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These Violin teachers are highly rated by students in the Alexandria area

Private Violin Teacher

Classical, traditional method and Suzuki method. Studied with Dr. John Kendall, founder of the Suzuki method for the United States. Have played with Southern Illinois University orchestra and the St. Louis Symphony exhibition concert. Have performed in Europe, North America and Asia.

About Mel

I have tons of experience and formal university training in music education. I know how to take the complex and make it simple.

There are very good reasons my students rise to the top. Experience makes a difference, and I have more professional teaching experience than 99% of other instructors.

Learning the best way, helps you learn faster and have fun while you succeed!


October 10, 2019
Explains everything in detail , moves in a progress in which I retain the knowledge very Easy.
I highly recommend Mel.
Very calm , collect and patient.
June 11, 2019
best ever
February 7, 2019
levi M.
Mel is a great teacher and his many past experiences in the music field have given him tons of knowledge. he has a simple and effective way of teaching music and theory. he listens to the way you learn and adapts his methods to best suit you.

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Mel P.


Private Violin Teacher

All of my students learn to love playing violin first before getting into the nitty-gritty, which we do! My lessons are student-led, meaning, which ever level you are on is where we start and it's up to US to get you to the next level. Each week you will learn scales, exercises and performance repertoire. I have taught violin for 15 years and my students have excelled by moving up chairs in school, participating in honors orchestras and more!

About Amy

Without any musical training at age five my gut told me that I had the innate ability to understand music & that I would make music for the rest of my life. This thought has become my truth. It is this truth that drives me to inspire & teach others in cultivating their own musical truth. Some want music as a way a life & others are looking for an outlet, while others still only want music for themselves for fun. I believe I am equipped with the passion, drive & innovation to serve others in reaching their musical goals. Whether playing solo, in orchestras, chamber groups or bands, I like to incorporate all that I have learned through the years. My experience with strings began with bluegrass fiddling, followed by teaching myself to play guitar & then viola. In my spare time I like to write my own music & play with groups in which

I can improvise. Music has come to influence all areas of my life & what I have learned from my five-year-old-self is that it always will.

April 11, 2018
Candice L.
Amy is a wonderfully gifted teacher! My teen daughter loves her teaching style and encouraging personality. Amy has a knack for understanding a student's strengths and weaknesses and guiding them to reaching their potential. We highly recommend her!
January 27, 2017
Finnian Jones
My 2nd grade daughter is enthralled with learning the guitar and Amy deserves much of the credit. Her teaching skills are perfect for my daughter - fun, interactive and at the right level! I am thrilled we found Amy and look forward to watching my daughter's guitar skills grow! - Jen
January 22, 2017
Harini Iyer
Amy is a super friendly and knowledgeable tutor! I loved all our lessons and hope to get more lessons with her in the future.

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Amy N.


Private Violin Teacher

Much of my methods are derived from my doctoral dissertation studies in the field of Sports Psychology. I apply my teaching methods to develop and increase control of muscular and mental functions, accuracy, precision, discipline, mental awareness and overall coordination in violin performance. I am eager to share my knowledge and experience in sports psychology and to emphasize the general psychological benefits and contribution to human enrichment.

​My students earn numerous accolades, such as Concertmaster and title positions in the: Colburn Chamber and Los Angeles Youth Orchestras, Santa Monica High School Chamber Orchestra, Idyllwild Music Festival Symphony and Chamber Orchestras, Interlochen Music Festival, Honor Orchestra of America, and Santa Monica High School Symphony and Chamber Orchestra, Palisades High School Symphony; Grand Prize in the Fifth International Colibri Music Competition, Westside Committee of the Los Angeles Philharmonic Student Scholarships and ...

About Dimitry

My teaching principles are based on outlining the advantageous mental and physical practice techniques revealed through research in Sports Psychology. These methods help my students strategically overcome the numerous psychological obstacles in order to develop a consistently high level of performance.

I share with students my Sports Psychology research that focuses on common triggers for performance anxiety and stage fright. By assessing the students’ performances, I design an applicable daily practice plan which gears to establish better control over the physical and psychological symptoms known to negatively impact performance. Applying these principles also helps in the development of increased control of muscular and mental functions, accuracy, precision, discipline, mental awareness and overall coordination. By incorporating kn

owledge of Sports Psychology in my lessons, I hope to educate about the existing relationship between mental process and physical execution and the impact one has on the other.

For professional athletes and musicians, performing under pressure is an inescapable element of their careers. Given the current levels of performance excellence and the consequent fierceness of competition, consistency in performance quality is indispensible in attaining the degree of professionalism. This implied link between musical and athletic disciplines is a logical one. Similarly to athletes, musicians must achieve high levels of technical skill, efficient movement patterns, acute focus, composure and extreme concentration, all while maintaining a consistently high level of performance.

Musicians ‘play’ music as athletes ‘play’ sports. Therefore, like sports, a musical performance is a physical activity with extreme demands on technical facility, training ethics, discipline, deliberate practice, structure, dedication, determination, motivation and inspiration. Like sports, it is a form of self-expression, performed in front of an audience and demanding astounding mastery of the human mind and body. Both performance practices provide the performer with opportunities for excellence, though the journey may bring forth intense pressures, challenges, anxieties, fears and psychological phobias. Adapting the methods and principles developed by research in sports psychology, affords tremendous advantage in a musician’s constant desire to elevate, not only the quality, but also the consistency of quality in their performance.

July 15, 2019
Kiran L.
I started learning violin from Dr. Dimitry 1 month ago because, unlike other teachers, I found Dr. Dimitry very honest in specifying the subtleties and nuances, especially the snaggy ones which make the violin one of the most challenging instruments to learn. Although his classes were very expensive, I chose him as he was a straightforward and experienced violinist and I never compromise on the quality of teaching. Also, being a doctoral student myself, I know what it means to earn a Ph.D. and that too in music.

Now, it has been one month, and I enjoy his classes. His analogies and examples are an apt way of understanding the techniques of playing the violin. Though Dr. Dimitry is an advanced violinist, he is very patient with absolute beginners. To sum up, I would highly recommend him to people who are very serious and determined to learn and practice the violin.
February 16, 2019
A true professional and a great teacher! I have been taking violin lessons now for 6 months with Dr. Dimitri Olevsky, having switched to Dimitri after having had a mediocre experience with my previous teacher. Wow…what a difference. Dimitri ably blends his extensive knowledge, talent, and seriousness about his craft with a witty sense of humor. He is able to simplify the complexities of violin technique so that it is truly feels accessible. Highly recommended.
February 11, 2019
Dr. Olevsky was immediately able to improve my playing with direct, practical advice. He is concerned with efficient practice and in making the maximum amount of progress in the time that one has. He is highly knowledgable about the audition process and the real day to day of being a professional performing violinist. I have been playing for 15+ years and find Dimitry's lessons very challenging and stimulating.

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Dimitry O.


Private Violin Teacher

Music lessons with me are FUN! I am here to help you learn and support you along your journey.

My teaching method is special because it is tailored specifically to your needs. You are welcome if you're brand new to violin or if you've played for years.

I have been teaching privately and in music schools for 22 years and beginners are my specialty! I teach ages 4+. We learn songs that you are interested in. You will receive a balanced music education that covers all aspects of playing music.

About Mary E

I am a professional violin/fiddle player and singer, and I perform and teach music classes all over Manhattan and Brooklyn. I truly enjoy teaching and love seeing to the students needs and fulfilling what they need in order to progress as a musician. You are the most important part of our classes.

I worked for the NYC Department of Education as a substitute classroom and general music teacher (2015-2018). I have a background in students with special needs and special education. Se habla espanol.

I was award a full-tuition scholarship through an audition for the North American World Scholarship Program to attend Berklee College of Music. There I earned a Bachelor of Music in Violin Performance (2003).

I have been teaching and performing music professionally for 23 years. I began my studies as a young child with the Suzuki Method (whic

h focuses on learning by ear, substantial parental involvement, and only later reading music.) In high school I began studying jazz/blues improvisation, composition, and music theory. At Berklee College of Music I focused on jazz and all kinds of contemporary and traditional music.

After graduating I was awarded a position at the Henry Mancini Institute (2003) in Los Angeles and was privileged to work with some of the biggest names in music including Diana Krall and Christian McBride.

My favorite type of music to play these days is traditional Irish folk music, or "Irish trad". For the past few years I have immersed myself heavily in New York's traditional Irish music scene. I play regularly at several establishments in New York City alongside some of the city's finest Irish music players.

A large part of my teaching style is that you are having FUN, you are enjoying what you are learning, no matter your skill level. Even if you are an absolute beginner, we might work on playing the chorus or the riff of the song. For example, one year I had a very happy 6-year old boy learn the theme to Star Wars and another college student learning the music of MGMT.

October 14, 2018
Mary-Elizabeth taught me violin for 2 years. I was brand new and she made picking up violin easy and enjoyable. She recognizes current and future problems and suggests exercises to correct them. She always has a positive attitude, which helped me avoid getting frustrated. Her classes were relaxed and thorough. I could not have asked for a better teacher!
October 3, 2018
I have a great experience of teaching with Mary ! I was already violonist but she helped me discover the wonderful world of fiddle music. I had a complete classical training and I wanted to be more free with my music so Traditional Irish tunes where the best !
Mary is very kind, patient, sweet, funny and will know how to adjust to your need without any doubt. She is a awesome musician in a great variety of music so have your pick !
October 1, 2018
We met Mary-Elizabeth for the first time in January 2009 by recommendation of The Royal Danish Academy of Music.
We were looking for a private violin teacher for my daughter Elisabeth, age 13, who at that time had never played an instrument before and was clearly shy and nervous about the project.
From the very first lesson, Mary-Elizabeth not only showed the skills and the basic technique of teaching the violin to younger children, but most impressing was her enthusiasme and joy that immidiately spread to the student. You could tell, that this was a teacher who loved playing too!!
And that opened all the doors for the difficult practising and today I have a daughter who enjoys so much playing that she brings the violin on every holiday to make sure she always has the instrument nearby!
I can sincerely recommend Mary-Elizabeth for teaching and I guarantee you, the students will love playing and look foreward to her lessons!

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Mary E H.



Nicole P.


Bgcheck Background Checked

Private Violin Teacher

Each lesson is tailored to the individual's unique technical needs and musical goals. I do not believe in any "one size fits all" approach, and instead draw inspiration from several pedagogues and methods to find the best fit for each student. While technique is a major emphasis, lessons are always fun and energetic. I have taught beginners through undergraduate music majors. While some of my students go on to major in music and study at major conservatories, others simply take lessons just for fun - to have a creative outlet, participate in orchestra, or simply enjoy music for its own sake. I enjoy teaching everyone, at every age and stage, no matter the reason!

About Nicole

I have been teaching privately for more than 15 years. In that time, I've taught at arts high schools, conservatories, colleges/universities, at music stores, and out of my home. I am active as a performer, and believe that it is critical for teachers to stay relevant in the field. I have performed all over the US, South America, Europe, and Asia in both chamber and solo recitals; have been a member or sub with professional symphonies and opera companies around the country; and regularly appear with famous artists from other genres. Recent highlights include Weird Al Yankovic, Henry Winkler, Seal, Styx, Johnny Mathis, and several of the Video Games Live traveling shows.
My real passion, however, is teaching! I currently teach 40 students in Frisco ISD, and several more at my home in Roanoke. Prior to moving to Texas, I ran the String

Project at Virginia Tech, where I had the sincere pleasure of shaping an engaging learning environment for 200 K-12 string players! I also founded the Radford Youth Strings, so that kids who were not able to travel for lessons still had the opportunity to participate in music.
I value the genuine friendships that I have built with my students and their families, and hope to add you to our community!

July 29, 2019
Nicole was a Godsend for my adolescent daughter when she started taking lessons with her at age 12. She had had a bad experience with a prior teacher and was losing her motivation to play and practice. Nicole was extremely kind, patient and encouraging yet held my daughter to very high standards. Due to her instruction, my daughter was able to play in some elite pre-professional chamber groups and recently was a prize winner at a Concerto competition. Nicole always had my daughter’s best interests at heart and went above and beyond to provide opportunities for her to excell at the instrument and feel confident about herself and her playing. I highly recommend Nicole for any level of player!

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Nicole P.



Ramona D.

Bgcheck Background Checked

Private Violin Teacher

20 years experience teaching violin from beginner to advanced. I am patient yet precise and can get students to achieve next level in their abilities quickly and with no drama.

About Ramona

My name is Ramona Dickinson. I have been saught out to teach violin from the time I was profiecient at it. In college, I studied violin performance and education. I have made a profession out of performing and educating in the classroom and one on one. But my greatest acomplishment are my three children. All of which are under 5, at this point anyway. And that brings me to online teaching, the next stage in my career, so I can continue to care for and bring up a thriving next generation while supplementing our income to make ends meet. Thank you for taking this journey with me, I will earn your trust with the results you or your child will see in learning the art of playing the violin.


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Ramona D.


Private Violin Teacher

Violin lessons for all levels, from starters to last conservatory years or masterclasses, international experience in regular teaching (and playing of course) and assistant prestigious Professors, also around Europe, Russian school.

About Leonor

Violin is my life as i consider also violin teaching, and playing of course, i believe that everyone talent can be developed properly with the rigorous academical-violinistic and asthetical formation, as i luckily recieved, i had studied with a pupil of Jacques Thibaud and David Oistrakh, heads of two of the most relevant violin schools. Will be a pleasure to start lessons with you.


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Leonor T.


Private Violin Teacher

I have been teaching music lessons for 4 years. I love to teach all ages and all styles of violin. I am a classically trained violinist but I play all kinds of music- bluegrass, jazz, pop etc! I’d love to talk with you and figure out a lesson plan that fits everything you’re looking to learn.

About Sydney

Hi! I’m a violin performance and music composition major at UGA. I love to teach violin, viola and composition.


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Sydney D.


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Violin Reviews

Ewa Jodlowska
"Brittany is a great instructor. She shows enthusiasm and lots of patience. I have been going to her for half a year now. Every week we learn something new
and we also revisit past lessons."
Tiffany (student)
"Jesse is a great teacher. He is very patient and caring. He taught my daughter at her pace. He tried using different methods to help my daughter to com
prehend quicker and easier. I came there 10 minutes early. He started the lesson immediately. Also at the end of the lesson, he allowed parent time to discuss any concern I might have. We like Jesse a lot!"
Erin Treacy
"I've really enjoyed my lessons so far. Amy is a great teacher - very personable, patient, and funny, which makes learning a great experience!"
"Fantastic, very professional and well prepared."
"I highly recommend Jaclyn. My son was struggling with his practices, she worked with him and gave him the confidence to succeed."
Daniella Davis
"My first lesson was wonderful , I had been trying to learn on my own for the last three months, Mimis instruction was very helpful. She was friendly warm
and encouraging. I look forward to my next lesson. I was a little intimidated by her vast experience , she reassured me and put my fears at ease. She also has experience teaching adults which is what I was looking for . I am 50 years old and have no experience playing violin ."
"My 12 year old daughter had her first violin lesson today and this is her response on why she is giving Kendra a 5 star
- she
was patient when I didn’t understand something
-she was good at explaining “how to” do different things throughout the lesson that I could understand
-she was overall really nice"
"She is a great teacher and fantastic musician

My son had several teachers and she is the best. She is able to keep the lesson interesting and challenging
while always remaining on a positive note. I now can really see the progress my son is making. It is a sheer pleasure and inspiration, hearing her play her own violin."
"This is an exceptional Instructor...

I initially joined Take Lessons to provide Piano instruction to my youngest daughter, that did not work out too well
. I had already paid in advance and so with the remaining balance I decided to provide My older daughter with Violin Instruction since she is playing for her school.
Peter came in and has improved my daughter's talent in such a short time that it's almost unexplainable. He connects, he's precise, and he's easy going. In no time my daughter could literally read music as per his instruction. He's done wonders.

I highly recommend Peter to anyone looking for the right instructor. Thanks."

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