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About Eduardo C.

Sacramento, CA

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I am a Deaf fluent communicator and performer in ASL. I can teach you ASL effectively and with lots of fun!! I also communicate (and speak) very well in 3 languages: ASL, English, and Spanish. I can teach individually or teach a class. I founded Loud n Clear Musik to teach music and sign language to both the hearing and deaf world.

After witnessing my participation and my ASL poetries in different events, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) from Norcal Services for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing hired me in within 20 hours to serve the greater Northern California and across the nation as a Deaf & Hard of Hearing Client Advocate. I am now very proud to serve with the Norcal in serving the Deaf Community and bridging the gap with the society using full ASL communication as well as English and Spanish.

I have also communicated and worked with children and teenagers in the Deaf and Hard of Hearing program in 2 different High Schools and as an Instructional Assistant II for the Deaf and

About Eduardo
(Hi! Looking forward to add you!! Don't forget to see the videos and pictures below after reading.)

Since my birth, my life was influenced by music and my father's passion to sing. My sense of musi
c started not with understanding of lyrics, but of melodies and rhythms. As matter of fact, the first language I learned was music!! How is this possible?! Well, because of my hearing disability, I did not speak fluently and very well until I was in 9th Grade!! But with God's grace, I understood the language of music first!!

At the age of 10 months, I was hit with a deadly disease: Spinal Meningitis. But thank God, I survived. Because of the disease, I became legally deaf (profound-severed) in my left ear and hard-of-hearing (severed) in my right ear. I currently use a hearing-aide device on my right ear. Regardless of my hearing disability, I have the gift of playing music, understanding music, and living musically. I have learned and played music since I was 8 years old.

Piano was not the first instrument I learned. I started off with playing drums which is my secondary. I decided to make piano as my primary instrument and loved playing the piano ever since. My parents noticed my gift of music and agreed to take me to private piano lessons weekly.

After multiple years of private piano lessons from age of 8 to 14 and taking music classes in High School, at the age of 16, I joined the full band in a local church as the lead keyboardist. Of 19 years - and counting - with experience of performing and playing piano with a band locally and out of towns, I've had the privilege for 2 years as the Director of Worship & Music Ministry at Victory Outreach Sacramento (Spanish). Victory Outreach International granted me an opportunity to perform the instrumental piano background at the 2011 Victory Outreach International/World Conference at the Los Angeles Convention Center, California.

In that same year, I enrolled into the full 2 1/2 year program at Life Music Institute (Instituto Vida Musik). The Director of Life Music Institute noticed my passion for music and the desire to create a Deaf Music some day; we became very close friends. He invited me to participate with 70 member choir at a local Sacramento Festival 2012. Saving the best for last, I was honored to lead in front of 3,800 people of the final special song "En Una Sola Voz" (In One Voice) in American Sign Language.

Currently, I am excited and honored to be the Worship Leader & Music Director at Elevate Life Church in Sacramento, CA.

Not only I play piano and drums, I play guitar as well! I loved acoustic guitar and decided to pick up a guitar and starting learning. Now, the guitar is my third instrument.

Besides living and playing music, I teach also! By numerous peers, families, and friends, I've been told that I have the gift of teaching. I love teaching!!

I felt compelled to start teaching piano in 2010 at home. Loud n Clear Musik was founded. I've been hired by Southgate Recreation & Park District in Sacramento, CA as a Special Interest Instructor and taught there too.

My teaching experience did not start there however. I first started teaching at the Sacramento City Unified School District as the Teacher Assistant from 2001 to 2004 at Sacramento High School and J F Kennedy High School. It was an unforgettable experience teaching the Deaf, Hard of Hearing, Hearing, and disabled students. I returned to the Sacramento City Unified School District as an Instructional Assistant I & II in the Deaf/Hard of Hearing Special Education Program and worked there making a difference from 2012 to 2016.

While seeking a way to further serve the Deaf Community at a greater scale, I received a surprise message from the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) from a high reputation non-profit organization called Norcal Services for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing. She has heard about me and watched me volunteered and witnessed my ASL poetries in different events. In within 20 hours, I got hired on the interview. I am now serving the greater Northern California as a Deaf, Hard of Hearing & Deaf-Blind Client Advocate. In Fall 2016, I helped launch an ASL class for the community with NorCal. Since then, I am still leading and teaching that class. I am now very proud to serve with the Norcal in serving the Deaf Community and bridging the gap with the society using full ASL communication as well as English and Spanish.

From time to time, I participate, volunteer, or get invited to share my unique gift of performing poetry in ASL and dance. I also volunteer to interpret for any service as needed.

Occasionally, I share special events to all my students, friends, and family to witness, participate, or to support. Many times, I participate in those events and always encourage others to participate as well, especially at Deaf Camp Grizzly. I'm often asked to perform there.

I believe that music is not our life. Our life is music. You ARE a music. I'm looking forward to help you have a musical life!!

*** Music & ASL Lesson Details ***
(NOTE: ASL Lesson are available only. Piano and Guitar Lessons are on hold for a season. Smile.)

My approach is play music or sign first, then read and write music or understand ASL structure along the way. Just like an infant would speak first, then read and write later. It is more effective and smarter. Lessons are for all ages and are started off with songs based on their familiarity and strengths. Then progressively, I build on their weaknesses and expand their instrument and performance or sign language skills. The finally, when students are ready, I clearly explain and reveal on the music theory or sign language structure and grammar. There, their ‘whys’ are answered and ‘oohhhh-that-makes-sense’ are uttered. Lessons are progressive and it's not strict on my plan, but on the students' progress. Through patience and encouragement, my students enjoy succeeding learning how to sign American Sign Language or play music on their choice of instrument.

During the first lesson, I care about my students and their parents first; I want to be a friend to both of them. At the same time, they'll have a strategical, knowledgeable, and wise teacher. I start off with lots of comfortable questions about my new students, parents, and their interest. I even encourage my students to ask me questions too!! I move on in empowering my students to feel more at ease, confident, and fearless - and to enjoy!! Can a student learn without believing in themselves? Can a student have interest and passion without having fun or with a smile on their face? I encourage those important factors.

After noting down key strengths and weakness, their culture and daily environments, goals, examples of lessons, their preference of topics, needs, styles and songs, and creating a song list together, through excellence rapport and communication, I'll get the feeling of the students’ expectations, needs, and what they enjoy.

My style of teaching is very interactive and for anyone to learn. I had a 6 year old student who learn her first song, "London Bridge" on her first day. One adult student, who supposedly could never be on tempo, finally achieved this from tempo #50 to tempo #150 in 3 lessons. Other students who can play 'well' now improve their flexibility playing Major Scales with two hands with up-beat rhythms. Others can now fully understand the theory and rules of Major Scales, Minor Scales, Major and Minor Chords, Diminished and Augmented Chords, and fill out the exercise charts without hesitation. Surprisingly, another student now performs comfortably in front of their friends and family just for fun!! For sign language, students are always enjoying in learning to sign and my humors. Plenty of ASL students would be so encouraged and wants to pursue in becoming a professional interpreter or get a degree in Deaf Studies. These are just few examples of techniques, lessons, skills, theories, success, and new endeavors that students experience through my passionate teaching. I love what I'm doing!!

Each student learns in different ways. I am flexible and have access to many outside resources to ensure that my students' lessons are effective. My personality is lovely, fun, patience, peaceful, funny, kind, and friendly. From time to time, shy and timid private and group students are now confident and courageous. One very young student came up to me on his second lesson and said, "I really like you, Mr. Eddie!! I always enjoy seeing my student smile and laughing learning how to play music or learning sign language.

Strong internet is required. The stronger the internet, the smoother and clearer the lessons will be.
A quiet area is required for effective teaching and learning.

*** Specialties ***
I specialize in contemporary, alternative, soft pop, pop-rock, R&B and uniquely gifted signing songs in American Sign Language with dance. But I am flexible in different genres. I enjoy all kinds of styles and genres. But more importantly, I study students' preference of genres to teach them basic fundamentals and go from there to more complicated fundamentals and techniques. I focus on teaching the students thoroughly of 3 elements of music: Melody, Harmony, and Rhythms - whichever is easier and more enjoyable for students to start with. Dynamics also are taught as well to add another important dimension to the music. Students do not have to sign songs if they just want to focus on communicating in sign language. Not a problem.

To achieve in understanding and performing or signing with all these elements, I highly implement them through visual, reading, writing, listening, and playing or signing. Lessons are hands on, active, thorough, and with common-sense examples and clarifications. Also, I enjoy teaching through many life examples to 'open their eyes' to the music language. I make sure that all their 'whys' are answered in a timely manner.

Looking forward to meet you!!
Charity December 8, 2017
· American Sign Language · In studio
Eduardo is very patient and a wonderful teacher! He takes his time in ensuring that the students learn sign and feel confident in conversing in american sign language. Highly recommend him!!
Brooke December 6, 2017
· American Sign Language · Online
Eduardo is a very patient and helpful teacher. I've learned so much so far and look forward to improving even more. He puts you at ease doing something that has the potential to cause a lot of frustration or anxiety. Great teacher!
Cathy D. November 15, 2017
· American Sign Language · Online
Awesome instructor!
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Eduardo C.

Eduardo C.

starting at
$35 / 30-min

About Joy B.

Fayetteville, AR
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I studied ASL in college for a year with Deaf professors. After that I did my best to maintain the language by surrounding myself with Deaf friends or classmates, or online vlogs, etc. I offer between 25-30 ASL lessons which will help a complete novice cover all of the ASL beginner lessons and learn about Deaf history and culture. Once a student arrives there, I can then become a conversation partner.

About Joy
Want to learn to speak Spanish? Sign ASL? I would love to be a part of your journey!
As a current Spanish and ASL tutor, I am a patient, and friendly person, who is passionate about language learnin
g! I have personal experience on what it takes to learn a second language, for I am a learned Spanish and ASL speaker. My teaching approach is personalized, fun, and focused. I can't wait to meet you, assess your language level, and get started with what will best help meet your goals!
Susan A. December 13, 2017
· American Sign Language · Online
Joy is an outstanding teacher. She's warm and engaging, moves at whatever pace suits the student, and comes to each session armed with a great sense of humor. I highly recommend her as a teacher.
Jasmin W. December 5, 2017
· American Sign Language · Online
So much fun and we learned a lot. Thank you.
Rosie P. December 1, 2017
· American Sign Language · Online
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Joy B.

Joy B.

starting at
$20 / 30-min

About Alyvia J.

Brooklyn, NY
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I learned Asl through music first then I started to learn how to have conversations but you should definitely learn with me and I have reasonable prices.

About Alyvia
Hi my name is Alyvia and I have loved sign language since I was 9 years old. I have worked with kids all my life between taking care of my siblings and volunteering in all of my schools. I definitely
love teaching Asl. In the future I want to become an interpreter for children in the future.
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Alyvia J.

Alyvia J.

Brooklyn, NY 11224
starting at
$42 / 30-min

About Cara T.

Proctorsville, VT
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I am an experienced ASL teacher of 22 years. I have taught ASL to all ages and levels of hearing students and English Literacy to all ages and levels of Deaf students. With a BA degree in ASL/Linguistics and a MA degree in Deaf Education I am a dual-tutor.

Do you want to learn ASL? Here is what my classes look like. American Sign Language is a language expressed entirely through the body. It uses motion, space and non-manual signs (grammar on the face) to convey comprehensive meaning. It is not a written language. As such, my classes are primarily voice-off. We will communicate auditorily before and after the lesson and I encourage students to send me emails and videos with their weekly questions and confusions, but the real learning happens through voice-off lessons. I also teach BabySign using ASL.

Are you Deaf and looking for a Reading/Writing tutor? I’ve taught at Residential Schools, mainstream programs and designed and implemented my own curriculums for Deaf/HH children ...

About Cara
My experience tutoring ASL students began in 1994 when, ironically, I was one myself. As a Freshman at the University of Rochester, New York, I took an ASL class and fell in love with the language and
culture. Consequently, I designed my own double major: ASL/Linguistics. The next four years were spent in immersion. The Deaf culture in Rochester provided me with an “abroad” opportunity without leaving the country. Once fluent I began tutoring college students, interpreting at the neighboring college (NTID) and often, was mistaken for one of the Deaf students. Post undergrad, I earned a Masters Degree in Deaf Education at Boston University so I could begin making our complicated language of reading and writing English accessible to young Deaf children. Over the course of my career I have taught ASL to all ages and levels of hearing students and English Literacy to all ages and levels of Deaf students. A love for children has recently led me to teach Baby/Toddler Sign classes using ASL.
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Cara T.

Cara T.

starting at
$25 / 30-min

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