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Learn to Play: Tchaikovsky - Piano Class

Learn to Play: Tchaikovsky - Piano Class

Created by Sabrina P.
Age: 7+
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In this fun interactive class, you'll learn how to play songs from Tchaikovsky! There are many songs that are well-loved by Tchaikovsky, but many are not specifically written for piano, however, I have access to many lovely arrangements of pieces like Romeo and Juliet, Swan Lake, and Nutcracker. There are also numerous pieces written for piano by Tchaikovsky that you may not know yet - but they ar... Show More

Teaches all skill levels

Teaching since 2010

Piano Teacher

Classical Piano Conservatory Student

Grade 8 Practical Piano Exam

Age: 7+

Speaks English, Italian, MandarinChinese

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I've been banging on the piano since I was 3, but piano became more structured when I turned 7 and I've loved piano so much since then! I've been classically trained in the US and then later in Italy, but I've been playing since early 2001. My favorite genre is Modern Japanese Classical music (fancy name for anime and video game music). While stu... Show More