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About Luis M.

Chula Vista, CA

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Academic Tutoring!
Things you can expect from these lessons if you are a beginner:
- Proper curriculum (Matched for all ages) (K-12 & Adult)
- Conversational expertise
- Materials required (Paper, Pen, Pencil, etc.)
- Buy your own books (as recommended by Teacher)

Things to expect for persons with prior Spanish experience:
- 4 years Spanish teaching experience
- 1 of the top 10 rated Spanish Professors at Takelessons.com
- I am a Fluent/Native Spanish speaker
- Can take you from very little Fluency to Professional Fluency in as little as 3 months
- Books Not Provided
- Have helped professionals in the work force to feel confident speaking a foreign language, From Nurses to CEOs.

You will reach your Goal, if you are just will ing to put in the work!!

- If you wish to make a cancellation, please allow for a 24+hour window of anticipation; if the cancellation comes with less than
24-hours of anticipation the student will forfeit the right to any ...

About Luis
Graduated with a Degree in Music Education from San Diego State University. Presently, earning California State Credentials.
Graduated with a Piano performance diploma from Chula Vista School of Performing Arts division. I have taught several students in many fields including but not limited to: Spanish, Piano (Beginning to Advanced), Vocal Development etc. I am very friendly and personable, but also professional. When students come to me with problems, I will do what ever it takes to bring them to the solution. My motto is, a problem is just another opportunity for you to do your best.

- I have taught: 6 years. Ranging in many subjects such as Spanish, English, Vocal Instruction, Piano Instruction, Guitar, and Musical Performance.

- Choir Director/ Conductor Jan 2010 - Present
- I am a music director for the San Diego Chur
ches of Christ. I've taught the San Diego Church of Christ Fellowship for 9 years. I have led worship for even longer, and i love it.
- Worship intern May 2014 - Sep 2014
- Dallas/ Fortworth Church of Christ
- Led worship, produced music, directed choirs, taught assorted parts to part singers.
- I Speak 3 languages fluently
- I am a certified member of the National Association of Music Educators
- I have received awards in the fields of Voice and Piano for outstanding professionalism, & Excellency
- I am presently teaching ages 5-65, with the exception of one enthusiastic 67 year old.
- I love my job, and I am passionate, above all I will make you excited about the field of study you choose

*** Lesson Details ***
These details change depending on, whether you would like musical training or academic tutoring.

Music is fun and the lessons should be as well. When it comes to practice I recommend that students do spend time (1/2-1hour daily) outside of the lessons practicing to ensure that they see results. If you choose to practice only while in the lesson you will get better but it will be at a slower pace.

- Start with quick warm ups (these work to increase students fluidity with their instrument)
- Work technique
- Assign repertoire depending on skill level.
- Work on assigned repertoire
- Work on technical aspect of the pieces.
Your student will learn much more about their capabilities and their instrument as they will learn many aspects of Music Theory.

I teach beginning- advanced piano lessons touching on posture, hand position, rhythm training, sight-reading, expression, and pop/jazz chord charts. If you want to learn how to play songs by ear that you hear on the radio, I can train you how to do that too! Once I feel that you have surpassed my ability to help you grow, I will be happy to pass you on to a more experienced teacher and attend all of your future recitals.

I teach voice beginner-professional, which includes classical repertoire and technique as well as Musical Theatre, Pop, Rock, Standards, Country, RnB,...you name it. The best part is that you will learn to sing in a manner that will not damage your instrument and in fact will work to fortify your instrument.

- Start with introduction to the standard.
- Work on problems with material.
- Present new methods to reach a solution.
- Work on all assigned work.
- Work on future work to give the student an academic advantage.

I am a hard working tutor that will bring the joy of the subject to our sessions of tutoring. I am strict at times, however, some of my students have referred to me as mellow. I will strive to bring your student up to speed and surpass even their own expectations. I love my students, and I want to see them succeed.

*** Studio Equipment ***
Piano, Recording equipment etc.

*** Travel Equipment ***
Casio Keyboard Piano, sheet music, and much more equipment as needed.

*** Specialties ***
Classical & Jazz Piano, Classical & Contemporary Voice, English Language & Literature, Spanish Language & Literature
Tim April 25, 2019
· Singing · In studio
I really appreciate Luis for the practice he's given me. We worked on lyric analyzation and flow. We focused on speeding up the meter to work harder in performing faster. I have become better with expressing my vocals in a volume where I can sing a long with the music bed. I highly recommend Luis for anyone who is working on improving their vocal training.
Yasemin .. March 13, 2019
· English · Online
Nathan Wakefield October 27, 2018
· Spanish · Online
Great lesson! Feel better equipped to order in Spanish now
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Luis M.

starting at
$25 / 30-min

About Christy V.

Urbana, IL

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I first heard Spanish from my dad who's Colombian, so my lessons focus on communication via dynamic task-based activities! First you discover grammar functions & the meaning of vocab through simple comprehension activities. Then we practice these new items through conversation questions or communication activities that simulate real-life tasks like ordering food, asking for directions, or describing a person. This creates a fun atmosphere for learning and gives students ample opportunities to speak! I also like to use multimedia like videos, pictures and powerpoints to make lessons more interactive, especially online lessons! For beginners, I use the book Spanish Demystified or Easy Spanish Step by Step as a learning resource and to provide grammar homework.

Besides speaking, my lessons also cover the other aspects of a language: Reading, writing and listening comprehension. I target those skills with activities such as short readings & writing assignments for homework, and themed ...

About Christy
I was exposed to Spanish throughout my childhood from my dad who is from Colombia, and from my great Spanish teachers. After minoring in it at college, I perfected my fluency from living in Spain for 2 years and studying it for 18 years! My adventures with the language led me to pursue an MA in Spanish. I am currently a PhD student in Spanish Literature and work as a university instructor for Spanish conversation. I've also been tutoring individual and small groups of all levels for the past 5 years - Young children, high schoolers, college students, and adult learners! I enjoy leading creative, interactive lessons that are different for each student I work with. My students have gone on to pursue bilingual positions, live in South America, or improve their performance in Spanish class by 2+ letter grades! I truly enjoy the work I do in
helping others learn an important new skill.

Because I became fluent while immersed in the language, I believe language learning comes from speaking and communicating! So, my lessons focus mainly on speaking. I create interactive activities that help students learn speaking skills like making comparisons or ordering food. I also make sure to cover other aspects of the language (grammar, listening comprehension, reading, and writing) through explanations, in-class activities and homework. But, every lesson I teach is different! I tailor them to each student according to level, goals, pace, and learning style. And I make sure to get feedback from students at the end of each lesson to help plan future lessons. Overall, I am a resourceful, enthusiastic, attentive and creative tutor. I strive to challenge students while creating a comfortable and fun learning environment. Students of any level are welcome!

I look forward to possibly working with you... ¡Hasta pronto!
Miles May 29, 2019
· Spanish · Online
I appreciate her willingness to accommodate me and my schedule and, although I have only had 1 lesson so far, can feel that I am already growing in knowledge and confidence. I really like that she gives me assignments I can work on between lessons so that I can make the most of my lesson time with her.
Jeff November 17, 2018
· Spanish · Online
Willow November 4, 2018
· Spanish · Online
Christy has been great and adjusts her tempo to my daughter as needed. Highly recommended!
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Christy V.

starting at
$30 / 30-min

About Javier D.

Riverside, CA
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Hola, cómo estás? I am a certified native teacher. I was born in Madrid, Spain (Europe), and I live in California since 2014. I love teaching, and have all my life. I know how to teach you Spanish in the best way, with funny and effective classes, with patience, and with speaking slowly and clearly. You will learn the best proper pronunciation, our customs and our expressions. You will be able to speak with expressions, accent, emphasys and more different options of the language that only can be taught by natives teachers.
We will learn by enjoying and practicing, through one to one conversation, exercises, repetitions and homework.
Should be great as well to do lessons with 2 students . It is cheaper and works really really good.

Nos vemos ! :)

Saludos, Javier

About Javier
Hola, cómo estás? I am a certified native teacher. I was born in Madrid, Spain (Europe), and I live in California since 2014.
I love teaching, and have all my life.
I have a lot of experience; I know how to teach Spanish in the best way, mexican style and any latin style as well.

With effective lessons, with patience and with speaking slowly and clearly. You will learn grammar, the best proper pronunciation, the differences of our languages, our expressions, slang, etc ... with a profesional tutor who knows exactly what is doing due to his academic preparation and experience.

You will be able to speak with great accent, emphasys, positions of the mouth ... and more options of the language that it is advasible to be taught by natives teachers.

We will learn by enjoying and practicing, through one to one conversation, exerc
ises, repetitions, movies, books, songs ...
By practicing with all these forms, you will feel success in a few classes.

Should be great as well to take lessons with 2 students or session groups. Works really good and it´s cheaper. The lessons are more fun because we can interact, so the student learn faster and better.

I look forward to hearing from you and helping you achieve excellence in your studies!

Nos vemos ! :) (See you guys)

Dean April 30, 2019
· Spanish · Online
Javier es excelente. Lo recomiendo a todos. In just two lessons, I have learned an extensive amount. Javier molds his lessons to his students level and needs.
Fay March 19, 2019
· Spanish · Online
Javier is a great teacher, he takes his time with you to make sure you know the work. He always gives homework and is also very nice, and working with him is very comfortable! He makes sure you’re pronouncing the words correctly, and also how to use words in each different sentence. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who wants to learn Spanish!
Brad February 13, 2019
· Spanish · Online
1 year learning with him. A little bit hard sometimes, but I love it
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Javier D.

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$20 / 60-min

About Veronica A.

Patchogue, NY
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Fun and engaging lessons. You will learn Spanish fast and easy. I have 15 years experience. If you tried the rest try the best.

About Veronica
Hi, there! My name is Veronica and I can't wait to meet you! I've been teaching private lessons since 2006 and have loved helping my students Learn Spanish , Improve ELA grades, and become proficient English speakers. I Attended Walden University and earned a degree in Education in 2013. I'm a type A and very friendly person and my teaching style is Student based learning, My lessons are fun and engaging. I look forward to helping you reach your goals!
Michael April 9, 2018
· ·
Wow!! What a tutor, she is extremely good at the task at hand.. She takes great details in the subject that she is tutoring I have seen excellent improvement on my kid learning habits. I would highly recommend Mrs Veronica you won’t regretted..
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Veronica A.

Patchogue, NY 11772
starting at
$50 / 30-min

About Jamone L.

Detroit, MI

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I taught and tutored and teach Spanish to USA Veterans and students struggling around campus for years. I have years of academic and practical usage/experience with the language. I grew up hearing it and studied it in high school and college level. I know what it is like to be a student in a Spanish class as well as using it in real life application. I also have 2 minors in Spanish Language and Latino/a and Latin American Studies (Formerly known as CBS: Chicano-Boricua Studies) which give me the perfect mix of language and culture.

I am very patient and work on your level. I have years of academic and practical usage/experience with the language. I use that experience to put myself in your shoes and give tips and cultural things that may help you better understand your new language. Also, my knowledge of Psychology helps us hack learning in a time efficient way. No question is ever a dumb question and we will spend as much time on a topic as needed.

About Jamone
I am very organized and have a passion for creating and doing things that give people a new perspective on life. I set plans and goals, and do what it takes to get things done in the most efficient ways possible and I am able to adapt even when things don’t quite work out. As a 2nd Degree Black Belt Instructor, my discipline and ability to handle things most people cannot has been amplified beyond the average individual. I am dedicated and reliable to my cause!

I love Science, Culture, and Spanish as well as Video Editing/Production and also just being able to over see projects from start to finish. I currently tutor and teach Spanish to Veterans. I have a Bachelor's of Science (BS) with a Major in Psychology from Wayne State University. I also have 2 minors in Spanish Language and Latino/a and Latin American Studies (Formerly known as
CBS: Chicano-Boricua Studies).

I love Language and culture and it's why I love to share it with others.
I would love to be apart of something where I could put my skills to use and be a part of creating something amazing or doing things that can help change people’s lives in a positive way.

"Give the world different perspectives and Seeing it through different eyes!"
Lia December 17, 2018
· DSLR Video · In home
Had to write a separate review for this subject. Jamone taught me step-by-step how to use my Cannon Rebel EOS T5. I am a youtube vlogger, and I was looking to create higher quality videos for my viewers. Jamone gave me tons of camera knowledge to better my videos. Thanks!
Lia December 17, 2018
· Spanish · Online
Jamone has been studying Spanish for over 10 years now! He is very dedicated to educating himself on the language and culture, so he teaches those same skills and principles to his students. Plus, he can teach you to count to 1000 in 30 minutes!
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Jamone L.

starting at
$30 / 30-min
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About Diana I.


Spanish with me is fun! I have been speaking Spanish since I was 4 years old and is a part of my everyday life. I love to teach it with your life in mind, not just basic sentences. I work with you to find the best way to teach you!

Español conmigo es divertido! Eh hablado Español desde los 4 años y es parte de mi vida todo los dias. Me encanta enseñar con tu vida en mente y no solo frases basicas. Trabajo contigo para encontrar la mejor manera de enseñarte!

About Diana
Hey everyone! If you are ready to learn in a fun environment where i revolve my teaching around your life and occupations, then come sign up with me! I am looking forward to meeting you and helping you learn!
Quovia August 25, 2019
· Spanish · Online
She has made learning Spanish fun for me and helped me gain my confidence! I look forward to my lessons with her.
Dongmei L. July 15, 2019
· ESL · Online
She is a very good teacher.Very patient and nice 。I have learned so much from her .
Gulnora July 8, 2019
· Spanish · Online
I had a great lesson she is very good!
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Diana I.

starting at
$15 / 30-min

About Amargeaux R.


Have you ever tried to learn Spanish, (or any other language, for that matter), and it just never seemed to stick? How about if you've ever thought about starting to learn a language but found it daunting because the book, or the teacher or whatever, is using jargon you feel you need a dictionary to understand?

I have been teaching and tutoring language for about nine years, and my lessons are taught the same as I learned them; conversationally, repetitive (to practice recall), only a few words at a time, and overall, NATURALLY.

I have been exposed to multiple languages within my environment for the first seventeen years of my life before actually bothering to make this thing I loved so much into a hobby.
The thing is, the many books and lessons I've been through forget one thing; When it comes to language we start out as babies, so we have learn from scratch!!
All o' that, "pre- and post- position from the theory of the past tense conjugal verb according to the square root of ...

About Amargeaux

My name is Amargeaux, and I have been have been teaching and tutoring language for about nine years.

I was exposed to multiple languages for, like, the first seventeen years of my life before I ever wanted to make languages into a hobby. But when I did, I realized that people were making language learning harder than it actually was.

They were giving a bunch of jargon no one understood to teach something so simple, you know? You don't need crazy, brainiac, scientific words in order to learn just one new word!

When I teach people languages , I teach them the same way they learned English; in a normal conversation.

(I Promise I won't use baby talk with you,) But you DO start off as if you were a baby, because frankly, when it comes to a new language, you are. No offense.

I want to just talk with you. The best way to learn i
s to be as organic as possible, which is not hard. I love people, and I'm VERY patient.
We use conversation to be very repetitive (for the sake of practicing recall -- VERY important!!) And then we'll do the occasional drill just to make sure it's sticking (as if it isn't already.)
We will learn just a few words at a time, so you won't have to worry about feeling overwhelmed, and we'll keep switching back and forth Between English and your new language until you have enough in your vocabulary to speak only the new language.

You know you can do this, otherwise you wouldn't be looking for a teacher. I don't even know you yet, and I KNOW you're capable of everything you put your mind to.

Let me give you a chance to show you just how capable you are.

Looking forward to chatting with you. Lots of love!
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Amargeaux R.

starting at
$17 / 30-min

About Alondra V.


I am a native Spanish speaker but I also graduated with a Bachelor's of Arts in Romance language at UNC Chapel Hill. I believe being a native speaker and also majoring in this language helped me understand how to help someone else learn standard and common spanish used by the majority of people. I not only took courses in spanish but also italian and japanese, since I was also a student learning a different language I believe I understand how frustrating it can be to want to speak and understand the language rapidly but not be able to. The best way to learn a different language is to have someone who is fluent in it speak to you everyday. I can help you learn standard spanish used in professional setting and I can also help you understand the spanish that is used by people living in Mexico and many living in USA. There are many phrases that are used in this country that when translated into english do not make sense but I can help you understand all of these. I am currently living in ...

About Alondra
Hello! My name is Alondra Vargas and I am a Spanish tutor. I graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 2018 so it hasn't been long since I was a student myself! I love sharing my knowledge in the Spanish language but I also studied Italian and Japanese. A fun fact about me is that I am currently living in Mexico in order to expand my knowledge in the language and the culture. Over the years I have volunteered at elementary schools, hospitals, and nursing homes where I have applied my knowledge of the language to help others communicate with the world. I loved my years interpreting therefore I am currently taking a course myself to expand my knowledge as a medical interpreter. I understand what it's like to be a student and feel frustrated at times but I am here to help and make understanding this language much easi
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Alondra V.

starting at
$20 / 30-min

About Elizabeth H.

Central Islip, NY
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Native Spanish speaker and copy editor in English and Spanish. Professional and conversation Spanish. Lessons will be accommodated to your needs and goals. Beginners can choose the conversational option where the more experienced can opt to work on a more professional Spanish. Grammar lessons are available as well.
Teacher will be graduating from a NY University with a degree in English.

About Elizabeth
Start practicing your Spanish today! It gives me confident to work into a room knowing that I know the two languages most used in the United States. I am here to help you succeed. From beginner to experienced, professional or casual or conversational Spanish spoken at the Dominican Republic to impress your peers. If it is a totally new language, I got you. If you are Hispanic but have not practice it or don't feel confident, I got you.
Feel free to contact me with any questions!
It will be fun! Nothing to be afraid of. I learned English as an adult.
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Elizabeth H.

Central Islip, NY 11722
starting at
$25 / 30-min

About Elizabeth G.


I introduce culture, we do full activities such as cooking, dancing, and art all in Spanish! I've been a teacher for 5 years and love to introduce new things to students of all ages!

About Elizabeth
My name is Elizabeth and I am an experienced teacher living in San Antonio Texas. I have been teaching high school for several years in online English courses to children in China as well. I am always in church attic and enjoy teaching students in a way where they won't become bored with the monotony of learning. how many of us actually like sitting at a desk with a notebook and pencil these days? I for sure don't and want to make sure my students have the time of their lives in all my classes!

With all of this comes my own personal success. I hold a bachelor's in early childhood education and I'm certified through Texas teachers k through 12. I also hold my tefl certificate, and a certificate as a bcba therapist. I am currently working on my master's degree in hope to have earned it in Behavioral Science by the end of this year 2019.

I cannot wait to teach you students Spanish, math, English, and English literature. These subjects are my passion and to be able to help somebody understand a new language or a new subject is the highlight of my life.
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Elizabeth G.

starting at
$22 / 30-min

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