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Elementary Math Tutoring for Jamaica, NY

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My son absolutely enjoyed his first lesson with Dr Dianala. After class today he summed up his experienced by "LOVED IT". Thank you so much for your time and for making math much more fun for my kid.

Lew (Lewatle) (Elementary Math lessons with Dr. D. B.)

She was very enthusiastic with me, i Loved working with her.

Jenelle (Elementary Math lessons with Julie L.)

Ginni is so patient and absolutely amazing at connecting with my children. I couldn’t recommend her more!

Angela (Elementary Math lessons with Ginni A.)

Matt has been awesome for my student. His math skills have improved greatly, and his  writing has come from illegible to what can now be described as neat and readable.  Matt has been very patient a

Gaetano (Elementary Math lessons with Matthew H.)

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