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About Pedro V.

New York, NY
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About Pedro
I offer lessons to students that have a desire to improve their playing and knowledge of music.

A brief summarization of my process:

-Establish concepts for healthy practice routine with the student. The type of practice is more important than the raw amount of practice.

-Set a 3-4 month goal for study outlining key issues.
-Identify strengths and areas of improvement in the student as they appear in the weeks.
-At the end of the 3 months, all this work and practice comes together in either a recital or a special project (audition, recording, etc.).

-Retrospective review and planning for next set of months.

Within the above framework, I try to encourage:

-Appreciation of music and learning as a whole
-Organization! And techniques to improve it.
-Analytical skills (micro and macro)
-Initiative -- taking a proactive attitude towards one’s learning
Franklin L. January 3, 2017
· Violin · In studio
He is superb!
Robert October 29, 2016
· Violin · In home
Pedro is an excellent teacher. He's able to blend the technical aspects of playing with the artistry of the instrument. I've already learned a great deal from him in only five lessons.
CharlesB December 21, 2011
· ·
Versatile Instructor for All Ages

I'm an adult student, but you can feel a comfort and relaxed atmosphere in the immediate presence of Pedro. This is such an important factor in learning an instrument. This feeling would serve to greatly help and child right on through adult learning. Good Job!
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Pedro V.

New York, NY 10003
starting at
$40 / 30-min

About Lauren C.

New York, NY

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SPRING/SUMMER LESSONS SALE! Sign-up now for discounted lessons!

Hello there! My name is Lauren, and I have over a decade of experience teaching Violin. I earned my BM and MM degrees from Eastman School of Music in Violin Performance and perform regularly at venues such as Lincoln Center, Carnegie Hall, and the Kennedy Center.

As a teacher, I adapt my teaching methods on-the-spot to introduce and reinforce concepts in a patient, enthusiastic, and creative manner tailored to each student. In addition to equipping my students with proper violin technique, students are empowered and develop their communication skills and confidence while fostering a lasting curiosity for learning and a genuine love for the imaginative and expressive capabilities of music.

About Lauren
RESERVE your FALL LESSONS slot today! Sign-up now to save 10-35%!

Hello there! My name is Lauren, and I have over a decade of experience teaching violin. I earned my BM and MM degrees from Eastman School of Music in Violin Performance and perform regularly at venues such as Lincoln Center, Carnegie Hall, and the Kennedy Center.

As a teacher, I adapt my teaching methods on-the-spot to introduce and reinforce concepts in a patient, enthusiastic, and creative manner tailored to each student. In addition to equipping my students with proper violin technique , students are empowered and develop their communication skills and confidence while fostering a lasting curiosity for learning and a genuine love for the imaginative and expressive capabilities of music.

Lessons generally focus on four major areas: scales, etudes, ensemble parts
(orchestra and chamber music), and solo repertoire. Music theory and ear-training activities supplement work in these areas. A portion of lesson-time is also devoted to preparing students for entrance and seating auditions, when applicable. In addition to weekly lessons, my students perform solos in recitals and are encouraged to participate in extra-curricular ensembles.

As a guest artist and educator, I've has given performances and worked with students at universities around the world, including Bard College; Berklee College of Music; Chinese University of Hong Kong; Cornell University; Dartmouth College; Eastman School of Music; Harvard University; Shanghai Conservatory; Universidade Federal do Paraná; University of Alaska, Anchorage; University of California, Berkeley; University of California, San Diego; and Wesleyan University.

Please "Ask Lauren A Question" to learn more about lessons with me!

Generally lessons are 60 minutes once a week. For younger students or adults on a budget, 45 minute lessons are available. 30 minute lessons are for students 8 and younger. If students have an upcoming concert/audition, or would simply like to progress faster, twice weekly lessons are available.

*** Specialties ***

All of my students learn how to read music from the beginning of their playing. For addressing technique with young kids, she uses fun pneumonic devices such as "pizza box hand," "flamingo arm," and "umbrella fingers," to help students remember, identify, and visualize proper hand, arm, and finger placement. They practice note names and rhythm through singing and memorization games. With these activities, students practice at home on their own and advance weekly between lessons while developing a love for playing the violin.
Amy M. July 9, 2019
· Violin · In home
We are off to a great start!
Akiko May 11, 2019
· Violin · In home
Lauren is an amazing violin instructor to our 11 year old son. She is always on time, has a great way with kids, and really brought out his confidence. I over heard him in the lesson saying “ohhh, that’s how you do it.” Lauren is a highly accomplished musician and outstanding teacher. We highly recommend her to anyone.
Thomas January 29, 2019
· Violin · In home
When I first started studying with Lauren in 2017, I was a freshman in high school and stuck in the fifth stand of my orchestra. Six months later, I moved up to being the concert master. Lauren is amazing. She brings out the best in my playing. She has a great ear for music, she is an amazing violinist, and the best teacher I have ever had. With Lauren I was able to progress from 3rd position to 7th position in a short time. She is very kind and patient, and never gets frustrated with me (unlike all my other teachers). She is the reason I have been able to excel at violin. Best. Teacher. Ever.
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Lauren C.

New York, NY 10021
starting at
$85 / 45-min

About Rebekah S.

Florham Park, NJ
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My name is Rebekah
I teach students from beginner to advanced.
I have been teaching for 20 years been playing for 29 years
I have been teaching Suzuki for 18 years and use other books as well
I always add books in my lessons that the student wants to play.
Their favorite band or classical piece.
I am a person where no matter the age you can learn music!
I have taught from 4 years old to 60.
I love to teach, learning music can change and save someone's life.
Looking forward to teaching

About Rebekah
Hello my name is Rebekah S.
I am a violin teacher from beginner to advanced. A beginning to intermediate piano teacher and a beginner to intermediate Viola teacher.

Member Lakeland Youth Symphony 1991-2000
Participated in 4 Strings Summer Camp for 2 years
Taught at Path 23 home school group for 3 years.
Played in Northern New Jersey Youth Orchestra. Todd VanBeveren, Director and Conductor.
Music Librarian for Northern New Jersey Youth Orchestra.
Played Lakeland Youth Symphonies 50th Anniversary concert.
Played with, assisted Todd VanBeveren, conductor of the New Jersey Inter-generational Orchestra.
Worked with Christopher Nam in the County College of Morris orchestra.
Coached a Northern New Jersey Youth Orchestra Quartet.
Coached in Northern New Jersey Youth Orchestra Music Camp.
Played with Peter Winograd of
the American String Quartet as a part of the Northern New Jersey Youth Orchestra
Currently a member of the Montclair Chamber Ensemble.
Played with P.D.Q. Bach as a part of the New Jersey Intergenerational Orchestra
Played with the Montclair State University Orchestra.
Private music teacher for 18 years.

Studied Modified Suzuki for 12 years.
Associates degree in Music from County College of Morris; graduated in May 2008.
Bachelor’s degree in Music Concentration of community music instrumental at Montclair State University Graduated may 2013
Received 24 years of music training.

I love music and it is my goal to give all kids and adults a chance to learn, no matter the age.

*** Travel Equipment ***
I will have a car,music stand, music

*** Specialties ***
celtic music, classical, rock ,pop
Talya March 21, 2019
· Violin · In home
excellent person
Marlene September 18, 2018
· Piano · In home
Rebekah is an amazing teacher. My 11 year old daughter is excited at every lesson. She is patient, fun and works well with her knowledge of reading music and playing the piano. I would highly recommend Rebekah!
Mia D. August 20, 2018
· Piano · In home
Rebekah is an amazing teacher. My daughter enjoys her lessons. She makes my daughter feels at easy and enjoys learning.
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Rebekah S.

Florham Park, NJ 07932
starting at
$55 / 30-min

About Benjamin H.

Caldwell, NJ
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Hi, I'm Benjamin! Thank you for viewing my profile page. I am a professional violinist and violist with a Bachelor's and Master's Degree in performance from the Manhattan School of Music. I am Suzuki Registered and State Certified in both New Jersey and New York to teach in public schools grades K- 12. I have over 20 years of experience in the music industry. Whether you're a beginner looking to explore something new or an advanced player looking to prepare for an audition, I am happy to help!

About Benjamin
An active teacher, as well as performer, Mr. Hellman has been teaching violin and viola since 2004. He has taught students of all ages and experience levels. He currently teaches violin at the Lindeblad School of Music in Pine Brook, New Jersey.
Robert C. May 25, 2017
· Violin · In studio
Ben is such a nice guy patient with my son (15) he comes home proud of what he learned after each lesson!!
Tommy N. November 30, 2016
· Violin · In studio
Benjamin is very good teacher, he has a lot of patience
teaching 71 years old person
and Yes Very nice person
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Benjamin H.

Caldwell, NJ 07006
starting at
$50 / 30-min

About Yasmin D.

Mamaroneck, NY
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I have been teaching violin since 2002, and spend my days working at at The Recording Academy managing artist and industry relations and play professionally at night. I received my B.A. and M.A. in Music Education from Hunter College, and continued my postgraduate coursework in Music Education at Indiana University. I teach all experience levels from beginner to intermediate and advanced.

In addition to teaching, I continue to play professionally having shared the stage with Pink, AJR, Flogging Molly, The Young Dubliners, The Pogues, Dermot Mulroney, Tim Robbins, and The Dan Band.

About Yasmin
Lessons in classical violin by a classically trained violinist. I spend my days working at The Recording Academy managing artist and industry relations and play professionally at night. Previously, I worked at Carnegie Hall developing online music learning resources for young musicians. I teach all experience levels from beginner to intermediate and advanced.

I attended Hunter College - CUNY where my degree is in Music Education. I pursued post-graduate work as a DeHann Fellowship recipient at Indiana University - Jacobs School of Music where I studied with Henryk Kowalski, Mimi Zweig and Federico Agostini, and focused specifically on String Pedagogy and Violin Performance. I have continued to pursue courses in string instruction, most recently in the Irish fiddling tradition.

My role as a teacher is to provide support, encouragemen
t, and awareness in each students musicality and creativity. Through my teaching, I want to lead each student to be the best they can be as a musician. Through classical training, I provide students with a solid technical foundation with intonation, sight-reading, and musical phrasing to create a canvas for them to explore music in different ways – improvisation, musical genres, different styles of playing, etc. From a violin technique standpoint, I observe each student’s temperament, quality of tone, bow arm, left hand technique, and general playing style, and find what can be improved upon. At the end of the day, I want each one of my student’s to have developed a healthy sense of musical self-esteem, and ignite their passionate interest in creating music.
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Yasmin D.

Mamaroneck, NY 10543
starting at
$40 / 30-min
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About Elana L.

Ridgewood, NJ
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My violin and viola students study classical Russian technique--used by the best players in history. It involves efficient use of the body, both to avoid injury when playing and also to get the best possible sound from the instrument. Students progress in technique, musicality, and music theory.

About Elana

My name is Elana. I'm a professional violinist and enjoy teaching students of all ages and levels. My students have ranged from ages 4-64. Their goals have ranged from pure enjoyment to those considering a career in music. My goal is to help each student play to the best of their abilities and for them to enjoy the lessons. Violin is my passion, which comes through in my enthusiasm during lessons. I am gentle and patient but also honest and very particular about what to look for when practicing.

I take great pride in teaching the Russian method. Not only is the technique I teach used by the best violinists of all time, it also emphasizes efficient and correct use of the body to avoid injury and develop a tone with richness and projection.

What I look for in a student is a commitment to practicing every day. It's an
adjustment in the beginning for many, but once established simply becomes part of the day, like brushing your teeth. Over time, students hear improvements from practicing consistently and this creates a very positive experience. The violin becomes a source of joy and confidence.

Violin lessons help develop skills such as coordination and focus at the highest level, persistence, confidence, creativity, patience, and many other "life" skills whose benefits extend far beyond music lessons. Many people who achieve success in a career outside music later in life often credit their music lessons as having been key in that process.

As far as my musical background, I received my music degree from Rutgers University, where I was a recipient of the Marryott Music Scholarship. Upon graduation I freelanced as a violinist in the NYC metro area. My major teachers include Neil Weintrob and Lewis Kaplan.

As a teacher I have 20 years of experience. I've worked in various programs and currently teach violin and viola lessons at a local private school, in addition to running a private studio of violin and piano students. My violin students have been concertmaster, principal players, and section players in orchestras such as All-County, Region I, and NY Youth Symphony.

Feel free to contact me with any additional questions you may have. I look forward to working with you.
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Elana L.

Ridgewood, NJ 07450
starting at
$40 / 30-min

About Omer A.

New York, NY

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Hey there explorer!

So you thought the violin is only meant to play Classical music? Think again!
With over 13 years of experience in improvisation in many different musical styles on the violin, I will show you the methods to explore and teach yourself any type of musical style you'd wish to play!

Although being mainly a Jazz violinist, I have performed and recorded in many different musical genres and improvisation styles including Blues, Trad Jazz, Rock, Indian Classical music, Bluegrass, Jewish Klezmer music and more. Since students spend most of their crucial development time individually in the practice room, as a teacher my biggest ambition is to teach my students 'how to be your own teacher' (I know it's kinda shooting myself in the foot :] ). Based on my 20 years experience playing the violin and other instruments, my training in Alexander technique, teaching artistry, psychology, philosophy and meditation, I've accumulated a set of methods and ideas about how to ...

About Omer
An award-winning Jazz violinist and a graduate of The Newschool of Jazz, These days I'm recording and performing on stages around the world playing Jazz, Rock, Folk and more.
Would love to share with you some of my secrets! Teaching improvisation and basic violin for all levels. Also teaching audition prep and ear training!
A few years ago a musician I really admire told me how he believes that every musician has to be teaching at some point in his career. He has seen it not only as a suggestion but as an obligation, a responsibility of an artist to pass on his knowledge for the next generations. My life circumstances only make this belief stronger within me year after year.

As a young Violinist in Israel that experienced a crisis with Class
ical music and the Classical school, I’ve been looking around for non-classical Violin teachers in vain. I’ve figured out that in order to play the music I want on the Violin I’m going to have to teach it to myself, thus becoming an independent learner which is most likely the greatest gift I’ve ever received as a musician and a teacher.
I had to read books, watch videos, ask people how they practice, use my ears because I had no scores to any of the music I wanted to play, explore. I had to criticize myself, I had to remain conscious about my playing and what I think is missing in my playing in comparison to other players, analyze what is it that excites me in one’s music or playing. Most of all, I had the privilege to remain attentive to any new idea being suggested to me, because no one ever taught me what the “truth” is.

Be your own teacher. That is perhaps the only “truth” I would force upon my students. As part of my teaching philosophy, I'm seeking to not only teach my students the skills they wish to acquire but to show them how to determine and teach themselves new skills they 'need' or desire to acquire.

With over 8 years of experience teaching private students of all levels and conducting Jazz violin workshops for small groups, I like to incorporate my knowledge in music teaching with other knowledge in learning techniques and education I've acquired through training in Psychology, leadership and education, Alexander technique, Teaching artistry, meditation and social work.
Sara June 28, 2019
· Ear Training · Online
Omer has been an excellent teacher! I’ve over heard several lessons with him and my son and I’m always impressed by the breath of knowledge he has. In just a few weeks my son has been inspired to play the piano for hours at a time. Originally Omer was going to teach my son violin but they switched to piano so that they could explore their common interest in composing music for film. I am immensely pleased with him and recommend him wholeheartedly!
Lucy D. June 19, 2019
· Violin · In home
First lesson ended with such a good feeling of well being. I believe I am in the right hands. Omer is patient; and he listens as well as talks.
Lenna P. June 11, 2019
· Violin · In home
I have been playing in a string quartet with Omer for two years and I can easily say he's one of the most talented musicians I've ever worked with. He's also a kind, intelligent, and reliable person. Judging from the skills he displays in quartet work I have no hesitation in saying that he is a wonderful teacher.
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Omer A.

New York, NY 10002
starting at
$35 / 30-min

About Robin B.

New York, NY
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I have taught professionally for 15 years. Evaluating the needs of each individual student, a course of study will be created that will both challenge the
student, and build confidence as they develop playing and reading skills.

About Robin
I will complete this later
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Robin B.

New York, NY 10023
starting at
$167 / 60-min

About Chin K.

New York, NY

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It is so important to learn from a real professional. I am international soloist and pedagogue, having studied with the world's greatest teachers, Ivan Galamian, Dorothy DeLay, Josef Gingold, etc. international violin competitions winner. It is very easy to get faulty instruction at any stage of the development. Mine is of the highest of quality. I can teach from beginner to the most advanced. Have been teaching for 40+ years.

About Chin
Hi, I am international soloist and pedagogue, soloist with orchestras such as the Philadelphia Orchestra, the Montreal Symphony Orchestra, the Czech Philharmonic, the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, and winner of major and top prizes at numerous prestigious international violin competitions including the Concours Musical International Reine Elisabeth de Belgique (Brussels, Belgium), Concourse International de Montréal (Canada), Premio Paganini International Violin Competition (Genoa, Italy), and International Violin Competition of Indianapolis (USA). I love teaching all levels and all ages, and for whatever reasons they want to improve their violin playing
Eric August 21, 2019
· Violin · In studio
Dr. Chin is a great performer and a wonderful teacher. He identified problems with my technique and carefully explained why and how it can be improved. I see his experience teaching through his assignments for each week including etudes, scales and various exercises. He patiently works on each technique with me during lessons and, after practicing at home, I've quickly seen improvements in my playing.
Sun November 29, 2018
· Violin · In studio
My son has learned so much from him. The best violin teacher in NYC! Highly recommend.
Ju November 29, 2018
· Violin · In studio
He is a very good teacher, he is very focused of the lesson, try to understand my individual problematic or desire and managed them.
The best violin teacher I have ever seen, very thankful.
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Chin K.

New York, NY 10025
starting at
$125 / 30-min

About Georgina R.

New York, NY

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I'm a Juilliard trained musician currently working in New York City and Connecticut. I'm a tenured member of the Hartford Symphony, and have performed alongside and learned from some of today's most important figured in classical music, such as Roger Tapping, of the Juilliard Quartet, Andrew Wan, concertmaster of Montreal Symphony, and Daniel Barenboim.
I'm super passionate about the technical foundations of good string playing, ensuring that all of my students have a clear understanding of the elements that go into sound production, intonation, left hand dexterity, and phrasing. I also concern myself with posture, balance, and comfort, so that no student feels uncomfortable or like they can't quite wrap their body around the violin.
Lastly, I have a lot of fun in lessons, making sure that students are working on music they enjoy! For beginners I do work off of the Suzuki method, but adding my own instruction / teaching the student to read the notes on the page.

About Georgina
I'm a Chilean-American, Juilliard trained musician equally comfortable teaching in Spanish or English, violin or viola. While I specialize in viola (my real passion!), I played violin for most of my life and love teaching violin to newbies and more advanced students alike. (It's pretty rare to start off on viola, and the technique between the two instruments has lots in common).
I have a super busy performing career as a chamber musician, soloist, and orchestral musician, but always make sure to be consistently there for my students regardless. Please read my bio below for more details.

​Chilean-American violist Georgina Rossi performs throughout South America and the United States; most recently she had debuts with the Orquesta Sinfónica Uncuyo in Mendoza, under the baton of Giovanni Guzzo, and with the Orquesta de Cámara de Chile, alo
ngside music director Alejandra Urrutia.
Her pursuit of projects with a focus on modern and contemporary music has led her to collaborate with chamber ensembles like New Juilliard, AXIOM, and So Percussion, and alongside musicians such as Joel Sachs, Robert Langevin, and Daniel Barenboim. Passionate about Chilean music, ​Ms. Rossi gave the European premiere of composer Rafael Díaz’s piece for amplified solo viola during the 2018 International Viola Congress, a piece she had debuted in the U.S. at the Latin American Focus! Festival in New York.
A 2018 Fellow of the Bowdoin International Music Festival, where she was principal viola of the festival orchestra, Ms. Rossi has also been a part of the Sarasota, Orford, BANFF, and Kammermusik Akademie Stuttgart summer programs.
​Ms. Rossi is a member of the Hartford Symphony. She holds a Master of Music degree from The Juilliard School, where she studied with Roger Tapping and was recipient of the Juilliard Scholarship, and received her Bachelor's from the Manhattan School of Music, where she studied with Karen Dreyfus and Daniel Avshalomov and was honored on the Dean’s List and with the Irene Diamond Scholarship.
​Raised by clarinet-maker and soloist Luis Rossi and violist Penelope Knuth, Georgina began her viola studies with her mother before moving to the United States at sixteen on a national arts grant. After graduating from Interlochen Arts Academy in 2011, she moved to New York City to pursue music at the college level.
​Ms. Rossi plays an Argentinian viola by Leonardo Anderi, made in 2014.
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Georgina R.

New York, NY 10031
starting at
$75 / 30-min

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