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About Vania C.

Somerset, NJ
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Grammar and conversations skills for beginner and intermediate students.
I teach Spanish and English. I've been teaching English for more than 20 years and Spanish for 8 years. I like to focus my classes on students needs. The most important is to make them feel comfortable and motivated. I use a lot of vocabulary, shown with drawings or materials to show examples. My goal is to make students speak the language in a very natural and easy way.

About Vania
I've always been attracted to the rewarding profession of teaching. I've been teaching for the last 20 years and it's been such a privilege to be a positive part of all my students' stories. As a result, I have built life-long, lasting connections with my students. My professional bio and education qualifications include:

• Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science

• Private and public Spanish Instructor
I teach beginning to advanced-level Spanish to persons of all ages. Books, media, dictionaries, age-appropriate games, and flash cards are the materials used for instruction. Students are assessed with oral and written quizzes.

• A variety of certificates of training and teaching, in the realm of Overseas Language Instruction in English and Spanish, Teaching Orientation
s, and Evaluating.

*** Lesson Details ***
They will walk into a highly positive, friendly, warm environment with an instructor who is able to recognize immediately their instructional level and needs, and will be able to connect with them. They will experience immediate results and feed off of their success and be encouraged for future sessions.
Chris S. August 13, 2016
· Spanish · In home
! Vania is an excellent teacher !
Phil L. April 1, 2013
· Spanish ·
Vania is an excellent Spanish instructor

I've taken many Spanish lessons that have ranged from various software programs to personal tutors. Vania is great. She knows how to relate with each person in order to convey concepts. She's the best I have worked with.

She's also very accommodating, since I tend to change my schedule around a lot. She is always flexible to accommodate. Vania is simply great.
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Vania C.

Vania C.

starting at
$40 / 30-min

About Christopher S.

West Columbia, SC
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I lived abroad in Spain for 5 years so I teach mainly Spanish from Spain. But if you need help with grammar or tenses or just a larger vocabulary I am happy to help.

About Christopher
Hello! Hola! Benvenuto! My name is Christopher S. and I am a classical guitarist, composer, polyglot, and experienced language and music teacher.

I am a recent graduate with a Masters of Music degree from the New England Conservatory of Music in Boston, MA. There I studied with the world-renowned guitarist Eliot Fisk who is a direct student of the legendary guitarist Andres Segovia.

Currently I work part time teaching 12 students guitar at the University of South Carolina, in Columbia. I also I teach ukulele, Spanish, Italian, and English to a variety of students online. At the same time I am pursuing a Doctoral degree from the university to strengthen my skills as a guitarist and expand my knowledge as a teacher for higher education. I have also just completed my debut album titled, "Anima - The Music of Spain and Italy for the Gu

This album is a tribute and memorial to an amazing journey I had traveling and living in Europe for 3 years.

After I graduated from my undergraduate degree, I realized that in order to better my skills as a musician and become the guitar teacher I wanted to be I had to travel abroad. I moved to Seville, Spain where for three years I studied the art of classical and flamenco guitar.

I studied with a international known Spanish guitarist named Francisco Bernier at the Conservatory in Seville. During this time I was also teaching English as a second language to high school and middle school students. From traveling and spending so much time in Europe, I also developed and studied my love of languages and I became fluent in Spanish and Italian.

The experienced was an experience of a lifetime and I made many friends working and living abroad that to this day, I still keep in contact with.

If you are interested in having lessons with me, please contact me and we can begin learning the art of making beautiful music or learning the beautiful languages of the Mediterranean! "Hasta pronto!" "A presto!" and "Speak to you soon!"
Cheryl M. November 8, 2017
· Spanish · Online
Only the first meeting but I think it will be 👍🏾,!
Esther C. October 6, 2017
· Guitar · In studio
Christopher is an amazing teacher. I’m so excited for the rest of our lessons.
Ernie M. August 1, 2016
· Ukulele · In studio
Christopher helped me pick up the ukulele and get me from a beginner to an intermediate level and was learning how to pluck by the end of my 5 lessons!
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Christopher S.

Christopher S.

starting at
$20 / 30-min

About Nicola R.

Roanoke Rapids, NC
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Masters in Arts and Spanish, 5+ years of experience tutoring Spanish

About Nicola
2465 Somerset Blvd Apt. 207, Troy, MI 48084
Cell: 248.707.4375
Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green, Ohio
• Masters of Arts in Spanish Language and Literature, May 2017
The University of Texas at Arlington, Arlington, Texas, 2014
• Bachelor of Arts in Communication-Public Relations and Spanish, May 2014
Management, Marketing, Public Relations, Spanish and French classes
Oakland Community College, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, 2011
• Associate of Business Administration, July 2011
General Education, Spanish, and Intro Business, Economics and Management classes

Graduate Assistant in Spanish, Romance and Classical Studies
Bowling Green State University
• Instructor of Introductory Spanish 1010, Augus
t 2016- May 2017
• Substitute Teacher for Italian and Spanish, August 2015-May 2016
• Co-teacher of Spanish, August 2015- December 2016
• Spanish, French and Italian Tutor, August 2015- December 2016

French and Spanish workshop Instructor, BGSU Language Service Group
• Taught basic French and Spanish, October 2016-December 2016

Spanish and Italian teacher, Berlitz Language Center
Bingham Farms, Michigan, June 2016-August 2016
• Spanish and Italian conversation and grammar
• Taught the Berlitz’s direct method

Substitute Teacher for French and Spanish
Arlington Independent School District, Arlington, Texas December 2014-May-2015
• Engaged up to 35 young students in active and responsive learning
• Collaborated as long term substitute for French at Martin High School March 2015-May-2015

Italian Tutor
Take Lessons.com, October 2014- June 2015
• Italian conversation and grammar
• Taught accuracy in dealing with the language

Tutor in English for Spanish-speaking athletes
The University of Texas at Arlington/Athletics October 2014-May 2015
• Collaborated with English and Spanish-speaking athletes on developing writing and reading skills
• Assisted Spanish-speaking students advance their English skills in writing English essays

Tutor in Spanish, French and Business
The University of Texas at Arlington January 2014-May 2014
• Engaged students in development of reading, writing and conversational skills
• Guided students to develop effective study skills for foreign languages

2465 Somerset Blvd. Apt. 207, Troy, MI 48084
Cell: 248.659.2964

BGSU Student Research Conference on Latino/a/x and Latin American Studies, March 29, 2017
“Comida, ciencia y política: los transgénicos y la privatización desde Argentina a Michigan”

During my free time I enjoy working out, playing tennis and going to the movies. I am also passionate about languages and I continuously update my knowledge for using online resources.
• Italian (Native language)
• Spanish (Advanced fluency)
• English (Advanced fluency)
• French (Intermediate fluency)

• Dean’s List, Oakland Community College, Fall 2009-Fall 2010
• Outstanding Transfer Scholarship, University of Texas at Arlington, Fall 2013
• Phi Theta Kappa Scholarship, University of Texas at Arlington, Spring 2012
• Phi Theta Kappa Scholarship, University of Texas at Arlington, Spring 2013
• Dean’s List, University of Texas at Arlington, Fall 2014-Spring 2014
• Graduate with Magna Cum Laude, University of Texas at Arlington, Spring 2014

Certified International Tutor Training, level 1-2 CRLA Program, Bowling Green State University, Ohio
• This certificate demonstrates my training to tutor students and is internationally recognized.

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Nicola R.

Nicola R.

Roanoke Rapids, NC 27870
starting at
$40 / 45-min

About Bryce B.

Issaquah, WA
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I teach in a way that is as focused on the grammar as you want to be. I prefer conversational classes, but for many in traditional classes it is the grammar that they are not understanding.

About Bryce
The best non native Spanish tutor/teacher -

I am a Spanish Language Consultant

I am a concierge tutor meaning that I make every meeting personalized for you. Everyone learns a language differently. For some they just want to speak. For others they want to learn to read or write. And some want to do it all. Either way I will do everything in my power to assure that happens.

Where did I learn Spanish?
I took it in high school like all of us and failed out in the second year. Then seven years later I took a class in Bellevue College and got the best grade in the class. Soon after the class finished I moved to Bogotá, Colombia for a year and half where I really improved my level to near native status. When I was a kid in high school I did not see how cool it is to be able to speak another language nor did I care. However, now it w
as a defining point in my life and something that no one can take away from me.

Because I am more expensive I have fewer clients which gives me more time to focus on you the student. My schedule is also very flexible giving you plenty of freedom over when to meet.

I am connected to a network of native speakers who are all my very close friends who can be included in the sessions when the time is right or whenever you may like.

I have been a Spanish Consultant since 2011 and love doing it. I really get fired up when students begin to take off on their own with the language with less and less of my help.

I don't think you will find a more passionate tutor in the area. The passion comes through in the lessons.

Students who will succeed with me can be of any age but should have these traits if they wish to excel:
Not afraid to make mistakes
Positive attitudes
Open mind
Willingness to think outside of the box
Kevin August 2, 2017
· Spanish · Online
Bryce use a method really effective to learn , we speak all the time in spanish , for me the best teacher in the area.
James July 17, 2017
· Spanish · Online
now my spanish level it's really great, is patient and extremely hepful teacher.
Amy J. July 16, 2017
· Spanish · Online
He's great. Makes you feel comfortable. Makes it specific for you.
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Bryce B.

Bryce B.

starting at
$30 / 30-min

About George Y.

Goleta, CA
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Native Spanish speaker and teacher available for those looking to brush up on their high school Spanish, learn the foundation or enhance it through conversation. Sessions are structured in a relaxed manner the encourages the usage of everyday language and emphasize the important cultural memes and customs other programs don't. I incorporate geographical, historical and political lessons into the sessions which help develop a more well-rounded understanding.

About George
George Y. has been teaching in the public sector for over 3 years. Equally as passionate about learning as he is about teaching, George brings a unique pedagogy that was formulated over years of experience in the grassroots. This pedagogy encompasses a fluid interaction between teacher and student while breaking down hierarchical obstacles.George's teaching style derives not only from his experience in the classroom but has been shaped by his continuous participation in social movements and political organization. This unique perspective and insight will help the willing student reach their academic potential.

George holds a bachelor's degree in Political Science and Associate Degree in Economics from Rutgers University and is completing his Master's Degree in International Affairs. He plans to pursue a PhD upon his graduation and co
ntinue a career in Activist Scholarship.
Matt September 14, 2015
· Social Sciences · In studio
George is both helpful and understanding. He is very easy to talk to and informative on an array of critical topics. I highly recommend him.
Doris Centeno September 13, 2015
· Social Studies · In studio
George has been a colleague of mine for a couple of years. He possess an exemplary pedagogical skill set. He is an erudite in his field who will bring out the best in a student.
Mark September 13, 2015
· Social Sciences · In home
I knew George for a few years and decided to ask him to tutor me in order to prepare for my college exams. Suffice to say that I not only passed my course but learned a great deal more as he made the themes and concepts truly interesting. Highly recommended
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George Y.

George Y.

starting at
$25 / 30-min
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About Gina G.

Charleston, SC
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Gina has taught Spanish language and literature in private lessons and in schools. She teaches school-age children, college students and adults and has prepared students for taking school exams.

About Gina
Gina has been teaching and tutoring foreign languages since 1990. She has a BA and MA in Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and French language and literature.
She has taught both adults and children, in private lessons and in schools.
Gina is a violinist and pianist, performs around the southeast US and teaches violin and piano- in all musical genres.
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Gina G.

Gina G.

starting at
$30 / 30-min

About Malka R.

Brooklyn, NY

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Whether you want it for travel in Latin America, or because you live in an area with lots of native Spanish-speakers, I can help you build your vocabulary and fundamental knowledge of grammatical concepts!
I use a variety of methods, though my teaching is heavily conversation based. I believe conversation needs the foundation for all languages; everything else will fall into place once you learn how to actually express yourself aloud. I also teach using literature/stories/poetry written in the language of focus.
If this is your first time learning a foreign language, Spanish will be your gateway! (And I will be your guide).

About Malka
Dear Potential Students,
Welcome to my page -I am excited to meet you! I have taught private students for about three years now, and I enjoy it immensely. A short biography as it pertains to how we will work together: I spent two years in the world of professional Opera, and three in the Jewish music/clergy world, and experienced music as a powerful connector in both worlds. The human voice is unique in terms of its capability for depth and expression, yet sometimes we don't know how to unlock power of our own voices (literal and metaphorical).
This is where I come in. I offer my clients a way of learning to sing with their unique, authentic voice using a combination of emotional and purely technical tools. Singing is a very vulnerable undertaking, so I take a holistic approach, and I give my students a technique that is easily applied
to virtually any genre of music. Whether you want to pursue a career as an opera singer, rock star, pop singer, or you just want to sing for the sheer pleasure of it doesn't matter. What matters is that you sing. Looking forward to hearing from you!
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Malka R.

Malka R.

starting at
$67 / 30-min

About Pablo G.

Bloomington, IN
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Don´t miss a chance to have a teacher from Spain who will teach you the perfect grammar and accent, along with the most interesting aspects of Spanish and European culture.

With a wide teaching experience in United States, my classes have been shaped to focus on the problems that english speakers usually encounter.

My classes are predesign and structured but always adapted to your level and your learning method preferences.

All the readings and work sheets (.docs, .pdf, etc..) are provided.

Special courses for kids based on games and conversation available.

About Pablo
Hi there, future student! I am from a small offshore town in the mediterranean coast of Spain. In 2012 I started to teach english lessons to kids in my town to get some extra money and pay my studies. Promptly I started to get more and more students, both kids and adults. I noticed that teaching was something that I really liked so I kept teaching for the following four years. I was hired by an english academy to teach part-time to small groups of people.

Last year I move to the United States due to my studies, and I tried to keep doing my favorite hobby: Teaching. I post an announcement for Spanish lessons and it had a very good reception. I love how americans are interested in spanish and it´s so fulfilling to show them something that is a part of me: my language and my culture.

About my personal life, I´m happily married with a wonde
rful turkish woman (what a mix!) and enjoying the lifestyle of America, although I miss Spain so much!
I am a very relax person and I believe humor is the best tool to face any aspect of life, and learning a language is not an exception. I always try to create a relax environment in my classes where jokes and small chats are allowed. Thanks to this method I become friends with many of my old students!

In short, if you are thinking to learn spanish or you want to perfect your accent, or you want a teacher for your kids, or even if you want to drink a beer watching "el clasico" with a spanish, don´t hesitate for a second: just let me know and I would do whatever is in my hands to make you succeed in your "spanish goals"

Dear future student, I am looking forward teaching you very very soon. Best, Pablo.
Sarah November 9, 2017
· Spanish · In home
What a great way to learn Spanish! Pablo just make it so easy and fun that getting the class was always a pleasure. I definitely recommend him. If you want to learn Spanish, he is your man.
Emmy November 9, 2017
· Spanish · Online
Pablo is an awesome teacher! He makes every lesson super fun and interesting; there is never a dull moment! I couldn't recommend him more. Excited to keep taking lessons with him. ¡Muchas gracias por todo, Pablo!
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Pablo G.

Pablo G.

starting at
$15 / 30-min

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