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Prepare for your ASVAB: get experienced, detail-oriented and disciplined tutoring
Having taken and passed the ASVAB myself and with over 5 years of 1:1 tutoring experience, I have been helping many students learn the skills mathematical reasoning, and word comprehension necessary to master ASVABS. Additionally, I teach solid study habits and techniques, including mental math exercises, to maximize your time. Students will be fully equipped to take and pass the ASVAB through my approach, and can be accepted into their choice of military branch and career path.
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Hi! My name is Albert and I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Nuclear Engineering from Purdue University, so I know what it takes to build strong math skills. I am also a veteran Surface Warfare Officer from the United States Navy, which means that from navigating warships, I have gained a deep, first-hand applied knowledge of vectors; momentum; geometry; trigonometry; and the relation between time, distance, and speed that few have experienced. It’s this combination of theoretical and practical knowledge that I have honed through over 5 years of tutoring into my signature tutoring style: 1. Assess where a student is at and how they learn best 2. Target areas of improvement with laser precision one at a time, getting to the root of students’ struggle or confusion 3. Reframe complexities in a simple way they will understand. 4. Review the concepts they have previously not mastered in light of their new understandings, and ensure a strong foundation and mastery is established by giving practice sets. 5. Build from this foundation in a step-by-step way, ensuring they fully comprehend new concepts as they advance, going back to step 1 and repeating this cycle as necessary. I am a detail-oriented and disciplined thinker who is passionate about sharing my knowledge to help students succeed while having an engaged, joyful experience.

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Albert is willing to go the extra mile to structure a lesson plan that met my specific exam goals. He is very knowledgeable and accommodating.

Posted Mar 24, 2021

Albert did a great job working with my high school son. Despite his quiet demeanor, after the very first lesson, he mapped the most efficient plan to get my son help, asking questions that were straight to the point. Ever since, he won’t allow my son to digress from that path set, and it has seen phenomenal results!

Posted Mar 22, 2021

Albert is a great Algebra tutor. He's clear, thorough, and breaks the concepts down into smaller, easier to grasp chunks. Highly recommend!

Posted Feb 21, 2021
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Nov 2015 - Mar 2020
The Tutoring Center
Staff position for calculus, trigonometry, and algebra for GCSE and IB HL curriculums. Additionally, a reading, phonics, and writing tutor for primary school (k-12) children. - Increased grades by instilling trust in the learning process by exemplifying intellectual curiosity - Increased tutees' academics by an average of one letter grade
Training Officer Assistant, Amphibious Squadron Four (CPR-4)
May 2013 - Nov 2014
United States Navy
Staff Training Officer Assistant, Anti-Terrorism Force Protection Officer, and Command Fitness Leader (CFL). Responsible for the training, readiness, and force protection of six amphibious ships. - Prioritized numerous schools and certifications, tracked by presentation updates to seniors, ensuring the command successfully went through the fast-paced Fleet Response Training Plan - Led enthusiastically a team of dedicated assistants as CFL by establishing weekly workout routines as measured by resultant high health standards, morale, and camaraderie - Learned complex research and business structures by studying exercise training requirements based on giving weekly maintenance, school deficiency, and force protection reports to seniors
Electrical Division Officer, USS MAKIN ISLAND (LHD-8)
Nov 2012 - Jan 2013
United States Navy
Responsible for the electrical safety training of 3,000 personnel and the leadership of 34 culturally diverse personnel in the maintenance and repair of the ship’s electrical distribution system. - Fostered a work environment conducive to growth measured by an 80% advancement and 95% qualification rate for seven of eight eligible Sailors, including two chief Petty Officer Selectees - Learned technical Electrical Safety and Tag Out structures by providing key guidance that resulted in a Commander, Naval Surface Forces Engineering and Survivability Excellence Award
Deck Division Officer, USS MAKIN ISLAND (LHD-8)
Jun 2010 - Nov 2012
United States Navy
Responsible for 37 Sailors and preserving 145 spaces and equipment, including anchors and small boats. - Supervised 2 major inspections by preparing Sailors for their roles, resulting in scores of 85%, the highest in 10 years and 95.87%, the highest of any ship’s deck department, respectively - Revamped the ship’s Search and Rescue (SAR) program by supervising the equipment maintenance and qualifications for 6 personnel, leading to early certification of the SAR program
Bachelor of Science in Nuclear Engineering
May 2005 - May 2010
Purdue University
Native Proficiency
Limited Proficiency
Surface Warfare Officer
Jun 2012
United States Navy
The surface Warfare Officer (SWO) Pin distinguishes you as a trusted, experienced, and responsible Surface Warrior, opening the door to greater leadership challenges and opportunities along the path to Command at Sea
Thread at Yale Program: Storytelling in Modern Media
Jun 2019
Yale University
United States Navy
Jun 2010
To recruit, train, equip, and organize to deliver combat ready Naval forces to win conflicts and wars while maintaining security and deterrence through sustained forward presence.

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Instructor details
Teaches 10+ subjects. Different subject may have different prices.
This teacher is not currently accepting students