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Los Angeles, CA

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Chad delivers an exceptional lesson experience and ranks in the top 15% of our teachers nationwide.
Teaches students:
Ages 5+

Teaching since:
May 2007

My name is Chad, and I am passionate about guitar! It wasn't until I was 14 years old that I picked up my first guitar, but from that point forward guitar has been a major part of my life. Since then, I have been able to write songs, record, and perform with the guitar in a variety of bands and musical settings. I have had the privilege of teaching guitar for the past 5 and 1/2 years to a variety of students, ages, and skill levels. During that time, I taught nine semesters of guitar in the classroom and completed my Master's in Curriculum and Instruction. My experience and educational background allow me to offer quality, focused guitar instruction, in an engaging and fun atmosphere! The majority of my students range from 5 to 25 years of age, so I have a lot of experience with kids!

*** Lesson Details ***
My teaching methodology is centered around a few things: building good habits, repetition, application, and analysis. When playing any instrument, players inevitably develop habits. Those habits will either be good or bad. Since both good and bad habits are tough to break once they're present, I work to make sure we are breaking down the bad ones and building up the good ones. Repetition is important for ingraining good habits, developing dexterity, getting down those tough chord changes, learning lead lines/scales, and overall comfort with the instrument. Application answers the simple question, "Where can I use this in a song?" So many times a young guitar player will learn a new chord, lead line, or riff and then be stuck wondering where, when, and how to use it. Hopefully I can help! The final block to my teaching methodology is analysis. This tries to answer those "why?" questions. A lot of these answers are rooted in basic music theory, which can help make sense of a seemingly endless combination of notes on the fret board.

I teach a variety of styles including country, blues, rock, pop, jazz, and folk. Lessons are ultimately tailored to the student; however, I do encourage students to learn how to read music (not just TAB) and learn at least basic concepts of music theory. Depending on the student and his/her skill level we may use a guitar instructional book (i.e. Hal Leonard: Guitar Method).

*** Travel Equipment ***
I provide the learning materials [unless the student purchases the same book to follow along]. I expect the student to have their own guitar and necessary accessories.

*** Specialties ***
My teaching method is student-centered, and involves a lot of in-lesson application, where the student can learn a skill/concept and see where it fits into a familiar song or example. I usually teach out of an instructional book if the student is a beginner and will always encourage a beginning student to learn to read music notation and grasp basic concepts of music theory. If the student is more advanced, I will typically refer to different books [depending on the style, concepts, etc.] and build the lesson around the student's individual goals. The styles I specialize in are rock, pop, blues, folk, country, jazz, fingerstyle, and classical guitar.

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Photos & Videos

I played my early 1970s Gibson 345 through a Hendy Amps Capone, then played a solo over the chord changes using the MXR Blue Box.
This is a fast country guitar riff played in the key of G using the Chet Atkins hybrid, or "chicken pickin" technique.
Photo by Chad M.
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Doug E. Mar 27, 2013
Guitar ·

Amazing, no really, Chad is an amazing teacher.

I started playing piano at five.
I started playing drums when I was eleven.
A friend gave me an acoustic when I was sixteen.
I fumbled around with it and learned to hammer chords out by watching some gifted players and by applying what I'd learned on other instruments.
I finally decided to put the effort in to learn to play a guitar the right way and I reached out to Chad.
After my first lesson with Chad, the guitar felt entirely different in my hands.
Chad is a gifted guitar teacher with solid credentials.
The time I have spent in lessons with him has increased my desire to practice harder and encouraged me to continue to grow as a musician.

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E M. Mar 22, 2013
Guitar ·

Excellent Teacher

Chad gave two of my children lessons and they both loved him. One of my children had to stop due to sports conflicts, but my daughter continued with him until she went off to college. Chad turned her into a real musician. She is now a singer/songwriter with two cds and considers Chad her mentor. He not only taught her guitar, he taught music theory, song construction and a real love of music. He is an incredible young man and we miss him so much in Texas. California - you are beyond blessed to have him!

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Amanda W. Feb 28, 2013
Guitar ·

Knowledgable, friendly, professional, talented

I chose to take lessons from Chad because he taught the 3 greatest guitarists that I know. He has taken his talent and ability in guitar and added his tremendous teaching ability to create a great learning environment. My guitar lesson with Chad is something I looked forward to every week. I am sad he had to move, but wish him only the best!

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Trevor J. Feb 28, 2013
Guitar ·

This teacher ROCKS!

I have been taking guitar lessons from Chad for about 3 years now. He is undoubtedly one of the most patient and gifted teachers you could have, as well as a talented guitarist. I began lessons with him after not being selected for the Worship Team at my school. Not only did Chad encourage me, but he also strengthened my skill level so much that today I play lead guitar for two Worship Teams! I would highly recommend him to anyone wanting to play guitar....from beginners to advanced learners!

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Kevin M. Feb 28, 2013
Guitar ·

Great Teacher

I have learned a lot from my guitar teacher, Mr. Martin. He teaches students what they are interested in learning.

If there is something you are interested in learning, tell him so he can teach you about it, and how to play it. It does not matter whether it is a song or practicing with techniques.

He is practiced in numerous genres, and will teach on playing any number of them.

Mr. Martin stays focused on the lesson, but at the end of the day, he is a friend to all of his students.

He has experience with teaching students of all ages.

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