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Aaron B.
Auburndale, Massachusetts
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Learn drums from a musician who worked with Beyonce.
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About Aaron B.

I've been a full time professional musician for 18+ years and have toured all over the world performing with music icons like Chacka Khan, Beyonce, and many more. I have a lot of experience with many different styles of music and I love sharing this gift with anyone who's interested. My teaching philosophy is simple: Get students playing music! It's much easier to understand the nuts and bolts of music when put into the context of the music you like. *** Lesson Details *** I like to design a lesson plan for each individual student. The first lesson will begin with a basic assessment of skill level. We will discuss goals for the lessons then get down to work! Students will learn: 1 Technique. the proper physicality to increase dexterity and avoid injury. 2 Music theory and comprehension. Usually through learning songs and analyzing different concepts they incorporate 3 Ear-training/pitch recognition. Strengthening the ability to "pick up" new material more quickly and translate ones Ideas to the instrument. 4 Music appreciation/Musicality. Listening to new and different types of music focusing on the different elements that make up a great performer/performance. *** Studio Equipment *** Music Studio: piano, stereo system, no drum there! room to sit for parents A1: drum kit, whole performance set up with recording studio, room for parents to sit in on lesson *** Travel Equipment *** amplifiers, cd/mp3 player *** Specialties *** ear training, most musical styles (pop/rock, r&b, reggae, jazz , world)

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