Jennifer L.

Jennifer L.


Ricochet for a Flexible Bow Hold

This video is great for fundamental to advanced players. To achieve a "ricochet" or rebounding bow stroke, your bow hand needs to be flexible and released of tension. By practicing ricochet, you wil... Show More

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I finally decided to take the leap to improve on my violin technique/skills/playing, which had come to a standstill after trying to figure the instrument out by myself. I knew I needed guidance and correction in many areas, which after the very first lesson with Jennifer, I knew I had made a very wise decision. Lessons with Jennifer is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. She is very patient, kind and easy to understand. I have high hopes now that one day, I’ll be able to play the violin and actually enjoy the music I make on it instead of cringe, lol. I highly recommend her!

Posted Jul 23, 2022

My daughter started online lessons with Jennifer at the beginning of the pandemic. After a year and a half of lessons my daughter said she could sight read music like reading a book and her musical ability had greatly improved. We did choose to eventually find in person classes, at Jennifer’s suggestion, as she felt that is the best way to learn. My daughter still misses Jennifer and her teaching style almost a year later.

Posted Jan 12, 2022