Jillian V.

Jillian V.


Journal Prompts To Begin

This video will offer journal prompts for reflection to help begin the the healing journey. These prompts can be reflected upon as consistently as needed. Recommend a physical journal.

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I feel so lucky to have been paired with Jillian! Been taking lessons from her for a year for singing. She provides such a loving, safe space for singers of all skill levels. Jillian has such a great background in music! She understood my unique style and helps me develop my vocal range and confidence as a singer and song writer. She’s so passionate about helping people and has such a warm and loving personality. Honestly feel like she’s become a friend as well as one of my favorite instructors ever. Thank you for believing in my voice and challenging me to do more! I couldn’t recommend her more to anyone with any range of experience in singing. Whether you’ve been singing all your life or just starting out! And any musical style! She also plays and teaches piano, is a music therapist, yoga instructor, etc. and has incredible skill and talent herself! She brings all of her experience to a uniquely crafted session. You won’t regret learning from her! We also dive into other things that block us from not going for it. Thanks for being an amazing listener, teacher, and human!

Posted Dec 19, 2022

I've had a lot of voice teachers in the past, but with Jillian, I've NEVER seen so much progress in such little time! She's really the GOAT! I always had very little confidence when it came to my voice but she put all those fears to rest! She exudes passion and knowledge with every session, and she's teached me in 1 lesson what my other teachers couldn't in various sessions. Love this woman to death! And I know with Jillian by my side, I'll achieve all my dreams and goals in no time!

Posted Aug 22, 2022
Teacher's Studio

Jillian is a miracle worker! Most of my life I believed I was tone deaf and never sang. I only started singing lessons after reading how it was great for mental health during Covid. Fast forward a year of working with Jillian, and I just received high praise at an open mic for emotional expressiveness, pitch accuracy and high notes. This is CRAZY. I've gained ear training skills, breath support, accuracy, a solid two and a half octave range (had less than half that when we started), and the ability to express my emotions and touch others through music. Jillian is that rare gem of a teacher who was capable of helping me get there from zero. She's incredibly supportive, but will also push you to new levels. You walk out of her lessons filled with joy for music and more in love with life. Could not recommend Jillian more sincerely and enthusiastically - whatever level you are, working with her is a gift!

Posted Jun 17, 2022
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