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Popular Academic Tutoring Teachers in New Rochelle, NY

Or other areas around you:
Heart-empty Heart

Robert G.

Brooklyn, NY
Starting at $42
Teaching Locations:
Online Online
Home Home
Teaching Locations:
Online Online
Home Home

  • Teaching since 2010
  • Teaches students 12 and up
  • Teaches Elementary, Middle School, High School, College
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I ask you for your assignment, rough draft, or work task, then give suggestions. If you have written something, I may edit it online with you on Google Drive, or print it out, edit by hand, and scan and email it back to you.

About Robert

I’m a native speaker of American English, ready to help you with reading, writing, business and culture. Also I’m a registered nurse, and I worked for many years in medical and psychiatric hospitals. Finally, I’m a licensed contractor (builder) and know construction and IT terminology.

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Eduardo T.

Bayonne, NJ
Starting at $59
Teaching Locations:
Online Online
Studio Studio
Teaching Locations:
Online Online
Studio Studio

  • Background Checked
  • Teaching since 2019
  • Teaches students 5 and up
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Eduardo T.

Bayonne, NJ

Bgcheck Background Checked

Unlike most math teachers/tutors, rather than teach memorization I make sure the student understands the material by teaching it the simplest way possible.

About Eduardo

Hello Everyone! I am a current chemical engineering major at the New Jersey Institute of Technology who can tutor mathematics up to Calculus 1 at the college level. From personal experience, I know how frustrating it can be to find a good and patient tutor that teaches understanding rather than mem

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Rod K.

Ridgewood, NY
Starting at $43
Teaching Locations:
Studio Studio
Home Home
Teaching Locations:
Studio Studio
Home Home

  • Background Checked
  • Teaches students 5 to 64
  • Masters | Business Administration from Temple University
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Rod K.

Ridgewood, NY


Bgcheck Background Checked

30min increments: For =< 60mins lesson, you have to come near to my place; I will come to your place at >= 90mins.

Like any other subject, Algebra can be learned. It takes only a few simple rules to master the subject--that's right! The rest is just plain old practice and time you commit to doing so; and/or, sometimes, you just need that someone close by for guidance and help. I can help you!

(IMPORTANT: Please do NOT book any lessons without confirming with me if we have a match in schedule. I have other obligations besides tutoring so if you do not have a flexible schedule, I recommend other tutors that will match your budget and schedule.)

About Rod

I specialize in NYC Gifted & Talented Test, SHSAT, ACT and also TACHS/HSPT/COOP, SSAT/ISEE, Common Core, Regents, college/graduate admissions tests [i.e. SAT, GRE/GMAT]) and tutor a number of academic subjects in Mathematics (Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Calculus, Linear Algebra), Statistics an

November 19, 2017
I️ was connected to Rod through a tutoring agency. I️ contacted the agency because I️ recently graduated college and wanted to get into grad school but had not taken a math class since the 10th grade. The school I️ was applying to needed a minimum math score for the GRE, which I️ knew would be a enormous stretch for me. Additionally, I️ always had trouble with math and knew I️ would need a tutor to re-teach me everything I️ needed to know to get the score I️ wanted. Initially, the agency connected me to 3 different tutors who were all absolutely terrible! Sometimes they didn’t even know how to answer sample questions in the workbooks! Finally, I was connected to Rod. After our first meeting I️ knew he would be the one who would help me improve. After a month of intense work with him my GRE math scores actually improved a full 12 points! Beyond that, he literally taught me math in a way in which I️ actually understood it. Before I️ just thought I couldn’t learn, but now I’m confident that I️ actually retained everything and it even made sense! I’m so grateful to have met Rod because before him I️ truly felt hopeless. I️ would definitely recommend Rod to anyone who is looking to drastically improve their math skills. If you’re like me and hate math, can’t grasp it, and even feel like you just can’t learn it, then definitely contact Rod now! You won’t be sorry!
September 5, 2017
Jennifer K.
I initially reached out to Rod for Algebra 1 review because I felt that my daughter lacked a solid foundation in algebra. However, after a couple of sessions, we have decided to switch gears toward geometry with Rod’s recommendation. Throughout the geometry lessons, algebra practice was incorporated. I am happy that not only did Rod tailor his lessons to my daughter’s goals but also he gave her a lot of encouragement. My daughter found it extremely helpful that she got to explain and discuss with Rod, which made lessons interactive and real learning. Now going back to school, my daughter feels confident, thanks to Rod!
August 29, 2017
Rod worked with my daughter weekly for a couple of months leading up to the NYC state tests. With Rod's careful, concerted planning and diligence, my daughter's score went from 2.4 on the 7th grade Math state test, to a 2.8 in 8th grade, which equates to a move from below the 50th percentile, to between the 50th and 75th percentile. My daughter's in-school math instruction was chaotic and disjointed, and I attribute her improvement to Rod's intervention.

Meet Online Academic Tutoring Teachers Serving New Rochelle, NY

Heart-empty Heart

Derek B.

Starting at $30
Teaching Locations:
Online Online
Teaching Locations:
Online Online

  • Background Checked
  • Speaks Norwegian, Spanish, English
  • Teaches students 5 and up
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I have taught physics, chemistry, and math (from simple calculations, algebra, and geometry through to calculus) in classroom settings and as a tutor for over 10 years, before which I studied and worked as an environmental engineer. With the sciences, particularly, I find it helpful for students to understand some of the history of the evidence for why we currently think the way we do. For instance, it's useful to trace how people used to think about atoms and how they do now, especially looking at the evidence for why that model of an atom has changed.

At my school, I was the teacher infamous for answering a question with a question in order to lead the student from what they already know through reasoning out an answer, which can sometimes take a little more time and effort than just giving the student the answer. Research proves that this is the best way to solidify your learning for deep mastery, though. Don't worry - I won't let you get too frustrated or ever abandon you

About Derek

Initially trained in environmental engineering, I made the switch to teaching after spending two years as a volunteer teacher abroad. From there, I went on to earn my Masters in Teaching at Seattle University and to teach at public and private schools for the last 10+ years. I've tutored elementa

Heart-empty Heart

Edie S.

Starting at $34
Teaching Locations:
Online Online
Teaching Locations:
Online Online

  • Teaches students 5 and up
  • Teaches Middle School, High School, College
  • Teaching since 1994
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All humans need to have an understanding of Philosophy, in my opinion. Studying Philosophy teaches us how to think critically, how to reason, and how to live an "examined life."

Philosophy is a multi-dimensional subject that includes ethical theory (what is the right thing to do and why?), logical reasoning (is it correct to reach a conclusion based on these facts?), and metaphysics (addressing the huge "who am I?" "why am I here?" "what happens when I die?' questions.)

For many thousands of years, humans have understood that our individual evolution needs a framework, a foundation upon which our ever-busy minds can depend on for grounding. Now, in our world where technology allows immediate distortions of reality, of facts, we need to know how to think clearly.

And, most importantly, I believe that studying Philosophy can be FUN! Come join me as we explore all the ways to apply our reasoning abilities.

About Edie

My name is Edie Sheeks. I teach English fluency and Philosophy lessons. I enjoy reading, walking, traveling, having dinner with friends. My household includes a large, greyhound-mix dog--my walking trainer!--and two tabbies (all three are rescues). Listening to music, walking by the sea, and being

Heart-empty Heart

Raveen M.

Elementary Math
Starting at $25
Teaching Locations:
Online Online
Teaching Locations:
Online Online

  • Masters of Public Health (Biostats) from Louisiana State University
  • Teaches students 5 and up
  • Teaching since 2012
Quick view profile

I have lots of experience in Math. Math is a true passion for me and the joy I get from teaching is ado rewarding. I plan to get on Thee level of my student and ensure they can strengthen his or her skills. Everyone can do math!!!

About Raveen

My passion is to help others and sharpen other’s skill and performance in learning. I have a Masters in Public health but my true love has always been math. I hope I can help inspire others to love math and go on to help someone else, ripple effect.

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"Dr. Sharma was very helpful in my getting a better understanding of finance. I recommend her."
- Mamei
Took Finance lessons from DrYamini S.
"She is great!"
- Stef
Took Discrete Math lessons from Norma P.
"I have 3 boys ages 7-12. Somehow Janis manages to make time to teach and read with all three before she leaves. The kids love her and more importantly respect her.
If you can get her I highly recommend it.
She covers all subjects and specializes in science by making it fun and entertaining.
5 Stars all the way!"
- Ophelia
Took Elementary Math lessons from Janis V.
"One of the nicest, most articulate and intelligent language coach/instructors I have ever had. A real pleasure to train with. I would highly recommend her services."
- Carl
Took Language lessons from Lourdes G.
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"I like that she get's straight to the point and her hours are extremely flexible. Janalee has helped me master all subject areas of the NCLEX and in the past she has helped me brush up on the mathematics logic section of the GRE"
- Nicole A.
Took MCAT lessons from Janalee C.
"She was very enthusiastic with me, i Loved working with her."
- Jenelle
Took Elementary Math lessons from Julie L.
Mena did a great job. My son took an SAT test before and after Patrick's tutoring and showed a noticeable improvement, using several specific tips and insights Mena taught him."
- Samy
Took SAT lessons from Mena H.
"Excellent teacher who developed a personally focused lesson plan that fit my needs. The constant and prompt feedback was what I needed to pass the TOEFL. I highly recommend Leona."
- Daniel
Took TOEFL lessons from Leona K.
"The most caring teacher a student can ever ask for. Mr. Slate pushes his students to a higher level than the rest but does so in a way that makes the students enjoy themsleves and learn better."
- Sergio
Took Study Skills lessons from Tony S.
"Great tutor. Was Tutoring my son for elementary school math. Gave him confidence and knowledge. Unfortunately we had to stop with Julia because we moved out of the area. I wish she was still my son's tutor."
- Batia
Took Math lessons from Julia C.
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