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Learn to play the accordion with a trained and educated musician
All levels and styles from classical to contemporary music.
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Trained and educated (MM) in Russia and USA, over 20 years experience in teaching. Individual approach to the course development based on student personality, goals, skills. Major instruments are piano, classical guitar, accordion. Student must have own instrument and desire to learn! *** Lesson Details *** I believe many of my students enjoy my class and are able to achieve a higher skill level because I make it a point to personally motivate them. I give them personalized goals to reach and/or tailored practice techniques.Based on response, I may offer words of encouragement or tips such as how to ease sore muscles or an alternative way to execute a technique they are finding extra difficult. I make it a point to not just teach music grammar and/or fundamentals of music, but to include the importance of the sound of music strategies to enhance their skill development. *** Studio Equipment *** Yamaha Clavinova, piano Classical guitar "Takamine" Accordion "Gullietti" *** Specialties *** Accordion, piano, classical guitar Traditional School all styles and genres. Levels: beginner through advanced!

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Alex was very kind and enthusiastic. Unfortunately we do not have the same kind of accordion so I did not end up continuing lessons with him. The introductory lesson we did have was a lot of fun and I can tell he is very passionate and knowledgeable about technique and music theory.

Posted Sep 9, 2021

Soooo Smart! So much fun! Really, I couldn’t have felt more at ease and excited for the next one!

Posted Feb 11, 2021