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Darius J.


What's My Playable Age Range?

Not sure what to put under "playable range" on your casting profiles? Confused about whether a character is too old or too young for you to audition for? This video will tell you all about playable ag... Show More

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Teacher's Studio

Darius is great! He really taught me a lot about character and monologue work, while also making me feel comfortable and giving me great advice during each lesson. I highly recommend him. He’s a fantastic acting coach who can you teach you pretty much about anything having to do with acting.

Posted Jan 4, 2023
Teacher's Studio

I knew nothing about acting and just wanted to learn a new art form (I am a martial artist) and Darius' knowledge, wisdom and instruction reminds me of a great sensei AND a coach who inspires and motivates. I, now, Love this craft and am beginning to understand it more and more. I truly appreciate and highly recommend, Darius.

Posted Dec 29, 2022
Teacher's Studio

I’ve never thought acting was a learned skill, but Darius changed that. He is the reason I feel better about who I am as a actor and making acting real for me

Posted Dec 13, 2022
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