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Wilmington, NC

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Abigail teaches: Ages 5 and up
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Abigail, 29, is originally from Annapolis, Maryland. She received a Bachelor's degree in violin performance from East Carolina University and a Master's from the University of Michigan. In April of 2008, she became an AmSAT (American Society for the Alexander Technique) certified teacher of the Alexander Technique from Alexander Technique Ann Arbor (ATAA), directed by Jane Heirich.

Due to enormous amounts of tension in her violin playing, she developed tendonitis in her arms and eventually, arthritis in her neck. At the age of 19, after many unsuccessful attempts to fix the pain, she realized it had to be the way she was doing things that was causing her problems. The Alexander Technique has helped her to not only be able to play the violin without injury, but also how to monitor how she thinks and moves throughout her daily life.

Abigail now combines the Alexander Technique with her violin teaching. She uses it to enhance her instruction and help the student better understand how to play the instrument. Focusing on the student's wants and needs, Abigail guides the pupil so that tension does not get in the way of playing and enjoyable music can be made. Currently, Abigail lives in Wilmington, NC, where she teaches and plays with the Wilmington Symphony and the Long Bay Symphony of Myrtle Beach.

*** Lesson Details ***
"My main goal is to share my love of music with my students. I welcome anyone, regardless of ability level or desired pace. I enjoy teaching motivated students who want to learn and will take the initiative to practice on their own.

Lessons consist of many different aspects, including: solfege and ear training, technique, musical games, phrasing and dynamics, music theory, mind/body awareness while playing, duets, and bow distribution, just to name a few. The method books I use include Kaleidoscopes by Elise Winters, Suzuki, Fiddler's Philharmonic, Solos for Young Violinists, and many others. I am open to teaching from books a student may desire to use, and I will offer my knowledge and experience to help find the best book or music to suit your needs. My goal is to work with students' aspirations while making lessons productive, creative, and fun!"

*** Studio Equipment ***
Marker board, stands, keyboard, chairs, mirrors, violin accessories, CD player.

*** Specialties ***
I am classically trained and am willing to teach and have taught various Fiddling, Celtic, Texas Swing, and Bluegrass styles as well as the classical genre. On April 4th, 2008, I became a certified Alexander Technique teacher and I use this technique in my teaching because it has helped improve my own playing. The Alexander Technique has aided in the release of tension in my playing and therefore also improved my techniques. It has allowed me to heal from tendonitis in my arms and arthritis in my neck. Now I use the Alexander Technique in my violin teaching so that other violinists do not injure themselves the way I did. I believe that this is of the utmost importance in violin teaching as many prominent teachers do not address tension in violin playing and have students with various serious injuries.

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AndrewB1 Dec 6, 2009
· ·
I've been amazed at how quickly Abigail is able to impart an understanding of the fundamentals of the violin and how well she is able to correct me when problems arise in my playing. Normally accustomed to a long period of frustration when starting a new instrument, I've been incredibly surprised to find that within a short time with Abigail, I genuinely enjoy playing and have a clear understanding of how I want to progress. She is the most able teacher I've had in a long time.
JimS Feb 5, 2009
· ·
Abigail is exactly the teacher I've been looking for. I want to learn how to play correctly, and have developed some bad habits over the years. I play the fiddle by ear only, no music. Abby is teaching me correct technique without requiring that I read music. She is professional and helpful, and I am learning a lot, and I am noticing improvement in my playing.
Abigail Van Steenhuyse
Abigail V.

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