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Watchung, NJ
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I love working with students of all ages and levels in person and online. I've worked with professionals on TV, Broadway, MTV as well as students 3 years old to 97 just studying for fun.

Adam runs successful teaching studios in New York City, Watchung, New Jersey, and online.

*** Lesson Details ***
30 minute singing lessons - Typically do 10 to 12 minutes of warmup and the rest of the time is devoted to practical application of technique to your songs, as well as, performance aspects. I also offer hour lessons.

30 minute acting lessons - Typically work on monologues or scenes that I or they provide. We can also work on sides provides for auditions for TV, film, & stage. I also offer hour lessons.

30 minute reading coaching - Typically work on our alphabet, the different sounds, sight words, and reading a book of choice. I also offer hour lessons

30 minute voice/speech session - Typically work improving your voice through various exercises and strategies. I also offer hour lessons

*** Studio Equipment ***
I use my Macbook Pro to record lessons and distribute them to students via a free Dropbox account. IN PERSON LESSONS ONLY.

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  • Background Checked
  • Teaches students 1 and up
  • Teaching since 1997

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C Nov 13, 2019
Speaking Voice · In studio

Adam has helped my son find his voice after only working with him for a short time. He gave him valuable tips, exercises, and even recorded the lesson so that my son can go back and refer to what he was taught. Can’t wait for him to continue working with him.

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Donald Nov 13, 2019
Singing · In home

This was my first lesson with Adam and everything went well. Adam made feel at ease and his singing advice was very informative and productive. An excellent teacher.

Oleg Oct 28, 2019
Accent Reduction · Online

Great instructor!

Gleb P. Oct 26, 2019
Accent Reduction · Online

Great teacher!

Raj Oct 22, 2019
Accent Reduction ·

It's a good start. I really enjoyed working with Adam.

Carolina M. May 29, 2019
Accent Reduction · Online

Really fun working with Adam. Loved my first lesson and I am looking forward to the next one!!!

Henrie May 29, 2019
Accent Reduction · Online

Fun start to my accent reduction class with Adam.

John May 24, 2019
Accent Reduction · Online


Aaron Apr 2, 2019
Singing · In studio

I had a great first lesson with him. He's really patient and encouraging. He explains the technique in a way that's easy to understand, which helps a lot with practicing at home.

Melissa Mar 28, 2019
Singing · In studio

Great lesson. Feel like I might see improvement in my voice with him as opposed to other teachers I’ve had.

Youda Mar 23, 2019
Singing · In studio

Fantastic coach.

Beata M. Mar 23, 2019
Speaking Voice · Online

Adam is helping me to develop a perfect speaking voice, intonation and diction. With his great guidance and my dedicated practice the progress is fast. Great teacher! Thank you Adam!

Kristina Mar 22, 2019
Accent Reduction · Online

Great lessons! Always fun. Thanks!

Alex Mar 22, 2019
Accent Reduction · Online

Great experience with Adam! He is very thorough and great at explaining the nuances of language and pronunciation that are difficult to detect from just listening. My goal was to clean up my pronunciation (been living in the States for a while, but couldn't get rid of my accent). and Adam gave me great tools and things to watch out for as I am working on my American English.

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Max .. Mar 22, 2019
Accent Reduction · Online

Adam made me feel very confortable right away.
He explains very well what you do and what you should do instead.
It's hands-on from minute 1, and I learn so much from the first class.

Adam is highly intuitive, sharp and doesn't miss a beat!
He creates a fun environment to tackle a challenging subject.
I finally find the right person after trying a few teachers.
I highly recommend him.

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Anna C. Mar 22, 2019
Accent Reduction · Online

Great instructor! Highly recommend!

R Mar 22, 2019
Vocal Training · Online

Great voice training lesson!

Afhwin B. Mar 5, 2019
Acting · In studio

He understood the requirement and jumped in with practical solutions , tools and approach . Looking forward to the rest of the classes.

Alaina Feb 11, 2019
Acting · In home

My daughter really enjoys Adam's energy, integrity and no fluff attitude. His advice and coaching are spot on and in a few sessions, she has really opened up to what needs to be worked on and where her strengths are.

Kristina Jan 30, 2019
Accent Reduction · Online

I'm seeing Adam for accent reduction and for deepening the pitch of my voice (I sound too girly in business meetings). My colleagues really noticed a difference! It took about 8 weeks to get to the point where it was noticeable enough. I will continue with the lessons to make the it stick. Plus, it is fun! Adam makes me laugh every time!

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Patrick Jan 30, 2019
Classical Voice · In studio

Adam is a great teacher. This was my first time taking voice lessons (adult beginner) and I wasn't sure what to expect. But Adam's ear is sharp as hell. HE doesn't miss anything and doesn't let me off the hook when I lose focus or miss a note. Anytime I feel like I messed up but don't think he caught it, he always catches it!

Which tells me he's legit. Highly recommended.

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Amy Jan 22, 2019
Musical Theater · Online

Adam is working with my son on musical theatre and it’s been awesome! Very easy and convenient to schedule with him. My son loves it and practices more than ever.

Lonnie Jan 11, 2019
Speaking Voice · In home

Adam is an amazing coach. Within the first few minutes I knew I found the right person to work with. Extremely professional and knowledgeable. Looking forward to working with him for a long time.

Joe Jan 1, 2019

Good experience, never hurts to try something your interested in.

Matt Dec 27, 2018
Vocal Training · In studio

Adam is a fantastic instructor, able to provide meaningful feedback to really improve your voice! I would recommend him to anyone!

Keith Dec 7, 2018
Acting · In home

Working with Adam has been great so far. He is a great teacher who understands the craft very well. He has taught me certain techniques of the craft that have helped me to begin to get a feel for what acting is all about. I would recommend Adam to anyone interested in acting.

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Keith Nov 15, 2018
Acting · In home

Working with Adam has been great. I have had one lesson so far and I already feel like I learned a lot.

Mahendrakumar M. Oct 4, 2018
Speaking Voice · In studio

It’s good to find Adam for improving my speaking. He is friendly, hidhly professional. He encourages me a lot to go beyond what actually I am. I saw a good improvement in my speaking. Just follow his guidance and advise.

He is one of the best teachers for speaking classes.


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Butch Oct 2, 2018
Singing · In studio

Adam is a great teacher. He praises you for things you do properly and patiently tries to correct any mistakes. His song suggestions that would be used for practice try to highlight your voice as you apply the techniques you learned. They also sometimes take you out of your comfort zone to challenge you and expand your growth. Would highly recommend him as a teacher!

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Kirsten R. Aug 22, 2018
Accent Reduction · Online

Adam was great!

Nandita May 11, 2018
Speaking Voice · In home

Fantastic coach!

Gary May 4, 2018
Singing · In studio

First class singing lessons instruction. Started where I would have started with myself: blowing bubbles! Great studio.

kalie Apr 26, 2018
Singing · Online

very patient with my daughter, who is easily distracted .

Patrice Apr 21, 2018
Singing · Online

I have been working with Adam for years ... he has helped me prep for gigs and recording sessions. He is amazing!

Michael Apr 16, 2018
Singing · In studio

Great voice teacher with an excellent knowledge of songs and music. Apr 16, 2018
Reading · Online

Michael Apr 15, 2018
Reading · In studio

My son has learned so much.

Veronica Apr 15, 2018

Amazing patient teacher!

Scott Apr 15, 2018
Singing · In studio

Best instructor ever!

Diana Apr 14, 2018
Audition Prep · In studio

My daughter went to Adam for weekly lessons for several years started at age 12. She made a lot of progress under his direction. He continually challenged her and is very open about areas to improve. When we needed someone to help her with college audition prep, we went straight to Adam. He is great with young kids and teenagers. We highly recommend him! In fact, I have recommended him to several people who all also think he is great.

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Bobby Apr 14, 2018
Vocal Training · In studio

Adam has been my teacher and now friend for over 11 years. He has a wealth of vocal knowledge. He has every situation covered. I've sent quite a few actors to him and everyone has enjoyed their experience with him. I've been able to go from no vocal experience to eventually gaining equity status, getting my acceptance to Juilliard and having contracts that have ranged from regional to bway. My life would have been very different if he had not made a great impression upon me.
Thanks, Adam

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Alexander C. Apr 14, 2018
Singing · In home

Adam is a great instructor and is so knowledgeable. He is also flexible in his teaching style and approach, which works great with our son.

Patricia Apr 1, 2018
Singing · Online

Very easy to work with, and my daughter is so excited to have lessons. we just started, but looking forward to more lessons

Millie Mar 17, 2018
Piano · In studio

Excellent instructor. Has patience very knowledgeable as you know. I am such a beginner but enjoyed every minute. Star number five

Amanda Jan 30, 2018
Singing · In studio

Great experience so far and I really enjoy Adam's teaching style!

Frank C. Oct 3, 2017
Singing · In studio

Adam is great. Very knowledgeable and comfortable to be with. Looking forward to my next lesson.

Phyllis Francene L. Jun 29, 2017
Singing · In studio

very kind and considerate instructor. Very helpful and puts you at ease before you start the training.

Stephen Strat Apr 20, 2017
Piano · In studio

Adam is great. Easy going yet effective teaching style that has motivated me to play more often and better. Thanks Adam!

Julia C. Jun 17, 2016
Speaking Voice · Online

Adam is really super (I am only on my third lesson). He will make you feel comfortable and interact with you in a personable and dynamic way.

He is the perfect teacher if you want to improve your stage voice and pitch. Adam is the man if you have fame on your mind. Julia

If you are a little slow on the uptake, (like I am when I don't know the subject matter) you need to be brave and follow his directions in practicing techniques. Adam personalizes his lessons, but they could be more planned. They feel a little too unprepared.

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David S. May 28, 2016
Piano · In home

This was my first time taking piano lesson and I felt Adam was patient in his delivery of instruction pursuant to explaining the basic or foundations of piano.

Giulio B. May 27, 2016
Singing · In studio

First singing lesson experience and everything is great so far. Have really felt more and more
Comfortable singing.

Ervins C. May 22, 2016
Piano · In studio

I enjoyed it look forward to the next lesson

Nathaniel R. Apr 1, 2016
Singing · In studio

A very good start. Great teaching technique! Helped my son relax and learn about performing from the get go.

Nathaniel R. Apr 1, 2016
Singing · In studio

A very good start. Great teaching technique! Helped my son relax and learn about performing from the get go.

Mark C. Mar 20, 2016
Singing ·

Great first lesson. Let me know what I am good at and what I need to work at very quickly.

Anonymous Mar 14, 2016
Singing · In studio

Great lessons. He has really helped me improve and refine my singing technique. If you're looking for someone to help you take your abilities to the next level, look no further.

Yas A. Jan 31, 2016
Vocal Training · In studio

I have had some vocal instructors in the past. But my best vocal training experience was with Adam. His classes were so productive and after every session was over I couldn't wait for the week after to start singing with him again. He is very patient and brings out the best voice out of you. I would've continued working with him if I hadn't moved out of NY/NJ area. I definitely recommend him!

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Erica R. Jan 26, 2016
Vocal Training · In studio

Awesome! Wonderful insight and great warm ups! Looking forward to more!

Wendy Marie T. Jan 25, 2016
Vocal Training · Online

Adam is very honest and helpful. He's been instrumental in helping me to reach deeper and to be more authentic with my voice in voice overs.

Darnell H. Jan 19, 2016
Singing · In studio

He's a great teacher very patient, comfortable, and honest.

Semiramis Dec 16, 2015
Choir · In home

Great experience, felt really comfortable with his way of teaching and that he could pin point my weakness. looking forward to improve now.

Malena G. Nov 29, 2015
Singing · In home

Awesome! My daughter loved Adam. He was a straight shooter & very knowledgable. Can't wait to go back.

Larisa C. Oct 23, 2015
Vocal Training · In studio

First lesson was great! My daughter loved it. Looking forward to the next one.

Jeff Oct 5, 2015
Broadway Singing · Online

Excellent instructor- does not tell you what you want to hear, but what you need to hear. Invaluable in helping me prepare for first solo in a show ever. Seriously considering long term lessons for real training.

Rebekah C. Oct 5, 2015
Acting · Online

Adam is a great teacher. What I like most about him is he does not beat around the bush and he will tell you the truth. He's easy to work with and he has helped me to understand the art of acting better. He's easy to get along with and he is very knowledgable about various topics. I am even considering signing my younger sibling up to take lessons with him as well. Choosing Adam as my teacher was my first step towards succes!

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Annah S. Oct 3, 2015
Opera Voice · Online

I was nervous at first, and love practicing the red leather tongue twister and learning new techniques. I highly recommend Adam!

Karl Malik Sep 13, 2015
Acting · Online

Patient and knowledgeable. Great teacher!

James N. Aug 25, 2015
Acting · Online

Adam was wonderful with my 8 yr old son. He had such patience with him and really knew how to get down to his level. My son really enjoyed his first lesson and we cant wait to see the progress every week!

Anitha G. Aug 25, 2015
Piano · In studio

First class is great

Aimee D. Aug 10, 2015
Piano · In studio

Adam has been great with my 7 year old son. He is patient and just firm enough to get his message across and still able to laugh at a 7 year olds antics! I definitely recommend him if you want to start you son or daughter in music or with an instrument.

Grace T. Aug 3, 2015
Piano · In home

Adam was extremely patient yet discipline in providing instruction to my 8 1/2 year old daughter with Down Syndrome. He leveraged her abilities and basic language, math and reading skills into a very rewarding piano lesson that left her excited about learning music.

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Joshua I. Aug 1, 2015
Singing · In studio

Adam is a great teacher! He is patient and provides very clear and easy to understand instructions and direction. Not only is he a skilled musician he makes learning fun and gears the lessons to the pace of my son. I especially love that he easily can identify issues with your voice and starts right in on exercises to take home and practice in order to correct the issue. I recommend Adam to anyone who wants to learn how to sing!!

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Eric R. Jul 28, 2015
Broadway Singing · Online

I've had pitch problems and Adam was extremely helpful. I get bored easily at times, but the lessons were so much fun that singing is all I wanted to do. Highly recommend Adam. If you love theatre, Adam is your choice.

Jake V. Jul 28, 2015
Singing · In home

Adam is an excellent teacher, since I have began lessons with him I have noticed tremendous progress in my voice and singing confidence.

Phyllis Francene L. Jul 28, 2015
Opera Voice · In studio

Very patient and finds new ways of presenting so that it's alays a cool and great lesson. !!


Amanda K. Jul 28, 2015
Speaking Voice · Online

Adam immediately gets to work for you and provides clear, easy-to-understand direction how to improve your voice. He moves at a good pace through the lessons, while expertly analyzing your voice, identifying areas that need special attention. Follow his advice and you will see results!

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Eric M. Mar 24, 2015
Child Acting · Online

Working with kids requires the ability to use analogies and really understand the child that you are working with. Our experience with Adam has convinced me that he posses those qualities. He is also punctual and consistent. As the guy footing the bill, I appreciate.
We plan on continuing our relationship with Adam.

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robins Apr 28, 2008

Adam was very nice and professional and a pleasure to meet and work with. I'm looking forward to working with him again.

DannyF Jun 25, 2007

Very nice, professional

I am very happy with my selection, this teacher is everything i hoped for and mor.

anniec Feb 21, 2007

couldn't have asked for more!

Adam is a great teacher. My daughter really enjoys going which is great when your only 11years old. Adam is wonderful at explaining to my daughter why she has to do the exercises and how everything will affect her singing voice. So much more then I expected.

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Lesson Details

Method Acting

Levels Taught:
Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

I am available to teach Method Acting. Hour sessions are available but count as two 30 minute sessions back to back.



Jan 2009 - Present

R Theatrical

I've produced and/or invested in 20 productions on Broadway, off-Broadway, in the UK, and in the West End.

Jun 2003 - Present

Adam R Productions

I've directed over 90 shows off-off Broadway

Jun 2003 - Present

Adam R Productions / Alpha Theater Co

I've self produced over 350 productions off-off Broadway.

Jan 2003 - Present


I've been reading coach since 2003.

Sep 1997 - Present

Adam R. Studios

I have been students of all ages and levels both singing, piano, acting, vocal coaching, stage presence for 21 years.


Meisner Acting Training
Sep 2000 - Jun 2002

Larry Silverberg Acting Studios

Sep 1994 - May 1997

Westminster Choir College



Fluent / Native Proficiency


NJ Teaching Certificate
Jan 2002

State of New Jersey


1st Chair Tenor 1
Dec 1993

PA State Chorus


National Association of Teachers of Singing
Jan 2003
Founded in 1944, National Association of Teachers of Singing, Inc. (NATS) is the largest professional association of teachers of singing in the world with more than 7,000 members worldwide.

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