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Marie H.


Storytelling & Chord Progressions

Sometimes rather than focusing on one idea or one emotion that drives the momentum of a creative idea, it can be helpful to build overarching framework. To see songwriting as a process no different f... Show More

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Marie is unlike any other teacher imaginable! She is VERY experienced, well educated in MANY subjects, and super attentive to each individual voice. Marie uses her vocal and musical expertise to build custom techniques tailored to each student to ensure proper support, enhanced tonality, and increased power in all voices. She is truly amazing and will help you find and control your voice, highlighting your capabilities and overall uniqueness. Marie is also well skilled in other areas of music and has been helping me out with Piano as well. She's a godsend!

Posted Jan 17, 2023
Teacher's Studio

Marie is Absolutely Amazing. She knows so much and teaches the best! Marie is the best! Ty Marie for helping me so much.

Posted Nov 13, 2022
Teacher's Studio

Marie is So cool. Marie’s classes are the best. I always look forward to her open mics and all of her music theory classes. Marie has really cool things that she teaches in classes. She is the best. Check out her classes. I promise you will love lessons with Marie

Posted Nov 9, 2022
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