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These ESL teachers are highly rated by students in the Groton area, including Greene, Liverpool, Minoa, East Syracuse and Baldwinsville.

James W.


Bgcheck Background Checked

Private ESL Teacher

Covers American and British English, reading, writing and conversing effectively; grammar lessons, and practice conversational skills.Background information on accents and difference between Australian and Canadian and American dialects. Confidence building, structure, dialects, and specialized subjects such as English as a Universal Language of Business.

About James

New 6 Month and One Year Courses Taught: 1. Radio Introduction Personality Broadcasting. 2. Guitar Studies Advanced 3. Music Industry 4. Advanced Composition 5. Sound Design 6. Abelton LIVE 7. Premix Setup and Post Production
8. PR and Promotions Business
I worked for Eddie Van Halen for five years in the 1990's in the Beverly Hills area of Los Angeles and was instrumental in providing help with development of the Peavey Wolfgang and Wolfgang Special Guitar by providing feedback on the prototypes Eddie was designing at the time. I learned a lot from Eddie and his brother Alex about music and the music industry. (All you have to do is pay attention! ) I have played in bands from Hollywood to Toronto and back both as a singer songwriter and guitarist. I bring the Musicians Institute way to the table and get things up and ru

nning quickly. I help students get it under their fingers fast and get it right the first time.

I believe in sharing the happiness of making music with anyone who loves music and the guitar in particular. I do my very best to get you playing the songs you love in Pop, Rock, Jazz and Folk Music of your choice. Today's modern new guitars are easy to play and you will enjoy learning Guitar right away. That is how it should be.
When you study there is a basic understanding of Guitar to be learned that allows an ease of use for anyone for years to come. This will help you reach your goal and improve each week. My students learn to practice in a way that feels comfortable and makes sense. This takes all the stress out of learning and gives everyone something to smile about and look forward to each week.

The good feeling of playing along with friends and taking a solo is within every students grasp. I will show you the way there. And with a solid and straightforward approach to the theory as it applies directly to the guitar you will feel confident and unafraid of any music endeavor. We'll cover harmony and fingerboard theory and give you a road map of the guitar neck that makes it a pleasure to play. You learn the basics and much more than you thought possible retaining 90 percent of what you learn!

Having been a student myself I was deeply involved in music since age 12 and played in bands and duos for over 15 years . I can help you to be a well rounded player and performer with a smile, a laugh and a joy for music whether your in a band or a budding solo artist.

*** Lesson Details ***
Most students want to play the Guitar to play their favorite songs and I'm the same way. Music is something we carry with us in our hearts and minds. Students will learn what they wish to learn and work at a pace that is comfortable to them. Whether you are a student, “weekend warrior” or a parent whose child has expressed an interest in Guitar anyone can learn all there is to know about Harmony and Theory for the Guitar and how to play their favorite songs.

We cover theory in an easy and straightforward no nonsense way in the first half of each lesson and then apply it to the song you wish to learn. This creates an atmosphere where you understand and feel at home with the Guitar. You get an understanding right away and because it is immediately fun it allows you to feel comfortable at any level. Music is fun, and songs are the creative expression of what we feel. Combining theory and the freedom to play and sing songs allows us to express ourselves through music. 
After 6 months students will have a solid foundation in theory, and a road map of the guitar fretboard enabling them to advance to an intermediate level if they are ready to do so. Students will know enough that music as it relates to the Guitar, which is the world’s most popular instrument in contemporary music, is not a mystery but is a welcome friend. And they will be able to play songs by popular artists and advance at a pace that is satisfying and enjoyable.

Student Comments:
What Students Are Saying About ~ James Teaching Style

“James’ patience, knowledge and under-standing made learning guitar fun. I like the lessons. He cares.”
--Rebecca L., guitar
student, Venice Beach, CA 2003

“James taught me to
play pop and rock, and
introduced me to
fingerstyle guitar. I love it!”
--Joseph E., guitar student, Vancouver, BC 2006

“I studied guitar privately with James in 2010. His style of teaching helped me to get
past my blocks. He opened new doors for me. Thanks!”
--Daniel S., guitar
student, Los Angeles, CA 2010
""James is a trustworthy man, great with answering back right away. Always ready to help with new members. I would definitely recommend him." ~ PJ Stover of PJ Stover Voices; Independent Film & Recording voice-over artist
What James spouse says about working on songwriting with him:

"James is my husband for over 10 years now. Over the years, I have seen James give guidance and counsel to many hopeful musicians of all ages, and inspire others about how music influences and benefits our lives. I would highly recommend James to anyone who wants to learn guitar, voice, music theory, and acting. James is a great talent, and study with him would benefit anyone with the sincere desire to grow as an artist. When we married, I had fallen in love with James’ conversational style, and his vast knowledge of music. When I heard him play guitar, I knew that I wanted to write songs with him, and we released our first album, in 2012 on iTunes."

Keri W.

*** Studio Equipment ***
Ovation Glen Campbell Artist Acoustic Electric Guitar, Ovation Pacemaker 12 string Guitar, Ibanez PF 5 Acoustic Electric Guitar, Fender Telecaster 6 string Electric Guitar. Korg Mini Pandora III Amplifier/Studio EFX, Toshiba Laptop Satelite Pro with PreSonus Studio One Artist Software, PreSonusUSB Audiobox, HD7 Studio Monitor Headphones, M7 Condenser Mic, PreSonus Studio Producer software with SoundCloud integration, iBook G4 with Garageband 3 and iLife Studio. Godin Summit CT Electric Guitar is the guitar I now endorse exclusively !

*** Travel Equipment ***
Lesson Plans, Godin Summit CT Guitar, Fender and Ovation Guitars, Tuner, Android Smartphone and apps, iPads, Korg Mini Pandora Amp, Toshiba Satelite Pro Laptop. Android LG Smartphone with Tuners, Voice Recorder, and Metronome and Chord Reference Guide, and Guitar Tuner, iPod Touch Pro Studio.

*** Specialties ***
Songs in the following styles: Pop, Rock and Modern Country Music. Also Composition Analysis while learning the song.

July 31, 2019
James Walsh has helped me in more ways than can I could even imagine in the past 6 months I have trained with him. His challenges and ideas lit a creative spark in my mind, helping me express myself through playing the role of a character nicely (absolutely loving the accent practice i am being taught in). He has also provided a very therapeutic healing for my mental health, helping me to be more spontaneous and witty, instead of the wooden and mechanical person I once was.

James has a ridiculous amount of connections, resources and ideas at his hands, and gladly offers him to me to help me in my Method Acting. For those looking for a career in Acting, Comedy, or Film, James is definitely your man for opening several doors.

Throughout the months, he has been very supportive and encouraging, oftentimes doing welfare checkups on me throughout the week and showing me new ideas and techniques in film, acting and spontaneity. He demonstrates patience with learning curves, and gives good assignments to work on through the week for the next time you meet up. He also is understanding if you cannot make an appointment.

In terms of the actual classes, they are phenomenal. Many classes, when deliberately practicing, feel more like an actual In-the-moment conversation rather than a mechanical " Do this than that" layout. He gives a lot of good and fair feedback for improvement at the end of the class, and following the advice never failed to be right. Be prepared for time to fly, though, as 45 minutes will feel like 10, especially if you are REALLY in character and going back and forth with him on random topics, which almost make you feel like you have a hidden persona lol.

All in all, James is very experienced and skilled in teaching students of all walks of life, from aspiring actors/actresses to would be filmmakers to people simply looking to learn life skills that are invaluable to life, career, relationships and even mental health! There is something for all in this coach's teachings, provided you are wiling to put in the work. Phenomenal teacher and an all around great person!
March 13, 2019
Cory C.
James is a very caring teacher who took the time to get to know my strengths and weaknesses. He has many years of experience in this field and it shows in his lessons.

Thank you James for the training, I grew as a improv student from the time I worked with you. I utilized this class as a test for my profession (business) and am grateful that I selected you as a mentor/teacher. I am happy with the results and may be knocking on your door again down the road. Stay tuned.
January 25, 2019
Never showed up for the lesson

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James W.



Mike M.


Bgcheck Background Checked

Private ESL Teacher

These lessons are spontaneous. I do not prepare for these lessons. We will have a conversation and I will respond to your language needs in the moment.

About Mike

CELTA certified, enthusiastic, compassionate, and knowledgeable teacher. We'll use current, relevant, real-life reading and listening material to teach you practical English. We can tailor our lessons to your needs and interests, whether you want to focus on speaking practice, grammar, vocabulary, or pronunciation.


March 19, 2018
It's really exciting to work with Mike!
January 23, 2018
Excellent teacher.

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Mike M.


Private ESL Teacher

Experienced online teacher of 4+ years, specializing in all ESL levels for adult students! I am able to work with students from all around the world. Lessons are customized and catered to the needs and goals of each student. Not only will you learn the fundamentals of English grammar and pronunciation, but you will also build a strong foundation so that you can communicate easily. Let's get started!

About Melina

Howdy! I'm from San Antonio, Texas in the United States. I speak English with a neutral American accent, I also speak Spanish fluently. I have also had the pleasure to work with many Brazilian students over the past 4 years, so I can communicate in Portuguese a little. I like to travel, dance, read books, and play with my two dogs. I enjoy teaching because it allows me to meet many people from around the world and learn about different cultures. I look forward to meeting you.

"Do you know what a foreign accent is? It's a sign of bravery."-Amy Chua, Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother


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Melina S.


Peter O.

Bgcheck Background Checked

Private ESL Teacher

Learning English as a second language can be difficult; I make it fun and easy!

I've also taken ESL as a kid growing up.

About Peter

Hi, my name is Peter

I'm a Korean-American in the Ann Arbor area looking to teach English, ESL, or any general homework help!

My schedule is flexible and I'm willing to work around your schedule, whether at a particular location or online.

I understand everyone is different with their own learning styles and needs so planning ahead with that in mind is my specialty!


View Details

Peter O.


Alan V.

Bgcheck Background Checked

Private ESL Teacher

With over 6 years of ESL teaching experience, I believe that conversation is the most desired skill for all students. They want to be able to use English confidently in a variety of every day situations.

I teach with a personable approach so that students are comfortable in learning basic integrated skills that will allow them to take what they learn into the real world.

About Alan

I firmly believe that when you are having fun, you learn more! That's not to say that hard work isn't important or part of my tutoring, but being in a relaxed environment improves our ability to learn.

I have been teaching English for over 6 years, with skills ranging from beginners to TOEFL preparation. Whatever your goals are, I'm here to help you reach them and begin to master the English language. We can do this together!

My goal is to do everything in my ability to help you reach your English language goals.


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Alan V.


Dakota B.

Bgcheck Background Checked

Private ESL Teacher

Do you want low pressure and conversation based English lessons with an experienced and effective TEFL/TESOL teacher? Hi my name is Maii and in the past year I have helped hundreds of people improve their English language skills. I teach all ages and make lessons based on the needs and goals of my students. Enroll yourself in a few classes with me and see for yourself how much you will improve in a short amount of time!

About Dakota

Hi, I am a native English speaker certified TEFL/TESOL instructor. This past year I have helped many students of all ages improve their speaking, reading and writing skills. I have lived and worked in several countries, and I know how difficult learning a new language can be. Let's work together to make you more confident and successful with your language skills!

Hola, soy hablante nativo de inglés y instructor certificado de TESOL/TEFL. En un solo año ayudé muchos estudiantes mejorar su comprensión y dominio del idioma inglés. He vivido y trabajado en varios países, y yo sé que tan difícil es apprender una idioma nueva. Trabajemos juntos para que tenga más confianza y éxito con sus habilidades en el idioma inglés!


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Dakota B.


Private ESL Teacher

My name is Tiffany Santos, i am twenty four years old am married and have a one year old daughter. My teaching style is very project based. I enjoy giving students real life situations in order to learn language better. I enjoy incorporating debates and role playing in my teaching.

About Tiffany

I am currently living in the Dominican Republic. I serve at an orphanage and spend a lot of time with my family. I am outgoing and like to have fun in the classroom. I also like to make students excited to learn.


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Tiffany S.


Private ESL Teacher

Teaching Experience
I have been teaching English and ESL to students aged 5-50 for the last 8 years. I have taught at an international school, college application agencies, academies, private homes, and even online. Some of my teaching highlights are being ranked the best teacher out of 30 teachers at Hellocafe and launching several new programs at White Stone International School. Besides teaching, I have 5 years of experience translating formal documents, pamphlets, and business emails for both business clients and individuals.

How I Teach
I tailor my lessons to students' needs and provide specific feedback and summary at the end of every class. The following classes cover new as well as review materials with plenty of practice and application to ensure that students are fully comfortable with the newly gained knowledge. I utilize creative teaching methods such as debates, Knowledge Celebration, and Zoom-in Study to boost students’ understanding and help them apply the learned ...

About April

Teaching Experience
I have been teaching English, Korean, standardized exams (TOEFL, TOEIC, SAT etc.), and Math to students aged 5-50 for the last 8 years. I have taught at an international school, college application agencies, academies, private homes, and even online. Some of my teaching highlights are being ranked the best teacher out of 30 teachers at Hellocafe and launching several new programs at White Stone International School. Besides teaching, I have 5 years of experience translating formal documents, pamphlets, and business emails for both business clients and individuals.

How I Teach
I tailor my lessons to students' needs and provide specific feedback and summary at the end of every class. The following classes cover new as well as review materials with plenty of practice and application to ensure that students are fully comf

ortable with the newly gained knowledge. I utilize creative teaching methods such as debates, Knowledge Celebration, and Zoom-in Study to boost students’ understanding and help them apply the learned content in a variety of ways.

I graduated from Macalester College with a bachelor’s degree in Economics and Applied Math and Statistics and a minor in Psychology. I was on the Dean’s List in college and was a Valedictorian in both high school and middle school. I won the first place in Chosum Ed essay competition and received the Kofi Annan International Scholarship.

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April L.


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"Erol is helping me to get rid of my RRRRRussian accent! :)
Great professor. Very patient, very knowledgeable, tons of tools, emails you the recording of
every session so you can practice on your own. And very affordable as compared to other Accent Reduction teachers."
"Lauren is fantastic, always there when you have a question never will give up on you, she’s the best instructor ever!!"
"I feel very lucky that she be my daughter ‘s ESL teacher."
"Abby is my colleague and has been teaching for many years. Her experience in teaching music and voice has made her a caring, encouraging and dedicated te
acher. She has the patience and interest in her students to gain their respect, friendship and collaborative learning. As an ESL teacher, Abby has the necessary skills and knowledge to teach our new English speaking students. They will be prepared for useful conversations, curiousity towards the language and the fearlessness to speak freely."
"Bryce is an excellent teacher! He is very patient and he makes every lesson fun, engaging and relevant. I’ve learn a lot with Bryce’s help as he provides
pertinent and constant feedback. I also have been able to improve my pronunciation a lot, which has always been a huge concern for me. I’m very pleased with the results I’ve got with Bryce’s tutoring and that’s why I happily recommend him as the best tutor you could ever have. Thanks Bryce!"
Cui Lan
"I only have a level of English, almost do not understand, but a very great teacher, again and again said to me until I understand, teach me how to write s
entence and grammar. Thank you teacher. 🌷"
"Hello, my name is Blanca Garza, I took English classes with Nery through Harris County in 2009 and 2010. After that I also took private classes with her.

She is a very professional teacher, a very nice person, and always helpfull with my questions."
"A very good teacher, taught us not only English but also valuable skills to study in America."
"She is good!"

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