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These Mandarin Chinese teachers are highly rated by students in the Laurel area, including West Islip, Farmingdale, Amityville, Middle Island and Kings Park.

Yuexin C.


Bgcheck Background Checked

Private Mandarin Chinese Teacher

I'm a Comparative Literature major at Colorado College. I'm bilingual, patient, and know how to encourage new language students.

About Yuexin

Hi! I am an undergraduate student at Colorado College, majoring in Comparative Literature and Music. I am from Shenzhen, China, and moved to the U.S. when I was 18.

I play the banjo, do all forms of arts, and have a never-dying crave for traveling. I lived in Brazil and Finland for a little while. I have a talent in learning new languages and am passionate about teaching them.

I have taught Chinese to people of all age. I specialize in teaching listening and speaking. If you would like to take lessons with me in person, then I am good at teaching reading and writing as well. My strength is in my patience for my students. I understand that learning a new language, especially Chinese, is not an overnight progress. As a language learner myself, I emphasize with the frustration, yet the excitement of learning the language and the cultu


So trust me! Let yourself or your child be in good hands.

February 19, 2019
I'm really enjoying my lessons with Yuexin. She's very patient and is able to answer all my questions. She's also happy to customize the lesson to suit my interests; for example, we took some time to go over voice lines in a video game that were in Chinese and then work on the pronunciation and pinyin for them.

The textbook and workbook she had me get have been helpful, and I've been supplementing by practicing on my own using Duolingo. I think the combination has been really effective for learning the language. Yuexin has been great for correcting my pronunciation and teaching me how native speakers would actually speak and write.
December 21, 2017
Lilian C.
Yuexin is an excellent Mandarin teacher for kids. My 8 year-old has started lessons and is progressing well. Yuexin researched and picked out a good textbook for kids. She is patient, clear, and easy to schedule with. We are happy!
October 13, 2017
Yuexin is a fantastic teacher. She is very good at teaching all things China, whether that's teaching mandarin or giving out helpful tips about China. Great teacher.

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Yuexin C.


Private Mandarin Chinese Teacher

I have been teaching Chinese for over 5 years. I was born and raised in China, Beijing. I came to the U.S. for a Master's degree three years ago. Within the first few lessons, you'll be able to greet and hold easy conversations in Chinese and as time goes on you'll be able to communicate of all subjects in a deeper level. I have expertise in all levels of Chinese teaching, including business conversation and travel conversations. I love working with students of all ages and experience levels and I can't wait to meet you!

About Vivien

Hi, nice to meet you!

I hold a Master degree of Music in Flute Performance from The Ohio State University and a Bachelor degree in Music Performance from Minzu University of China.

As a winner of the University of Central Oklahoma Concerto Competition, I played the Mozart Flute Concerto in D Major as a soloist with the UCO Symphony Orchestra.

I am capable of teaching students at all levels, and all music styles: Baroque, Classical, Romantic, and Contemporary. My lesson often included warm-up, etude, repertoire, theory, and orchestral excerpts.

Please don’t hesitate contacting me! I’m happy to answer all questions!



January 14, 2019
Vivien is excellent at addressing issues in my playing, while also encouraging me to continue to do well what she deems good playing. She has a positive attitude every lesson and I always feel invigorated to practice more afterwards and put forth more energy into music. I am grateful to have a teacher that challenges me and gives me confidence in my skills.

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Vivien H.


Private Mandarin Chinese Teacher

Teaching has always been my passion. I have been teaching Mandarin for 10 years at various Language Institutes, and taught at private schools in Michigan for total of 5 years. With corporate client experience, I also have been working as a Mandarin instructor in a language company. There are many adult students with different levels who are currently learning Chinese from me. My success stems from enthusiasm, self-motivation, patient, creativity and the ability to communicate with students from diverse backgrounds. It is my goal to combine my range of experience with my ability to make the learning easy and fun.

About Yiju

Nihao. I’m a native-born Chinese who has vast experience of teaching Mandarin to English speakers across all levels and ages. I have been teaching Mandarin for more than 10 years at various Language Institutes, and have taught at private schools for total of 5 years. At schools, I developed and implemented CFL curriculum for introductory and advanced level of students. I am currently working as a Chinese instructor at a large international language company. In my class, materials will be designed according to the students' background and needs. I feel fulfilled after spending numerous hours preparing for each and every creative teaching session and then see my students excited and benefited. I come across as a very pleasant and friendly teacher, who has a great passion for teaching my native language.


October 13, 2019
I've had a great experience so far. Yiju is patient, enthusiastic, and fun. Her lessons are easy to get into and the time flies by really fast. She's very engaging on cultural topics, illustrates a variety of ways to say something, and is generally very organized and punctual. She has been very accommodating to my requests and helping me learn in a way that works for me. Since I had my own study materials before I started lessons with her, she has worked with me to practice the material I studied already. I would definitely recommend her.
August 15, 2019
Wonderful instructor. We look forward to continuing lessons later this year. She was very professional and made my 15 year old daughter comfortable with learning Chinese. She tailored the lessons to fit her aptitude. I would highly recommend her. She also met us at the local community center which was very helpful logistically.
July 20, 2019

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Yiju T.



Yajuan M.


Bgcheck Background Checked

Private Mandarin Chinese Teacher

Practice listening and speaking Mandarin Chinese skills with a native speaker, a former radio host, a 20 years of classroom teacher in a variety topics that relate to current events in the world.
Reading exercises are equally emphasized in the lessons learning.
Writing skills will be embedded in email writing or message exchanging.
Students are encouraged to explore their learning needs and learning interests. In other words, the teacher tailors the curriculum and meet learners' learning desire in every possible way.

About Yajuan

I gained my BA in Chinese Language and Culture, first MA in Chinese Language and Literature, second MA in Education (from Bucknell University, PA).
I have been teaching American students, from kindergarteners to adults, for the past 19 years at a variety of schools settings including colleges/universities, private high schools, public middle/high schools, and summer immersion language programs.
I am the Master teacher for the New England New Teachers' Association to train all the new Mandarin Chinese teachers for the independent schools in the New England area.
My former students went to Middleburry College, Swarthmore College, Oberlin College... and some of them had become Ambassadors of America.
I am a sophisticated Mandarin Chinese teacher who has many interests and the love of teaching the language and passion on language learning


October 1, 2019
The teacher is good at explaining and does exercises that helps me actually understand the context. Sometimes things are hard, but at the end I always understand it, and get it.
October 1, 2019
Best teacher ever. Goes through everything clearly and makes sure content is understandable & breaks down complicated content into digestible content
October 1, 2019
Efficient, quality education. Very good teaching. Love the class

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Yajuan M.



Chaowei H.

Bgcheck Background Checked

Private Mandarin Chinese Teacher

Grew up in China and graduated from one of the best universities in China. Learning Mandarin is more about learning Chinese culture than the words. Chinese is a very logical language and you will have a lot of fun learning with me.

About Chaowei

Before I came to New York, I taught English at a local training center in Shanghai,China.

I started teaching Mandarin to a few Canadians and Americans when I was in university more than 10 years ago. And we still keep in touch now. Learning language is more about learning the culture. I am fascinated by the differences and similarities between Chinese culture and American Culture. And discovering those differences or similarities will create a big curiosity which will be very beneficial and effective when you learn the language.

In fact, many people don't know or never notice that Chinese is a very logical language and full of Chinese traditional wisdom. Even you don't agree China is becoming more and and more influential in the world, learning some Chinese culture and oriental philosophy will be an interesting journey.

You will hav

e a lot of fun learning Chinese with me!

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Chaowei H.


Charlotte M.

Bgcheck Background Checked

Private Mandarin Chinese Teacher

I grew up in a tutoring business family and Mandarin Chinese is my mother tongue. Before I immigrated to the United States, I was a TV journalist in Taiwan. I also have my Master's from Georgetown University. I mastered Mandarin Chinese in both personal and professional dialects. I have been tutoring Math, English and Mandarin Chinese on and off for over 26 years. I adjust my teaching methods based on each student's personality to make the learning experience fun and easy. I'm also very fluent in English so I can explain the meaning of Mandarin characters better for students to understand easily. I believe language is a practical tool and learning Mandarin Chinese should be a joyful experience. I teach all levels from beginners to advancer, just tell me how you want to learn, and I will accommodate to your needs to help you learn Mandarin Chinese.

About Charlotte

Hello, nice to meet you here! Charlotte is my English name that a priest pricked up for me when I traveled to Italy in the 90's, it means little and womanly which is opposites from my Chinese name(I'll tell you how to write it after you select me as your tutor). My Chinese name is very manly and positive just like my personality-- positive and a Tom boy.

I was born and grew up in a tutoring business family in Taiwan ( the free, democratic, USA-like small island next to China), Mandarin Chinese is my mother tongue. I was a TV journalist in Taiwan before I came to the USA to pursue my Master degree at Georgetown University in 2002. After the graduation I started working in American global corporations and lived between Taiwan and USA on and off due to works until I met my American husband in 2012 and I am an American citizen now .


rrently I'm an entrepreneur after my global marketing professional careers in American globalized corporations. I guess I was born with tutoring gene so I have passions about education and feel like sharing my knowledge about Mandarin Chinese with people who are interested in learning it will be fun and rewarding. It might also help people from two different cultures understand each other better.

In my leaseiure time, I love gardening, birds watching, hiking, jogging, photographing and traveling. I never smoke, never do drugs and don't really drink. I am into healthy and organic life style. I especially love children and love being with them. I also like to make new friends and having interesting conversations about everything and the world.

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Charlotte M.


Ching M.

Bgcheck Background Checked

Private Mandarin Chinese Teacher

Hi, My name is Ching. I was born and raised in Taiwan, and fully educated in transitional Mandarin before moving to The United States. I have lived in the States since 2011. I can teach you basic transitional Mandarin characters writing, grammar, speaking, and learning useful daily conversations.

What makes me more beneficial for you compare to other Mandarin teachers? First of all, My English has almost no Chinese accent so you can understand better during the lesson. Second of all, I have Associated with mostly Americans which means I can Explain things much better than others. Last of all, I got good sense of humor and great personality that will make your experience even more fun.

About Ching

My first language is Mandarin, but I found a way to teach myself how to reduce my accent to almost none. Somebody might even think I was born in the States or moved to the States since I was little. Today, I am here to share my ways to help you how to sound more American, and help you to communicate with people better while living in the United States.
I also have experience teaching English speakers Mandarin. You will understand me very well because I don't have a thick Chinese accent. I can find the best way you help you learning Chinese as you need.

I am easy-going and fun to work with. We will have a lot of fun learning together!


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Ching M.


Private Mandarin Chinese Teacher

I have been teaching Mandarin online and face-to-face with children and adults for over 5 years.
I am from Taiwan and have lived in Los Angeles for 12 years. I know the challenge of learning a second language and it's quite normal to make mistakes when we are learning a new language, I am the native mandarin speaker and you will even catch me making some mistakes! Don't be shy, I will try my best to help you overcome your challenge and reach your goal.
I am flexible, friendly, patient and passionate about teaching. I will give you fun, enjoyable and engaging lessons.

About yenling

Why do I want to teach Mandarin?
I was born in Taiwan and lived in California for 12 years.
My passion for teaching grew after I decided to teach my son at home. Now I’m totally in love with teaching Mandarin.
I completed the Montessori Chinese teacher certification in 2013 and became a tutor and continually attend teacher training and professional development.

Why did I become an online Mandarin tutor?
I am also learning online to improve my skills. I found online learning could be a convenient, effective and fun way to learn a new language. I want to help more people who want to learn Mandarin. So I joined Taiwan’s official Multimedia Chinese teacher training program to expand my teaching skills online.
Through online learning, I have complete the UCEs (Inservice Credit Units) certifications :
2018: Building Children's Readi

ng Skills
2017: Building Self-Esteem in Children
2015: Understanding Learning Styles

I have the following certifications in teaching Chinese.
1. 2019: Startalk: Planning for Authentic, Interactive Language Experiences
2. 2014: Multimedia and Chinese teaching certification from the Chinese Culture University (CCU)
3. 2014: IQ Chinese teacher certification
4. 2013: Montessori Chinese teacher certification

Conversation class for CHILDREN: beginner learners

As you know that children tend to pick up a second language as naturally as they learned their mother tongue. I can provide support to English-only children in my class. I will slow way down when I speak.
First, I use hand gestures and finger animal puppets a lot to engage students.
Second, I point to objects and digital pictures to help them understand.
To help my students master Chinese, I will arrange the lesson into topics and use related chants, songs, stories, and games so that they can learn to use Chinese during the conversation in their daily life.
Third, this program is based on the principle that if you can type, you can learn!
If you want to learn Chinese characters, let’s type them! Sure, writing them by hand is nice, but typing them allows a different type of memorization.
Plus it is faster and fun, so you can run through them more quickly and actually get somewhere in terms of writing.

My students and my son enjoy language activities a lot with me. We play pictures and games. I can’t help but smile when I think back on the language activities with them.
I would more than happy to help you study Mandarin online!

September 12, 2019
I have been taking Chinese lessons online with Yenling W. for since 2013 and I am writing to show my full endorsement for her lessons and expertise in teaching. I am writing not only from the perspective of someone who considers Yenling a friend, but also from the perspective of a professional English language teacher as well as from someone who has extensive experience in education administration, curricuclum development, and language teacher management. When I started learning Chinese with Yenling, I knew nothing--absolutely nothing. As a language teacher myself, I know the challenges one is up against when teaching a 'true beginner,' which I most certainly was. In addition, a teacher of Chinese has a tougher job than a someone like myself would have when teaching English to a true beginner. I've never had to deal with teaching other how to overcome new writing systems, tonal systems, and everything else us native English speakers and other western language speakers take so much for granted, if not are wholly ignorant of. Yenling knows what she is doing and how to make concepts which once seemed so foreign and unknowable to me, familiar and commonplace. I'm an 'old dog' who's eager to learn new tricks, but those tricks don't come easy to me! Yenling is so patient with me, so understanding, and forever positive. I make mistakes, lots of mistakes, and often I will express my own frustration with myself; but, not once, not a single time has Yenling ever been anything but encouraging and reassuring---and patient!!! Teaching me requires a lot of patience :) I'm an American living in Germany also learning German, so I have my work cut out for me, and all I can say is, I wish Yenling taught German too! I need a German teacher who teaches the way Yenling teaches Mandarin--someone who is positive, professional, encouraging, and patient! Last but far from least, Yenling is constantly challenging herself to improve as not only a teacher but also as student. I know how much dedication, thought, and hard work she puts into her lessons. She participates in lots of professional development courses and has gone the extra mile to earn certifications and enroll in professional teaching courses which a lesser teacher without the Yenling's drive and ambition, would have forgone. In short--she's the best.

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yenling W.


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"I highly recommend Tammy as a Chinese tutor. She listens to her students’ needs, and adapts teaching methods to help them achieve their goals. She’s focus
ed, disciplined, and amicable."
"Very nice and pleasant to work with!"
"Very fun environment that she created which makes learning easier. Looking forward to learn more with her"
"Zhenni really is the best instructor EVER! Aside from being one of the most caring and sweet humans I have ever encountered, she is a dedicated lesson-pla
nner and instructor who is sure to help you progress in your Mandarin studies. I can say with absolute certainty that, as a non-native speaker, I could not have progressed to an advanced level of Chinese without knowing Zhenni. She is truly skilled at making Chinese language and culture feel cozy and familiar--a real gem!"
"Angela is truly patient and very friendly. Her technique proves to be very helpful."
Abakar Brahim
"Great lesson."
"she is amazing, she takes it slow on the first lesson and and she is patient for you to finish,and she takes it a step at a time not rush through it"
"Matt is an incredible teacher and person in general. He understands so much about chinese and is able to easily communicate the lessons in a way that I c
an understand and practice between classes. I bought the 10 lesson pack from him and I'm an incredibly happy purchaser at lesson 9. My wife is chinese, and Matt gives me great sayings to take back to her. She is always excited to see the results of our lessons. When I ask her to teach me something she says go ask Matt."
"Alina is wonderful. There's just no substitute for a professional teacher like her if you really want to learn a language. I think this is especially true
for a language that is as difficult and foreign (to an English speaker at least) as Mandarin. Thanks to Alina, I finally have gotten the hang of the tones and am learning the characters for real. I LOVE the textbook she teaches out of--it's part of a very thorough series of Chinese language-learning textbooks, the sort you would use in an actual class at a university or in an immersion program. In addition, she prepares pdfs which she sends me to supplement the textbook vocabulary/grammar. We're on chapter 6 now and I'm feeling very excited and motivated because after years of wanting to learn Mandarin and dabbling casually with various materials, I feel that I've finally begun to make progress.

Alina, in addition to being a great teacher, is also a very warm and considerate person. She won't make you feel pressured or uncomfortable if you aren't perfectly prepared for your lesson. She's also been very conscientious about sending materials, being on time for our lessons, and making sure that I understood all of the lesson material, even if it means going a little over the designated hour. I highly recommend her to anyone who is serious about learning Mandarin."

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