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Amanda W.

Lexington Park, MD

Go anywhere in music with a good foundation in piano.

About Amanda

Learn how to enjoy and take charge of the learning process! Read or play by ear and develop your ability to create meaningful music. Crochet Art Classes are also available.

*** Lesson Details ***
Please be aware that I am willing to travel farther than the 10 mile radius and will consider a free first trial lesson.

I have plenty of music, instruments and ideas to start you off with or to continue your musical education. I also offer an introductory demo lesson in case you would like to experiment with different instruments in order to decide which one you like best.

*** Studio
Equipment ***
I have a great library of music to choose from. I also own nearly every instrument that I teach so that I may demonstrate and play along.

*** Travel Equipment ***
I can provide some music, a few incentives and supplies, as well as simple repairs and maintenance for your instrument. I will also bring my own instruments for demonstration. The student will be required to secure their own instrument, music stand, book, reeds, valve oil, and the like.
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Amanda W.

Amanda W.

Lexington Park, MD 20653
starting at
$55 / 30-min

Charles S.

Waldorf, MD

I'm a music teacher in DC and also case manage special needs students.

About Charles

Outside of teaching percussion and musical performances I have worked in special education for over 15 years.

My life of music started knee high at the age of 4 playing drums and piano. At the age of 15 I gave my first musical performance, from that stage on I knew my talent had found a home.

In the 11th grade I toured with a local funk group in Washington DC through 26 cities learning music and the life of travel at an early age. During my last high school and college years I performed extensively playing classical, jazz, rock, funk, go-go, gospel, marching band, R&B, and with local
rap artist.

Recording credits and highlights include work with Def Jam artist Steady Eddy, recording go-go Mario with Double Agent Rock, and recordings with Little Benny and the Masters.

My other musical passion is teaching. Throughout my college years and beyond I served as a percussion instructor and assistant band director at Morgan State University. As part of the Morgan State University Magnificent Marching Machine I served as a instructional leader in music and performance mentor for the team. I taught part time as a percussion instructor at Milford Mill High School giving individual lessons for over 10 years.

Musical inspiration is an important element to the refinement of my craft. A few personal musical influences are Buddy Rich, Max Roach, Neil Peart (Rush), Dennis Chambers, (Santana), George Gray (Roberta Flack), Ricky Wellman (Miles Davis), Quinton Mack-Davis (Rare Essence) and Michael Bland (Prince).

*** Lesson Details ***
Within the first three months of lessons student will gain a strong foundation of sight reading and basic drum techniques in both rudiment studies and playing the drum set. My style of teaching music consist of breaking each skill down into chunks and allowing students to learn using their individual learning styles. I utilize rewards for perfect practice and each lesson contains a safe, fun learning atmosphere with students exhibiting in their best behavior.

*** Studio Equipment ***
Lessons in store front studio, drum kit provided

*** Travel Equipment ***
I will bring a practice pad. Students should have a drum set.

*** Specialties ***
Jazz, Funk, pop, and classical.
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Charles S.

Charles S.

Waldorf, MD 20602
starting at
$30 / 30-min

Dwight H.

Fort Washington, MD

Learning to play the piano is one of the keys to a strong musical foundation, upon which playing everything else becomes a little bit easier. I've been playing piano for more than 20 years, and possess the know-how to help you up your game whether you're a neophyte, mid-level, or advanced player. I'll expose you to a variety of styles, show you how to read if you can't already, drill scales and chords, and get you started improvising and learning to play on the fly.

About Dwight

Hi there! Are you looking for a seasoned musician to help you achieve your goals of learning to play an instrument? Look no further! I'm a veteran performer and instructor with more than 20 years experience playing and 10 as a music coach. Be it piano, bass, drums, or guitar, I can provide the help you need. My overall teaching philosophy emphasizes technical mastery of the instrument, strong music reading and theory, along with creativity and improvisation to turn you into a well rounded player. I've studied and performed a number of genres and stay current on the latest in gear and trends in
order to stay on the forefront as a competent musician.

I'm formally trained, having taken piano lessons since youth, and studying jazz and orchestra in both high school and college. I have experience playing over a wide range of other genres (blues, country, funk, rock, metal) and can help you learn, whatever your goals might be.

My home studio is equipped with a wealth of gear:

Full Size Upright Piano
ddrum 5-piece Electric Drum Kit
Pearl 5-piece Acoustic Drum Kit
Schecter 5-string Fretless Bass
Yamaha 5-string TRBX305 Bass
Fender 5-string Deluxe J-Bass
Ibanez Jetking II Guitar
Schecter Maus C-7 Guitar
Peavey MAX 115 II Bass Amp
Fender Champion 100 Amp

I welcome prospective students of almost all ages and skill levels, as long as they are ready to learn and have a great time doing so. I hope to see you soon, and help you reaching your own personal musical goals!


Sherri November 11, 2015
Piano · In studio
Very professional and patient. This was my first time taking piano lessons, so I was a little nervous. He made me feel very comfortable because he was patient and reassuring. YES! I would recommend him.
Brandon L. October 17, 2015
Bass Guitar · In studio
Verified Student
Dwight is the best teacher I have worked with ever! He teaches his students how to play the instrument, and he teaches at a good pace for you. Dwight is a dynamite bass player, and he knows theory so that is a tremendous combination. I seen him play the piano, drums, and guitar and he is excellent at those instruments.

The other thing that i like about Dwight is that he push his students. As a guitar player, it is important that students push there fingers to try new things. Dwight lets his students step outside of the pocket with solos and we can improv based off of what we know.

Dwight is very patient, and he never gets frustrated or angry when you mess up. I have a number of occasions when i mess up. It is either because i am nervous or my fingers get crossed up. But, he is very professional and he wants the best for his students. I highly recommend that you sign up for Dwight right after your finished looking at this review. I promise you won't regret it.

Fred L. September 21, 2015
Bass Guitar · In studio
Verified Student
I had the pleasure of watching Dwight teach my son for a month (June 2015) to present and became enamored with his teaching style. It motivated me to stop sitting on the 'sidelines' and join the party.

I have been around 'bigger named' instructors who placed more emphasis on themselves than the actual development of their students. Dwight is the polar opposite. Knowledgeable, professional, courteous, patient, accessible and understanding. Moreover, I have seen Dwight teach at the pace that is best for the students and yet he gently pushes the student and challenges them to reach their potential.

If you live in the DMV and are looking for a Bass instructor who has talent (multi-instrumentalist), drive and the skill to raise musicians then look no further than Dwight Hill. You will not be disappointed!
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Dwight H.

Dwight H.

Fort Washington, MD 20744
starting at
$25 / 30-min

Travis P.

Cheltenham, MD

About Travis


My name is Travis, and I have been playing trumpet for 17 years. I have been teaching for 8. I love working with kids, and became more focused on private lessons during my Sophomore year in college. Speaking of which, I earned a Bachelors of Music in Trumpet performance from the University of Maryland College Park.

While there, I played with the Wind Orchestra, Symphonic Orchestra and Jazz Band. I am also a regular performer with the Prince Georges County Symphony.

As each student is different, so is my technique and teaching method. Generally, I have students work throu
gh the fundamentals of the instrument including fingerings, embouchure, breathing, and scales. Once mastered, the more difficult obstacles such as repertoire, range, dexterity and endurance are approached. I do not work with a set schedule for students, and tailor the lesson plan for the student's growth and practice.
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Travis P.

Travis P.

Cheltenham, MD 20623
starting at
$30 / 30-min

Rachel P.

Washington, DC

I use the Faber method books for children including the Lesson, Theory & Performance books which all work together to introduce and reinforce musical concepts.

For teens & adults, I generally use an all-in-one method book and then allow students to choose what pieces they'd like to work on, or suggest pieces based on the style of music that student prefers

For younger children just starting out, I implement early childhood techniques to include creative movement and percussion instruments. These enhance and reinforce the musical elements we are working on in piano. They also extend the attention span and infuse the lesson with a sense of action and fun.

About Rachel

A graduate of Duke Ellington School for the Arts and the prestigious Berklee College of Music, Rachel Panay is a 6 time Billboard Club charting singer/songwriter in the Dance music genre. She recently returned to her musical theatre roots appearing as Rose in Theatre Lab's production of The Secret Garden. Rachel is also a Wolftrap resident teaching artist in DC schools and has been commissioned by Wolftrap to create and perform her original children's performance piece, Jazz Cat/Blues Kitty. She leads worship music weekly at Luther Place Memorial Church and sings with community gospel choir
, The Ambassadors of Praise.

As teacher, Rachel is warm, friendly & energetic. Her passion every facet of music is expressed in her desire to impart that same appreciation to her students. She tailors lessons according to the individual student's goals and interests. With younger students, Rachel communicates regularly with parents so they can work together to get the most out of lessons!


Gonca Buffington November 14, 2015
Piano · In studio
Verified Student
Rachel is a great teacher...
Sylvia J. October 27, 2015
Piano · In studio
Verified Student
Rachel is an awesome teacher. Very warm and fun to work with!
Bridget C. October 17, 2015
Singing · In studio
Verified Student
Rachel is kind, knowledgeable, and eager to share her passion with you - wherever you are in the learning process. She is a perfect fit for all ages. Even my skeptical child was engaged in her lesson and come home to practice without prompting from Mom or Dad.
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Rachel P.

Rachel P.

Washington, DC 20005
starting at
$35 / 30-min

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