acting. I learned a lot and grew as an actor from her class.
Nick Mar 15, 2017
· Acting · In studio Great teacher, wonderful class. Alexa is very helpful and keeps you up to date on class materials.
JLuc Jan 8, 2017
· English · In studio I had the pleasure to work with Alexandra on my English skills for several months. Her professionalism and reliabilities to the task made a big improvement for me. She has the ability to adapt her lessons to your center of interest but also has knowledge in a wide variety of subjects which make her lessons always very interesting.
I would recommend Alexandra to anyone at any level.
Fabrice Jan 6, 2017
· ESL · In home Alexa is a fantastic teacher! I'm French and I was essentially looking to improve my conversation skills. I feel I've made a lot of progress thanks to her ability to guide the conversation, making sure to correct my grammar and enrich my vocabulary at the same time. I also loved the topics she carefully chose in order to give me some insights of the American culture. Thank you again Alexa!
Sandy Jan 5, 2017
· Acting · In studio On Oct 21, 2016, at 4:41 PM, wrote:

To whom it may concern:

I would like to recommend Alexa Almaz for any teaching experience that she may wish to pursue, as well as any classes that she may wish to teach. I have found her to be an excellent teacher for adults. She knows her subject very well, has materials that are relevant and in support of the lesson that she has planned for the class. Her knowledge of the subject indicates that she has a thorough understanding of the subject matter in addition to personal experience. She is punctual and thoroughly professional.

Alexa demonstrates enthusiasm and concern for each student who is seeking a different or new path. She will be an asset for any position that she may seek to explore


Sandy Meggerson
Retired LAUSD Secondary Administrator
Mark Nov 11, 2016
· Film and TV Acting · In studio Simply put, Alexa arms you with the knowledge and tools you'll need to get the most out of your auditions. Your odds of getting cast WILL go up.
Wendy Oct 18, 2016
· Essay Writing · In home Alexandra is professional, responsible, reliable and friendly. She is very patient with students and their parents. Only a few months with her helping, my child's writing skills went from a 3- to a 4+, which increased his self-confidence a lot! She usually supplies a variety of teaching materials which attract kids very well. She uses her expert skills to help students express their feelings in thinking and writing. Trust me, Alexa is the best tutor you can have,not only for foreigners, beginners but also for native speakers.
Alexandra Almaz
Alexandra A.

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