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About Ilona M.

Pompano Beach, FL

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I teach any level reading, writing & comprehension.

About Ilona
I am experienced (3 years) in home school tutoring. I mostly work with Florida Virtual School students. I overlook their tests and assignments, and help them with preparations for Discussion Based Assessmemts (DBA). I also help parents with required annual evaluations and how to sign up with home education department.
For my tutoring sessions I use skills that include goal-directedness, I teach how to organize learning in small steps and how to set them up; I always strive to motivate and engage my students to make them interested in learning and have fun; I also use self-control skills to teach how to avoid distractions and I show how to use different focusing strategies. I use positive mind set skills to teach how to use failures as learning opportunities.

I have Masters in Education (2018) with specialization in English, Curricul
um and Education; and Masters in Arts (2012) in Teaching English to speakers of other languages, and Bachelors in Music Education (2010), both from Florida Atlantic University, as well as a degree in violin performance from Chicago.
I studied piano in Chicago for 10 years & taught both piano & violin for over 20 years. I also teach flute & cello for the past 5 years, as I studied them during my Music Education program.
I have taught music for over 24 years using the traditional and Suzuki methods. I am fan of the Essential Elements method and I Can Read Music book for string instruments, and the Alfred's Piano Library for piano. Alfred's piano library can be used for any age as they also have books especially made for adult learners. I also like their music flash cards.
For teaching music theory I mostly used Fundamentals of Piano Theory (9 levels) combined with Master Theory (6 levels) books.

I personalize every lesson, and always set goals for my students. Most of my violin students are members of the Florida Youth Orchestra as well as the Gold Coast Youth Orchestra and my piano students participate in Pompano Beach Piano competition and the annual Piano Guild auditions.
I teach any age and any level, and always stress that learning a new instrument is very similar to learning a new language, it needs a lot of patience, persistence and repetitions. My lessons are customized to my students needs, and are work in progress as they needs may change over time. I always remind my students that music can give them instant gratification when they learn to play favorite songs.
I always encourage my students to tell me about their music preferences, so I can incorporate them in their music lessons.

*** Lesson Details ***
All my tutoring sessions include reviews of previously learned material and if possible the use of technology. I use students books but often bring extra study materials if necessary.
All my lessons include technique and reading music. I like to use the Finger Power for piano students and Essential Elements for my string students, and scales for both.
Music theory: I use Master Theory and Fundamentals of Piano Theory books for younger ages, Alfred's music flash cards to support learning notes and musical terminology, and of course the fun part performance.

Besides Essential Elements for strings I also use String Tunes and I Can Read Music to add more fun to the lessons as well as support reading music during the lesson. For piano students I use Holiday Treats book, which comes in 2 different levels: Beginner & Intermediate, so my students have a new songs for a specific holiday.

*** Studio Equipment ***
I always bring violin with me to be able to show what I teach.

*** Travel Equipment ***
The students need to have their books and assigned material ready for tutoring. Instrumental students needs to have their music books, flashcards & instrument available as well as a pencil. I always stress with my students to be organized and prepared for their lesson, this way they will be able to focus better during the lesson. I always bring my violin with me. I also ask that the room where the lesson takes place be free of any distractions, such other siblings or any other noise. The quiet environment helps in faster learning.

*** Specialties ***
I tutor most K-12 subjects and prepare students to take ACT, SAT, GRE tests.
Music genres: Classical, traditional, Suzuki, Popular, Celtic, fiddle, Blues
Bryce G. March 2, 2019
· Geometry · In home
I'm sorry, I cannot handle this Instructor for my children. She wasn't me but she's not quite the people person I expected. Her personality is not a good match for a high school tutor. Unfortunately her English is not good enough. Her accent is entirely too strong. Also she does not know enough Geometry to help my kids.
Robin June 18, 2018
· Piano · In home
Ilona is a wonderful teacher. She really tunes in to your level and has a vast knowledge of musical repertoire making lessons very exciting. Anyone lucky enough to get Ilona is going to be star!!she is patient and responsive to questions and a very interesting and fun gal
Howard G. May 9, 2018
· Public Speaking · In home
extremely competent.
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Ilona M.

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$35 / 30-min

About Pattricia

Sicklerville, NJ
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Esta clase es para hispanohablantes que deseen aprender inglés de una forma sencilla y práctica.
Las clases incluye entre otros temas:
Vocabulario de uso diario
Cultura aplicada al lenguaje
Práctica de inglés con hablantes nativos.

About Pattricia
Pattricia performed Salsa, Soft Rock, and Traditional Latin Music in the large concert venues, stadiums and coliseums of South America. With the influence of her father, Guillermo Patiño-Valencia and his international operatic and concert career, Ms. Patiño revealed her talent for the operatic stage singing in the Coloratura Soprano repertoire in roles as Gilda in Verdi’s Rigoletto, and the title role in Donizetti’s Lucia di Lammermoor.

Pattricia Stella Patiño holds a BM and Artists degree in Vocal Performance and Music Education from the Universidad del Valle of Cali, Colombia – South America.

Pattricia has being working for more of 20 years on Auditive-synchronization and neurochronaxic technique that helps to sing in tune and with confidence.

"If you can talk you can sing. I will show you how..." Pattricia P
Angela June 20, 2019
· Spanish · In studio
Really helped develop a plan in order to become proficient in Spanish. It was an enjoyable experience and looking forward to future classes now.
Bob June 16, 2019
· Vocal Training · Online
Pattricia is great explaining what areas I need help in, how to make corrections, how the things I learn will affect my singing, and on and on. Trust her to pay great attention to you and give specific help for you. Very helpful, very educated!
Edwin B. May 2, 2019
· Music Theory · Online
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Sicklerville, NJ 08081
starting at
$15 / 30-min

About Frances M.

Philadelphia, PA

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Experienced English tutor for 3 years. available for eager students of all experience levels! I structure my lessons so students learn what they want to learn, while also building a strong foundation of confidence. I specialize in being able to tailor the lesson to students learning ability and comfort, while also challenging them!

About Frances
My name is Frances Mouzon I am new to Take Lessons. Current, college student at CCP ( Community College of Philadelphia) studying Public Health Policy; I also work for an educational non- profit (City Year) as a Second Year Americorp member. During the work week, I am a tutor/mentor to between 20-30 students. Guiding students to realize their potential in academics and helping them to get back on track and back on grade level by creating
specialized intervention lesson plans and supporting students in areas they are having challenges with.

My goals for the students that I am tutoring in math is to give them the guidance to be able to do math confidently on their own. Provide resources that they can use in order to continue to strengthen there math skills. To teach math in a way that tailors to the child learning ability and builds th
e skills to be able to teach their peers. If you are interested in my services and want to know more about my availability please feel free to contact me!
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Frances M.

Philadelphia, PA 19140
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$17 / 30-min

About Priscilla O.

Bronx, NY

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I have taught English for 10+ years. It is something that I am very passionate about teaching. I have taught different levels of English. I meet the student where they are. We do letter sounds, blended words, basic sentence structure, grammar, and spelling. I help students with remembering sight words by using flash cards, fun games that I do, and writing the words a few times each. We also sing and clap sounds together. I encourage students to read to me and I help them with pronunciation and to enforce letter sounds as well.

About Priscilla
It is with great pleasure I introduce myself Priscilla. I am willing to help any and all students with concepts, methods and ways to enrich your learning journey. I have been a tutor for many subjects from Chemistry, advanced Biology and many other subjects. Teaching has been one of my strong abilities. I have taught many of my fellow colleagues and students while working as a tutor. My goal is to aid the student in understanding complex ideas and make them simple for anyone to understand. I have worked with special needs adults in a classroom setting of about 20 and helped them with spelling, grammar and math skills. I would do individual lesson planning based on their capabilities and make it fun.

My passion is seeing a student or anyone I am explaining a concept to have the face light up when they understood the idea. This is so muc
h better then any compensation I can ever receive. I look forward to have you allow me to teach you.
Henry August 8, 2018
· English · Online
Priscilla was one of the best teachers my kids ever had. She was patiant and held high standards for them all while keeping the work light and entertaining. My kids ages 4, and 5) saw a new light in learning new things and learned to actually read within a week worth of her services. Her dedication, strategies, and bright ideas are something that you wouldnt regret exposing to your children. Take my word for it and hire this woman 😃
Staceylee francis August 7, 2018
· Anatomy and Physiology · In home
It's not easy to get a tutor that has patience and understanding. Prissila would travel to my home and stay extra hours of tutoring for me if I needed. She is truly a dedicated individual. I would recommend her to the best because she is the best as well.
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Priscilla O.

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$40 / 60-min

About Sydney S.

Philadelphia, PA
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I create all of my own lesson plans. I know what it is like to be a language student and understand the most effective and fun ways to achieving the goal.

About Sydney
Social skills and a well- rounded, worldly perspective are the main things needed to create and maintain unique relationships. I possess this and more through my affinity for travel and my interest in other people and cultures. In addition to English, I speak Spanish, Italian and Portuguese, a little French and plan on learning Hebrew and Mandarin as well.

I am the oldest of three younger brothers and definitely possess a maternal instinct that I very much utilize when I teach. I love working with all age groups and watching as my students improve. I earned my TEFL in Madrid and subsequently taught there. That experience was invaluable and I keep those fond memories close.
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Sydney S.

Philadelphia, PA 19106
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$25 / 30-min
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About Ciaracita V.

Philadelphia, PA
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English Literacy is my passion! I would truly enjoy teaching adults or children at their own pace. My experience as a teacher will allow me to teach with your unique learning style in mind. Let's get started!

About Ciaracita
Hello! I have a background in Special Education, Early Childhood Education, and Public Speaking. I enjoy working with children and adults. I cater to the individual's own unique learning style. I currently have all PA background checks.
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Ciaracita V.

Philadelphia, PA 19123
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$34 / 30-min

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