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Molly M.


Free Your Natural Sound With One Easy Exercise!

Do you feel that your sound is trapped? Have you been told you have tongue tension? Maybe you feel you have to MAKE your voice sound a certain way. If any of this describes you as a singer, then this ... Show More

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Teacher's Studio

Molly is what a teacher she be ! Friendly, her teaching style is a student's dream. 1st she very knowledgeable in many different. Things regarding music and theater too many to name. 2nd she knows how teach in a style. where if you do A, B and C you will be able to learn what she a teaching you . 3. She know's when praise you when you are doing good things and when to give you constructive criticism IN A POSSATIVE WAY... so you can improve your skills which is a very great thing which also helps you build your confidence up ! 4. If i could give her 10 stars i would

Posted Feb 4, 2023
Teacher's Studio

Molly is an outstanding teacher, very supportive and gives helpful feedback to help me progress.

Posted Jan 13, 2023

Very welcoming teacher. She allows you to make mistakes and feel very comfortable while you learn. Molly has great energy while teaching and appears to love teaching her students since she is so involved in the material being taught. Loved her as my first ever voice teacher. Recommend her especially for new beginners in learning to sing.

Posted Jan 10, 2023
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