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Eric M.

Villa Park, IL

I have a degree from Music Industry Workshop in Audio Mixing and Production. I produce tracks for the entertainers in our company.

About Eric

I am a professional musician who enjoys helping young people reach their musical goals. I perform regularly as a solo act and play with a band at various hotels in Chicago. I went to Millikin University in Decatur for music where I toured the country and played and sang in the top ensembles. I also studied at the Music Industry Workshop in Chicago for music production and engineering. My goal is to help you learn the songs you love and show you how to make the technical side of music more fun than you ever imagined!

*** Lesson Details ***
You can expect a laid back atmosphere that is v
ery productive. I use a custom curriculum that is catered to the needs and desires of the individual. Whether you would like to be a concert pianist, a jazzy horn player, or someone who wants to rock out to your favorite tunes, I have resources and experience to help you reach your goal. After three months you can expect to competently play a couple great songs and have greater fluidity and technique on your instrument.

*** Studio Equipment ***
The In-Studio lessons are taught in a recording studio which includes music stands, keyboards, piano, amps, acoustic guitar, and seating available. Parking on the street.

*** Travel Equipment ***
Students will need the instrument of their study and their purchased study materials. If the student is taking piano, they will need an 88 key weighted keyboard or a piano.

*** Specialties ***
I specialize in jazz, but can teach classical, pop, rock, funk, blues, salsa, bossa nova etc.


Margie H. September 3, 2015
Piano · In home
Verified Student
He has a nice approach that makes you feel comfortable. Very patient and professional.
Ilia D. August 13, 2015
Piano · In home
Verified Student
He has been great so far. Making good relation with my son. Glad to have him as his piano teacher.
Jack C. July 28, 2015
Piano · In home
Verified Student
Eric was just the person we were looking for to help my 13 yr old son to get started again with lessons. He connected with my son. They also connected because my son is an athlete and Eric can relate because of his background.
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Eric M.

Eric M.

Villa Park, IL 60181
starting at
$30 / 30-min

Margo L.

Chicago, IL

Not everyone knows that studio recording requires different techniques than performing on stage. I will show you how to cut your recording costs in half by making your sessions more efficient and productive.

About Margo

Are you ready to fall in love with your voice? If so, look no further!

I am the most effective voice and performance coach. No bells, no whistles, just GUARANTEED RESULTS. If your voice isn't becoming to you, you should be coming to me!

I am available 24 hours a day for online coaching and as early as 6:00 am for in-person sessions.

My approach is designed to train and condition the entire body as an instrument, not just the oral portion of the voice.

My method of assessing and meeting the needs of each student enables me to assist them in bringing out the very best in their capab
ilities. If you desire quality, effectiveness and noticeable improvement in your singing, writing, public speaking or overall performance, then I am the coach for you!

Not only do I promise results, I guarantee them! If you follow my specific instructions, I assure you that you and others will hear the difference.

Whether you are a beginner or professional, I make sure that you are comfortable and have a great time while learning. I am compassionate and flexible with your needs so feel free to let me know what you want from your lessons and we can work towards your goal to your satisfaction.

I have been trained in Classical, Appoggio, Seth Riggs' speech-level singing and other methodologies of singing and speaking.

Are you nervous in front of a crowd?
Is your voice weak?
Do you forget your speeches?
Do you lack self-confidence?
Do you want to command the stage and captivate your audience?

If the answer is "yes" to any of the above, then you need my assistance. I will empower you with the tools you need to deliver the best performance.

I currently have multiple songs in mainstream rotation (under an alias), with over 400 spins per day worldwide and am highly-acclaimed by many jazz, pop, r&b and hip-hop notables. I am also a NESTA certified wellness coach. I have the privilege of being a classically-trained pianist and vocalist, having studied at Sherwood Conservatory of Music, Vandercook College of Music, The Second City, University of Chicago, ETA Performing Arts Center and many other fine institutions.

My five-octave vocal range, impressive whistle-register and fine-tuned ear have afforded me opportunities to work with many popular artists. Additionally, I sing in six languages(English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, and Latin) and am adept in aiding my students in overcoming speech impediments and enhancing their own vocal range.

I also specialize in post-surgical voice re-immersion and students with special needs including down syndrome, autism and speech impediments.

My methodology helps students feel comfortable and each session is tailor-made to the student's individual needs.

Children love working with me because I make learning fun and they have a high retention rate of the technique that I teach them. I am easygoing, funny and offer a relaxed environment for everyone.

My adult students have a blast because I don't accept excuses. I pull your potential to the forefront and together we create perfection.

I am excellent at preparing people for public speakingb engagements, competitions, showcases and concerts and even help develop a winning show lineup and presentation.

Group classes are also available.

If your voice isn't becoming to you, you should be coming to me!

*** Lesson Details ***
Each lesson is tailor-made to suit the student's individual needs. A custom lesson plan will be made for each student on a case-by-case basis.

Timing Disclaimer:
Our time together is very valuable. If you are not on time for your session, the missed portion will not be made up at the end of the session. If I am not on time, I will make up the missed portion at the end of the session or alternate agreed-upon time. Rescheduled lessons must be made a minimum of 48 hours in advance and must be made up within the calendar week of the original lesson. If it is not made up within that week, it will still count as a paid session.

*** Specialties ***
Pitch Correction
Overcoming Performance Anxiety
Accent Reduction
Repertoire Selection
Concert and Competition Preparation
Public Speaking
Physical Maintenance of the Vocal Instrument
Overcoming Speech Impediments
Studio Recording Techniques
Image Development
On-Location Assistance
Vocal Range Enhancement


Tammie T. September 20, 2015
Vocal Training · In studio
Verified Student
I am looking for a voice coach that can work with voice quality in the spoken voice and I think Margo will be terrific. I will provide more follow up as I progress in the lessons ahead
Rachman B. April 24, 2015
Singing · Online
Verified Student
Novella M. March 27, 2015
Singing · In home
Verified Student
I must say that i am really impressed with the wonderful job that Margo has been doing with my grand-daughter from the very first lesson. Her skills are amazing and i know she will continue to do great things,and with each lesson there is always something new and exciting she has learned from her. My grand-daughter is so excited for each lesson she can hardly wait. Margo as a teacher you have everything we have been looking for. THANK YOU
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Margo L.

Margo L.

Chicago, IL 60653
starting at
$39.99 / 30-min

Ricky M.

Oak Lawn, IL

"Cultured Patterns" Music is a series of cultured patterns. Musicians create  a  pattern that makes us anticipate a resolution and holds back .. makes you wait for it. It begins with a simple idea. A simple idea stacked on top of more simple ideas which then become a beautiful  piece of art. We are all different and our taste of music it's shaped by our culture and our brain. Cultured Patterns is not a music class .. at least, not in a conventional sense. We make the surreal become real to you. We take those 7 seconds of music stuck in head for years and we create art. We add texture, balance, contrast, expression, body, subtlety and emotion to your brain's palate, We do not define a genre on what we create, we just blend elements to find perfection in our own way. We begin with Rhythm, the driving force in  music and compositon and the most valued skill of  any  musician's  arsenal and we build from there. Not convinced yet, not only we compose, arrange, orchestrate your masterpiece

About Ricky

Do you know someone that knows someone that is able to extract from your brain a fragment of an earworm, reconstruct it and turn it into the most alluring resonant pattern you have ever heard? Do you sometimes find it hard to get started with a new musical idea?

Whether you are beginner, intermediate, or even a professional instrumentalist, producer, singer, composer, engineer, songwriter or dj there are times when the brain just shuts down. Creativity does not kick in for a long time. Well there is this guy ... Ricky... yeah, we heard he specializes on the field of teaching you the solid m
ethods to inspire new ideas and write your next masterpiece in no time. By the end of our journey we guarantee you will be composing, arranging, orchestrating, recording, mixing and mastering your own music.

Music & film is Ricky's lifework. His practical experience and passion for creative works have developed his ability to teach at a high standard point. Teaching embraces and inspires his career goals as an audio engineer, music composer and an outstanding educator. It is his joy and commitment to provide students with professional excellence; collaborating with others to strengthen their skills, inspire their art and ambitions to move forward.

Rick has developed his own masterclasses to positively enhance the student€™s strength, dexterity, ear-training, memorization and techniques. His goal as a teacher is specifically designed to help students achieve their goals as a unique artist and a musician.

Rick also hosts student showcases where his students are able to show off their new talent. He is constantly innovating his teaching skills to embellish the experience of each and every student. He attends to tons of music festivals and seminars that enriches his cultural knowledge.

Artists influenced by Ricky are Air, The Flaming Lips, The Beatles, Leslie Feist, Radiohead, John Coltrane, Jamiroquai, Boards of Canada, Eric Clapton, Moby, Guns n Roses, Tame Impala, Cafe Tacuba, Muse, Phoenix, Breakbot, David Bowie, The Cure, Empire of a Sun, Gnarls Barley, Fuyiga & Miyagi, Amy Winehouse, Flying Lotus, Nirvana, Ray Barreto, Spoon, BB King, Buena Vista Social Club, Bill Evans Adolecent's Orquesta, Chopin, Bach, Björk, Santana, Marvin Gaye, Modjo, Pharell, Moderat, Kings of Convinience, The Allman Brothers ... and the list goes on and on.

Rick received his training at Columbia College Chicago in 2008 where he received a degree in music and audio engineering .

He eventually landed in Mexico City where he worked for SAE Institute Mexico as a professor and an audio engineer. He designed the most recognized masterclass "Cultured Patterns" that soon became an official courseware. He became an Apple Logic Pro Certified trainer to increased his teaching abilities. He stopped teaching for SAE Institute, and turned his focus entirely on developing his beginners masterclass into masterclass series that would lead any musician to become an accomplished and critically acclaimed music technologist, sound designer, performer, composer and artist.

Takelessons is thrilled to welcome Rick into our family of world-class educators. We are privileged to introduce to you an incredibly successful , entertaining and one-of-a-kind approach to music creation through his astonishing masterclasses.


Valerie W. September 30, 2014
Spanish · In studio
Verified Student
Learning Spanish has always been a Priority NEVER COMPLETED, but Takelesson has made it flexible to Learn a language. Richardo is GREAT! He is Patient and Easy-Going and makes the Lesson fun! We use Game Apps that helps me with repetition, Reading Books for Grammar and pronunciation. Home work and Pop quizes are light and Fun. I would recommend Richardo to anyone that would want to learn Basic Spanish.
Gabriela R. May 22, 2014
Piano · In studio
The best piano teacher I have ever had!
Ricky M. May 22, 2014
Piano · In home
He is wonderful, talented, patient, and has all the tools you need to learn the instrument. He teaches you what you to learn first and he will never tell you that music has to be played a rather strictly fashion.
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Ricky M.

Ricky M.

Oak Lawn, IL 60453
starting at
$30 / 30-min

Corbin A.

Chicago, IL

About Corbin

Chicago based freelance saxophonist Corbin A. is a dynamic youthful voice amongst the Second City music scene.  Originally from Decatur, IL, Corbin moved to Chicago in 2007 to attend DePaul University.  There he studied improvisation privately with Mark Colby, Bob Palmieri, Ron Perrillo, and Kelly Sill, as well as composition with Tom Matta.  These led to performances with Jeff Hamilton, Phil Woods, Tim Ries, Ira Sullivan, Jimmy Heath, John Fedchock, and Randy Brecker. After achieving his bachelor of music in 2011, Corbin was accepted to pursue a Master’s degree in Jazz Composition from DePaul
As a bandleader, Corbin just recorded his debut album “Accidently On Purpose” which released on January 1st 2013.  This group performs throughout the Chicago area in venues such as Andy’s Jazz Club, Martyr’s, the Drake Hotel, and Lilly’s.  As a sideman, he performs with a slew of different ensembles including Bumpus, Greg Duncan’s Latin Ensemble, M13, Joe Clark Big Band, Ryan Adamsons’ Medium Ensemble, Ian Torres Big Band, Nootka Sound, Rich Daniels “City Lights Orchestra”, Billy Wolfe, and The Tommy Dorsey Big Band.
In addition to jazz, Corbin is also active among the funk and rock scene in Chicago.  He travels throughout the U.S. with Chicago funk/soul legend James Johnston and Bumpus.  Through James, Corbin has performed with Syl Johnson, J.C. Brooks and the Uptown Sound, Clip-Art, Terrible Spaceship, Brother Joscephus & the Love Revolution, The Right Now, J-Livi & the Party, Afro-Zep as well as many other studio projects.
Mr. A. is also a very capable doubler on clarinet and flute.  He teaches woodwinds privately from his home studio, as well as at Kagan & Gaines Music.
You can hear him on Corbin A.’s “Accidently On Purpose”, Joe Clark Big Band feat. Jeff Hamilton “LUSH”, Greg Duncan’s “Chicago, Barcelona Connections”, and Ian Torres “January.”  Otherwise, Corbin leads one of the busiest jam sessions in Chicago at Lilly’s every Wednesday night and was recently nominated for the Chicago Music Awards “Jazz Entertainer of the Year.


Tony L. August 30, 2015
Saxophone · Online
Verified Student
Great first lesson. We went over a lot of material and set goals for the next lesson. Corbin is clearly very knowledgeable about the saxophone and music theory. He provides clear instructions while allowing the student the benefit of discovery. I'm looking forward to future lessons.
Matthew R. August 5, 2015
Saxophone · In studio
Verified Student
Corbin is friendly, professional, and very knowledgeable about both minute technical aspects of saxophone technique as well as general musicality. I was quite picky in trying to find a saxophone instructor as I already have a BA in Music and wanted someone to help hone my skills in preparation for graduate studies. And I'm happy to say that Corbin is a great teacher and really knows his stuff!
brooke S. August 5, 2015
Music Theory · In home
Verified Student
Best instructor! My son is 6 years old and is my very picky/difficult child. He looks so forward to Corbin coming and teaching him piano. Corbin is patient and knows when to reign my son in to pay attention and when to just let him experiment with music and have some freedom. I highly recommend him!
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Corbin A.

Corbin A.

Chicago, IL 60657
starting at
$30 / 30-min

David E.

Orland Park, IL

About David

I have enjoyed singing from a very young age. I went on to major in Vocal Performance in a Conservatory in New York and have performed as a vocal soloist in opera, musical theater, oratorio, and many choirs and ensembles.

I had an early desire to teach others and have been doing so since 1985. Having performed in many musical venues, I naturally wanted to share what I have learned with others aspiring to perform.


Sara August 7, 2015
Singing · In studio
David is a wonderful teacher. I would highly recommend him to anyone. I had no singing experience before I started taking vocal lessons and I could see a difference within a month.
Derek M. August 6, 2015
Vocal Training · In home
Verified Student
David is really fantastic! He has a lot of experience, training, and wisdom in the best ways to use your voice to its fullest potential. I have been a musician and vocalist for about 30 years now and I currently lead a 7 piece worship team at a local church. My confidence for vocal performances has dramatically increased since my lessons with David and I really enjoy singing more than ever before. I would often be limited in the amount of time I could dedicate to practices and/or performances before my voice would start to wear out. Now the rest of my body will get tired way before my voice ever does. Recently after 4 hours of heavy practice with my worship team in preparation for a performance, my voice was still very strong but the rest of me was absolutely exhausted. David is great! He has a wonderful personality, is very easy to learn from and he is extremely skilled in communicating criticism, so that you want to continually improve. I highly recommend him to anyone - at any level (from beginner to expert). He will not let you down.
Ernesto R. May 15, 2014
Vocal Training · In studio
I have 7 years of vocal training, directed choirs for 11 years, and have taught voice for 4 years.

David is my vocal coach and has trained me to techniques that I have never been taught. He has greatly expanded my range and has allowed my voice to rehearse for hours without strain.

He teaches not only with words, but with visual illustrations.

I highly recommend David's skills for beginners to advanced soloist, as well as a Vocal Coach to accomplished singers.
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David E.

David E.

Orland Park, IL 60462
starting at
$25 / 30-min

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