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Terri M.

Terri M.

Students can expect to enjoy a positive, supportive and joyful experience learning music theory, technique and skillfulness at the piano. Students will be inspired to achieve their goals and demonstrate their accomplishments in performance. For example; students are encouraged to learn their notes as well as they know their alphabet. When they can say and play the 24 notes of the grand staff in 30 seconds or less, they become a lifetime member of the 30 Second Club with a certificate and medallion award to commemorate this achievement. It's a big deal, so I feature the new members in recital programs. Parents are welcome and encouraged to sit in on lessons.
/30 mins
Lena L.

Lena L.

In our lessons, beginning students will learn to read music, play their favorite pieces, how to do warm ups and learn basic skills. I use sheet music and introductory books in my classes and assign homework for their daily practice. After 3 months, each student will move to the next level and continue learning more advanced skills. More advanced students will learn how to understand and compose music, put expression into the pieces they play and improve their current skills.
/30 mins
JunZhao(Ryan) D.

JunZhao(Ryan) D.

Hello! My name is JunZhao, and I have over 10 years of teaching experience! I teach all ages, of all levels. I specialize in classical piano, but I can be flexible to fit what every student wants to learn. I am fluent in English, Mandarin and Cantonese. If you are interested in picking up piano as a hobby, being a serious player, or just brushing up on your music theory/playing skills, send me a message!