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Rory B. Pittsburgh, PA

About Rory

Have helped students with their college and graduate school applications (creating a powerful narrative, editing personal statements), tutored the SAT and LSAT. Given this experience and my varied educational background, I am confident that I can teach students in a variety of different subjects.

Gizelxanath R. Pittsburgh, PA

About Gizelxanath

Gizelxanath was born in Mexicali, Baja California, Mexico. A naturally talented opera singer, she has extended her repertoire range to an almost all encompassing one which includes musical comedy, french popular songs, latin american boleros, jazz, sacred music, Afro-Peruvian-style pieces, Argentinean tango and Mexican folklore, in addition to the standard operatic repertoire.  Her artistic qualifications include operatic studies and Masterclasses in highly prestigious universities such as: The Mozarteum Hochschule für Musik (Salzburg, Austria), The Ark Institute for the Performing Arts (San Diego, California), The Conservatory of Music (Tijuana, México) and The University of Baja California. She has  been the recipient of many noteworthy awards including: The University of Fresno ...

Darcey M. Pittsburgh, PA

As your teacher, I will work to build a foundation for your English skills that you can build on each lesson. Additionally, I will focus on your goals and do my best to help you achieve them with feedback for you to review. Each time that we meet, I will include new vocabulary, grammar and conversation topics for you to use in listening and speaking. You will practice pronunciation and intonation, along with learning new idioms and the nuances of the language in a variety of formats.

About Darcey

Hello, my name is Darcey. I am a native English speaker with a Masters in Education and a TEFL Certification. I have been teaching ESL since 2010 primarily in a classroom setting. From China, the Middle East, Europe, and South American countries, I have taught students from beginner to college-bound. My experience ranges from Conversation for Everyday Use, all levels of grammar, and preparation for all sections of the IELTS and TOEFL exams. My interests are varied from reading historical novels to watching hockey to chatting over coffee at cafes. I enjoy talking to others who have a variety of interests, too. Overall, I know that every student learns differently and that you are an individual, so I will modify my methods to meet what works best for you. I am grateful and ...

Jacob S. Pittsburgh, PA

I have successfully taught ESL for four years. Everything from improving your language skills to work in the US to preparing to enter an American university. Improve your writing skills to write essays, and your speaking and listening skills to understand your professors, neighbors, and co-workers.

About Jacob

Experienced English teacher with years of experience. I have taught English primarily as a Second Language. I have a strong background in English Writing (BA and MFA degrees) that I have utilized to teach Creative Writing, Essay writing, academic preparation. I have also taught English to non-native speakers in workplace place environments. I am a community-focused educator with a student-focused approach to teaching. The lessons will incorporate materials that are useful to your goals. I am dedicated to my students, expect them to take their learning seriously, and I try to make my classes interesting, fun, and engaging.

Alex F. Pittsburgh, PA

As a language student and writing center tutor, I have gained experience teaching English as a second language. I can help anyone, undergrad to post-doc, with English skills.

About Alex

I am an experienced tutor and classroom instructor in my 5th year of teaching. I have taught subjects ranging from the 9th grade English to ACT test prep to 200-level university writing courses.


John Paul K. February 25, 2015
One year ago I took one a creative writing course taught by Alex. He enlightened me with his technical knowledge but, more than that, he inspired me with his own passion for both writing and reading. Alex made it his personal mission that each of his students would become a better writer. Before his class I was a wishful writer who had romanticized notions of the craft but who seldom committed anything to paper. Afterwards, I was a real, struggling writer and I have continued to practice my craft everyday out of sheer love for the challenge. To convey Alex's dedication to his students, I'll mention that some six months after my class with him ended, he emailed me for an update on my progress. Now, a year later, I still send much of what I write to him because he provides me with such helpful, incisive review comments that are intended not only to improve my work, but also my abilities as a writer. When you work with Alex you will be refreshed by his tendency to be a genuine human who doesn't put on the synthetic front so typical of many educators who make themselves unknowable, unapproachable. Alex inspires his students, challenges them.
Jacob R. February 23, 2015
Alex Friedman is an exceptional educator. Having taken a semester long creative writing course with him at Miami University, his dynamic methods forced me to examine my writing process in ways I had not in the past. I refer to him as dynamic in the sense that he is both encouraging and realistic, honest in his feedback, and more than willing to engage in open dialogues surrounding writing. I felt that Mr. Friedman actually encouraged me to write, freely yet critically, as opposed to simply talking about writing, which has not always been the case with other instructors of writing. His approachable demeanor, professional background, and ability to critically analyze have earned him a place among my favorite and most effective instructors of all time.
Tiffany P. Pittsburgh, PA

•designed and taught ESL lessons for 2 middle school and 2 high school students which helped enhance their speaking, literacy, and vocabulary skills
•incorporated interactive games such as “Taboo,” restaurant role-playing, and song lyrics into the lessons
•had students write English short story essays, edit them after I proofread them (3 drafts total), and had them present their final work through public speaking in English

About Tiffany

*I have updated official background clearances for child abuse, FBI fingerprinting, and criminal history record as of March 2015 so I am eligible to tutor students who are 6-18 years old. I am a creative individual who has a passion for education, equity, and bilingualism. I graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a K-6 Elementary Education Instructional certificate. I have 4 months of experience tutoring 2 middle school and 2 high school students ESL in Taiwan. I student taught in a 1st grade classroom for a year in Philadelphia (2012-2013). I love tutoring because I enjoy teaching students important academic and social skills one-on-one. Tutoring allows the teacher to give the student undivided attention and develop a more thorough understanding of the student's learning ...

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