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These Music teachers are highly rated by students in the Jamison area, including Warminster, Lawrence Township, Huntingdon Valley, Horsham and Elkins Park.

Nicholas M.

Souderton, PA 18964


Bgcheck Background Checked

About Nicholas

Hey there, my name Nick. Glad you are considering learning the piano! It is a great instrument. I have 7 years of piano teaching experience and am always seeking ways to improve the learning experience for my students. I hope you will consider me in your search for a piano instructor.

Though it is convenient to have lessons in your home, considering all the things we have going in our lives, the best way to learn piano is traveling to the teacher's house. This is what I did when I was learning. My experience with teaching students at their home is that distractions abound. Since having students come to my studio they are better able to focus and thus can absorb the material we are covering.

Feel free to contact me I look forward to answering any questions you may have. Thanks!

Note: I have all PA Act 153 Clearances


June 21, 2017
Mr.Nick is a great teacher for adults and kids. He trust the ambition of the student
and have the experience and professionalism to make us achieve our goal.
We can master songs that we enjoy in a reasonable period of time.
We highly recommend him as a your piano teacher he will keep you motivated and make you reach the level you want to achieve.
June 21, 2017
Mr. Nick has been such a great find for us! He has taken my daughter from not having any piano experience to the point where she is able to even play some classical music pieces. He has been extremely accommodating with our schedule/ her schedule, as it becomes quite busy at times and difficult in trying to get our weekly lessons in.

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Nicholas M.

Souderton, PA


Andrew B.

Feasterville Trevose, PA 19053


Bgcheck Background Checked

About Andrew

Andrew is available to teach lessons at "Light and Sound Studio". This is an acoustically treated/creative environment with 2 full drum kits, and the latest studio technology. (see pictures below)

Andrew is a graduate of Musicians Institute College of Contemporary Music in Hollywood, California with a degree in drum/percussion performance.

Andrew spends his time teaching drums, recording drums and playing drums for local artists/bands. While in Los Angeles he performed with many independent artists and also had the privilege to work with some well know artists, such as Scott Shriner of Weezer, Nikki Sixx of Mötley Crüe, and The Blue Man Group.

In 2005, Andrew was hired as the drum instructor at Los Angeles City College. Since then, he has authored three different drum books and has taught music at Southern California Music Scho

ol, Pasadena City College, LA Valley College, LA Academy, Music Training Center and several other institutions.

*** Lesson Details ***
My goal for the first lesson, is to get to know my student. I want to find out who their favorite bands/drummers are, what their lesson goals are and most importantly, how they learn best. I can adapt my teaching approach to suit each individual student. I am patient and encourage my students to practice. I believe that anyone can become a drummer.

*** Studio Equipment ***
"Light and Sound Studio" is a full service audio/video/lesson studio with state of the art equipment.

*** Specialties ***
I teach reading and writing music notation as well as to play by ear. I specialize in Jazz, Rock, Blues, Country, Metal, and Latin styles. I know heel-up, heel-down, and heel-toe bass drum pedal technique.

February 20, 2019
Andrew is teaching my daughter snare drum for marching band tryouts in the spring. The first lesson was excellent and she looks forward to working with Andrew in more lessons.
December 18, 2018
Bob C.
The lesson with Andrew was very straight forward and alot of positive came out of .
Andrew was very understandingvfor the type of lesson I am looking for.
We will see what happens during the rest of my 5 lesson series.
I liked Andrew right off the bat seems like a nice person also.
I am 71 years old I know when I meet someone after a few minutes what kind of person they are and he is one of those type.
December 15, 2018
I worked with Andrew for over 2 years learning the drums. Fabulous teacher! Andrew taught me technique, timing, different genres of drumming but most importantly inspired me to keep stretching in my playing. His love of music shines through his teaching.

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Andrew B.

Feasterville Trevose, PA


Ellen T.

Philadelphia, PA 19143


About Ellen

Hello! I'm Ellen, a recent graduate of the Berklee College of Music and a life long musician, performer and songwriter.

Music has allowed me to explore the world, as well as my own creativity and my relationship to others. I am eager to share these gifts! I can offer lessons in:

--Guitar... my specialty is fingerpicking, folk and blues, but I am a lover of all music and happy to teach anything!)
--Voice... I have experience in classical, soul/r&b, musical theatre, contemporary, etc.
--Piano... beginner students only
--Ear Training
--Music Theory
--Accompaniment and Performance skills


March 29, 2019
Ellen is awesome. I am a total beginner and perfectionist so I don't tend to do well with learning something new in front of another person. I grow easily frustrated when I don't pick things up quickly and easily and get embarrassed when I make mistakes. Ellen makes the lessons super comfortable for me and I leave having learned something new every time. I have a LONG way to go but I can see where this can lead and plan to stick with it. She knows how to make music and an instrument make sense to someone with no background in music which is very helpful for me. I plan to stick with her for a long time!
June 6, 2018
I took 10 lessons with a different teach last summer and ended my package not being able to read sheet music or find my finger placement on the strings without second thought.

I have had just 3 lessons with Ellen thus far, and am reading sheet music like a wiz and gaining more and more confidence each lesson with my finger placement and now bowing.

Ellen has a wonderful system of teaching that truly makes everything she exposes you to stick, and has been getting me very excited to continue on knowing that I am in good hands and will progress quickly because of it. I will most definitely continue to see Ellen.
December 12, 2017
Ellen’s been great! We couldn’t ask for a better experience!

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Ellen T.

Philadelphia, PA


Hans H.

Philadelphia, PA 19125

About Hans

I started my career as a musician at the age of 5 studying with Suzuki violin teachers. During high school, I moved my concentration to the electric and double basses. I began studying in college as a jazz performance major and also earned a Bachelor of Science in Music Education with state certifications in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. I have years of experience teaching diverse learners and students with special needs in several public, private, charter, and catholic school districts. I love teaching and attend certification courses each summer for Suzuki Bass Pedagogy with Virginia Dixon at the Milt Hinton Bass Institute at Oberlin Conservatory, and Elmhurst College.

As a performer, I have played with many orchestras, artists, weddings, chamber groups, theater companies, and bands in the Philadelphia area. I love performing all types

of music and continue to study performance at Rowan University under the tutelage of Douglas Mapp and Timothy Schwarz.

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Hans H.

Philadelphia, PA

Lia M.

Philadelphia, PA 19128


About Lia

*Background check documents available upon request*

I'm a vocalist, pianist, and songwriter with a Bachelor's of Fine Arts degree in Musical Theatre, and am currently teaching voice and piano to nearly 20 students, of all ages and backgrounds. My versatility, experience and formal training helps me to make the learning experience easy, stress free and fun. I love to gear lessons towards the specific strengths and goals of each student.

While obtaining my Bachelor's degree, I took regular voice lessons from one of the leading vocal pedagogy experts in the world: Mary Saunders Barton. I also studied various aspects of music and performance, such as the art of auditioning, and music theory. I have spent many years performing in professional, regional musical theater productions, and am happy to work on auditions with my students. Curre

ntly, I play gigs regularly in my local area (Philadelphia) and write and record regularly. My songs have been licensed for national/international TV (E!, MTV, PBS, Netflix, and more).

I typically teach my clients either in their own homes (if within 12 miles of me), or online. I can easily accommodate to teach in my own home as well. I have also had background checks completed for the various schools I teach with, and am happy show them to you upon request.

June 17, 2019
My daughter enjoyed working with Lia. She was patient, fun and helped build my daughter's confidence when she made mistakes and needed to try again. She was an absolute pleasure to work with!
February 24, 2019
LIa is the right fit for my high school student. My daughter has been taking classic piano lessons since 4 years old. She has been looking for an instructor who will allow her to develop her creative side.

Lia customizes her lessons and has reignited my daughters love of piano.

Thanks, Lia.
August 1, 2018
Both of my daughters love to sing. We signed up for lessons so they could learn their favorite pop songs; one of my daughters also took piano. They've learned how to hit notes easier and how to properly warm up; Lia is great at finding fun ways to keep them engaged while also still learning. The combination of piano and voice for my youngest has been really valuable. I highly recommend Lia for your lessons!

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Lia M.

Philadelphia, PA


Max P.

Orefield, PA 18069

Bgcheck Background Checked

About Max

If you love the deep low-end sound of a bass and want to improve your playing, whether you are a beginner or advanced in your craft, I am happy to help you take your music skills to the next level!

I am a professional bassist with over 25 years of experience performing live, composing & arranging music, recording session work, and teaching all levels of students in Rock, Funk, Blues, R&B, Jazz, Country, Folk, and World Music. I attended Berklee College of Music and majored in Music Performance. While at Berklee, I had the opportunity to collaborate in all musical styles and settings and created lifelong friendships with musicians from all over the world.

I have had the privilege of honing my craft with many top-notch professional musicians including, Joe Macaro, Whit Browne, Rich Appleman, Danny Morris, Jim Stinnett, John Repucci.

My journey as a musician has ranged from pit orchestra for musicals to Heavy Metal bands to Jazz groups and everything in between. I have opened for Patti LaBelle and Umphrey’s McGee and performed with diverse acts such as Dave Liebman, Frank Dibussolo, Butterjive, Corinne Mammana, The Wallace Brothers, AnOmali and many more. My musical experiences allow me to grow as a person, musician and a teacher.

Interested in electric Bass lessons...Let’s get started! My lessons include:
- a tailored curriculum, for ages 5 and up, from beginner to advanced levels to meet your goals as a musician.
- instruction for either 4, 5 or 6 string, fretted or fretless electric bass.
- building a foundation of technique, groove, theory, and ear training.
- incorporating your personal music interests.
- proper technique with hand placement, fingerstyle, muting, pick, tapping and slap.
- warm-ups and finger exercises to increase hand strength, dexterity, stamina and speed.
- developing notation reading skills, sight reading, chord charts and tablature.
- assisting with songwriting skills and techniques.
- audition and concert performance preparation.

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Max P.

Orefield, PA

Andrea L.

Philadelphia, PA 19123

About Andrea

Music and the violin have always resonated strongly with me. After winning various competitions in my childhood years and traveling to China to perform as a teen, nothing seemed more natural than making a lifelong commitment to the violin. I moved to the culturally and musically-rich city of Boston, MA, to study violin performance for my undergraduate degree, and then I went on to complete a master’s degree with honors in Pittsburgh PA.

With 7 years of higher-education training, musical experiences, and the cultural influence of living in two big cities under my belt, I was ready to dive headfirst into a full-time professional career in music performance. Philadelphia, PA was the next stop for me and it didn’t take long to call this beautiful city home. Soon I was on stage—and under the stage in many cases!—with many of Philadelphia’s to

p professional orchestras and performing consistently with pop music artists like Josh Groban.

I have had the honor of working in varied professional settings and with inspiring musical colleagues around the world. These experiences have helped to transform me into a well-rounded musician who thrives on stage, in the pit, and behind a camera, who puts just as much passion into teaching Vivaldi to my students as into performing ACDC’s Back in Black to cheering crowds.

Along with performing and teaching, I also own an award-winning live musical entertainment company called Miss Musique, which provides live music for weddings, parties and other special events. And in my free time I enjoy doing yoga, checking out Philadelphia’s newest restaurants, and playing with my cat Mittens.

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Andrea L.

Philadelphia, PA

Cheyenne E.

Bryn Mawr, PA 19010


Bgcheck Background Checked

About Cheyenne

Cheyenne is a sought-after violin teacher living in Philadelphia, PA. She has performed in numerous concert halls primarily in the Midwest as well as performs regularly at her Sunday church service. She most recently received her certification for Suzuki Teacher Training from the University of Hartford's Hartt School Community Division.

She's a registered teacher with the Suzuki Association of the Americas, member of the Greater Philadelphia Suzuki Association, and Main Line Symphony Orchestra.

​All lessons are centered around YOU. Every lesson incorporates teaching strategies that work best for each individual student. Lessons also include learning the proper technique and form, music theory, and a well-rounded repertoire ranging from classical to folk and far beyond.

In addition to individualized lessons, Cheyenne offers recitals,

group classes, and other performance opportunities.

Besides music, she loves to bake, song-write, knit, decorate her home, and write health and food articles for Business INSIDER.

August 24, 2019
Cheyenne is by far one of the kindest and most patient people I’ve had the pleasure of knowing. She is incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about music. I guarantee you will love having her as an instructor!

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Cheyenne E.

Bryn Mawr, PA

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Music Reviews

"Eric is a great teacher! He pushes you and makes sure that you get to your goals as efficiently as you can. If I'm ever back in NYC, I'll be sure to pick
up lessons again!"
"I have 3 children taking lessons with Fawn and they all love it. We all love it when Fawn holds a Talent Share and gives awards out to young and old. It i
s very inspiring. The place is always standing room only. She is a great inspiration and teacher. I highly recommend her."
"Great first meeting with Adam! He clearly reviewed what the lessons would look like, progression, goals, etc. I look forward to our future lessons."
"Sandra is a very positive and enthusiastic teacher. She makes sure you are following proper technique and is thorough in telling you which steps to follo
w. I would recommend her to anyone who wants to try singing lessons or who wishes to improve their technique."
"I was only an amateur when Noah began teaching me, and I made more improvement in my first month of lessons with him than I had in the last year. He's ext
remely knowledgeable and makes playing the guitar seem easy. He always gives 110% and wants to help you learn and improve. 12/10 would recommend."
"I am glad I chose Daniel for my guitar lessons. He is the best!"
"I have been taking lessons from Natasha for almost a year now. She is an outstanding teacher and caring person. I have learned a great deal and look to m
ore in the future."
"Natasha was so accommodating with our schedule- with four kids, I was very appreciative. She was AMAZING with my six year old daughter, and I loved being
included in her lesson, so I can make sure my daughter is practicing correctly. I highly recommend Natasha, and I'm thrilled to have found such a hands on teacher. She's fantastic."
"Wow! Will is an amazing teacher/philosopher/ and friend. He loves music, and is very patient. In a couple of months of working with Will I learned a lo
t of practical application, some theory, and had more fun that I thought was possible while strumming and picking my guitar. Because of a job change I had to quit, and despite the many other great things about Seattle, I'll miss this the most. Peace: John V"

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