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Modes and the Nashville Number System - Bass Guitar Class

Modes and the Nashville Number System - Bass Guitar Class

Created by Greg C.
All ages
In this class, you will obtain an entry-level understanding of The major scale, also known as the Ionian mode, the Nashville number system, and how it is imperative to know the Ionian mode to understand the number system no matter the genre. In addition to introducing the 7 modes and why you should learn them all.

Teaches all skill levels

Teaching since 1989


Worship arts

Age: 5+

Speaks English

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Hey Musician! I am thrilled to help you reach your full potential! I hope you will choose me to assist you in avoiding common obstacles in your progress. I am eager to help you excel on your instrument! I have been teaching private lessons since I was 13 years old. I play fretted and fretless bass, electric and acoustic guitar, ukulele, drums, and... Show More
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