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Sheet Music Analysis for Singing Actors - Singing Class

Sheet Music Analysis for Singing Actors - Singing Class

Created by Louise G.
All ages
Each session, we will focus on one or two pieces of sheet music written for voice and piano. Our analysis will consist of speaking/clapping rhythms, sight singing/using the piano to read pitches, identifying tempo markings, dynamic markings, expression/articulation markings, key changes, and more. We will use the information to better understand notated music/musical vocabulary and how to apply ... Show More

Teaches all skill levels

Teaching since 2006

Fine Arts and Academics Instructor

Summer Music Theatre Workshop


Age: 6+

Speaks English, Spanish

Has background check

Hello! My name is Louise, and I have a vast amount of teaching experience in diverse subjects. I am primarily, a performer and voice teacher. My bachelor's degree is in vocal performance; I have over 2 decades of experience singing vocal solos, choral music, performing musical theatre roles, and competing in auditions and contests. I have over ... Show More