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About Kay B.

Cypress, CA
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I have been crocheting since I was seven years old. I have made hundreds of projects. I specialize in baby apparel but I also make specialty items such as: purses, scarves, beanies, headbands, and blankets. There isn't much I cannot make with a pattern by my side.

About Kay
I have been teaching Piano for 16 years now. I have taught students from age 2 1/2 - Adult. I was self-taught when I was a kid and begun taking formal lessons as a very young adult in my early twenties. I graduated from CSULB with my BA in Music with a concentration on Voice. As a Music major you spend a lot of time at the Piano. I became a member of MTAC in 2004 and a member of Sigma Alpha Iota in 1998. I have a great passion for Music and a bigger passion for the Piano and sharing the wonders of how beautiful the Piano really is.

*** Lesson Details ***
In my opinion, piano is the hardest instrument to learn but the most rewarding. If you can play piano you can pretty much play any instrument. I believe that a piano lesson should be fun. I'm a strict teacher with a smile and a giggle. I push my students to greatness while helping the
m love the piano through the good times and the bad. I'm a very encouraging but honest teacher. I compliment when warranted and I assess not so good performances in an honest but encouraging manner. I always let a student know that though their performance was not their best, they can and will improve. It's always only a matter of time. I use the Schaum and Nevin series depending on the student's personality. I teach Classical and Pop Music. It's important for a student to learn the Classics just as important as it is for them to play things they like. I find the happy balance between the two. I teach Beginning to Intermediate levels. I also like to incorporate Music theory into the lessons because understanding the mechanics of Music helps make playing and creating Music much easier to accomplish. A typical lesson will start off with a hand drill warm up. We then will move on to the lesson book and repertoire. Theory will be assigned as homework. I look it over at the beginning of the lesson and discuss it and answer any questions in the last five minutes of class. Baby lessons go as followed: 15 mins. of play time and 15 mins of Music theory. I like to keep structure in my lessons but sprinkle a little joy and laughter to keep the atmosphere light. It makes for a much more attentive Piano student.

*** Travel Equipment ***
I expect the student to have a Piano or Keyboard of some sort. I may provide music on occasion.

*** Specialties ***
Classic and Pop
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Kay B.

Kay B.

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$40 / 30-min

About Julia A.

New York, NY
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Crocheting is a hobby I picked up some years ago. It is great for reducing stress all while fostering creativity!
If you would like to learn crochet for the first time, or simply get back in the habit, I would be happy to crochet with you! Please contact me if you would like to know what I cover, as well as if you have any requests.
Starter Tip: For the beginner, I recommend working with viscose or acrylic yarn, as it is easier to work with when determining gauge (space between each stitch).

About Julia
Hi! My name is Julia A. I have been tutoring students of all ages and skill levels at learning centers, colleges, libraries and schools since 2008.

My instruction extends nationwide, with students from all corners of the US, utilizing online tutoring services such as Skype.

My main field of study is in MATH (trig, algebra, geometry, precalculus), CHEMISTRY (high school and college), and PHYSICS (high school and college).

I completed my Bachelors in Physics and Mathematics Education at Hunter University and have gained experience with both in-person and online group instruction and curriculum development.

Some examples of the students I have tutored are: Elementary school students preparing for State competitions and exams; High school and College students in preparance for entrance exams, and in subjects such as algebra, geom
etry, trig, precalc, chemistry and physics.

I do Regents and SAT/ACT prep for these subjects as well as the GRE (These are NYS based High School Preparatory Exams - do not hesitate to ask should you need assistance with the ones offered in your state/country).

In addition, I am thorough and meticulous, by paying special attention to how the student grasps information and retains it, I prepare individualized handwritten reviews, with supplemental material found online and in texts.

I assign homework to keep my students ahead of what is going on in class, and a visual and intuitive understanding of the concepts I present is important to me, so I use visual aids (diagrams and interactive models) to help my students integrate what they learn with me in real life situations.

My instruction includes:
1. Tutoring based on the school curriculum
2. Instruction on the home-schooling curriculum
3. Assisting those with a gap in going back to school/university.

I start with an assessment based on what the student has trouble with or last remembers covering in school, and prepare material going from there.

As a result, my students all have improved grades without any need for cramming before tests, and I encourage a stress-free and easygoing learning environment.

My lessons are fun and enthusiastic - these subjects are beautiful and will help open your mind to new ways of thinking - whatever your field of study!
Elizabeth A. December 12, 2017
· Chemistry · Online
Julia was very organized and well informed about chemistry. She was so much help. I would definitely use her again.
Oleg September 19, 2017
· Math · Online
Great help to our 9y.o., who is exploring math. Clear explanation, additional materials, and a nice memo after each lesson. Thank you! Will do again!
Kate July 27, 2017
· Algebra · Online
Julia creates her own curriculum which is better than anything my daughters receive in their schools.
I see marked improvements in their grades for this past year, and my eldest is actually skipping fourth grade as a result of lessons. I am astounded as to my girls' progress, and greatly appreciative of our tutor's expertise.
Her patient, methodical approach to teaching is why I see us remaining with her for all of our educational instruction. She has already taught arithmetic to my youngest (3rd grade), and algebra to my eldest (starting 5th this sept!), and is proceeding with more advanced math with no issue whatsoever. I cannot recommend her enough.
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Julia A.

Julia A.

starting at
$33 / 30-min

About Sarah A.

Meridian, MS
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I've been crocheting since I was 12. I taught myself how to read from crochet patterns. I still crochet on a regular basis and I am always looking for a new project. I would love to help you develop this wonderful hobby.

About Sarah
I trained at William Carey University and graduated Cum Laude with a degree in music in 2014. I have taught in an Elementary setting for the past two years and am most skilled at teaching children. I was a part of the Music Therapy program for a while and I am comfortable teaching children with special needs. I believe that music can be taught to anyone and I look forward to teaching your child.
Anne Marie T. December 23, 2016
· Singing · In studio
Another great lesson
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Sarah A.

Sarah A.

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$20 / 25-min

About Tokia C.

Laurel, MD
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Scraves? Hats? Oh, why of course! I can assist you with making some basic essentials and I can help you elevate your creations to personalized levels. Ever see a scarf with a design or words crocheted within it? Well, I can teach you how to do that as well!

In my course you will learn:
How to start a chain
Single Stitch
Double Stitch
Triple Stitch
Reading Patterns
Inlay Patterns
Crochet in the Round
Changing Yarn Colors
Ridged Patterns
Keyhole Patterns
Shirts & More

You will love what you can create once you leave my courses! Each lesson will with tangible creations that you will get to take home and practice.

Note: Please bring a jumbo ball of yarn, and basic crochet needle kit to each class. Supplies are not provided. Patterns, and techniques are taught and given during each lesson. Please inquire if you have concerns about which crochet needle kit to obtain (http://www.michaels.com/10031900.html#q=crochet+needle&start=11).

Please contact me ...

About Tokia
With over a decade of snatching microphones and captivating audiences, Tokia's (2Deep’s) resume reads like Who’s Who travel guide. From Cornell University to Ottawa University, American University to Penn State, United States to Australia, this German born-Alabama raised entertainer has spoken to crowds all over the globe. She’s opened for the late Gil Scott-Heron and performed for President Barack Obama’s first inaugural celebrations at the Washington National Cathedral. She welcomes a freshman class to American University annually and has spoken out against domestic violence on legislative floors in Maryland. She keeps busy hosting two monthly, sold out shows (ten years). Armed with a BFA & MFA she's more than equipped to speak her mind before a crowd & teach how you can do it too!
Diane October 13, 2017
· Spoken Word · Online
Great first lesson! Looking forward to many more!
Annette B. September 27, 2017
· Speaking Voice · Online
She is great cant wait for me next lesson
Michelle September 5, 2017
· Crocheting · Online
She was awesome.
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Tokia C.

Tokia C.

starting at
$20 / 60-min

About Ellen D.

New York, NY
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What would you like to learn? Basic stitching or specific techniques? Learn how to use Ravelry. Get help with a current project. Are you left-handed? Bonus! I teach righty or lefty as needed.

Make a list of “Things I Want to Work On” and we can put together a great lesson plan and schedule. Here are some skills and techniques to think about to get your list started. Ask me about anything else, if you don’t see it here:

Stitches and Techniques –
• Basic or advanced stitches
• Increases and decreases
• How to read charts
• Hyperbolic crochet
• Crochet in the round
• Tunisian crochet (Afghan stitch)
• Bead crochet to embellish projects or make jewelry

Math Made Easy -
• Reading the Yarn Ball Band for yarn weights and hook sizes
• Gauge and substituting yarn
• Tackle your niggly math questions

About Ellen
Whether you want to begin knitting or crocheting, or already love to, there’s always something new to learn. I love all aspects of knitting and crochet - color, texture, and creation. And I love sharing all this with my students. I personally enjoy the math of it, and can help make it easy if math is not your “thing”.

Would you like to learn basic skills, hone current ones , or enhance your experience with new techniques? If you're in the middle of a project and need help, or have specifice technique(s) you'd like to work on, consider booking a 15 minute class, or a series of them.

Choose from these subjects, or tell me what you’d like to work on:

• Reading the Yarn Ball Band - Why the information on it is helpful and important
• How to use Ravelry - A knitting community full of useful information
• Fiber Math…Yes you can
- How to understand gauge and yarn weights/quantities.
• How to Read and Translate Charts
• Help with a Current Project – Understanding a pattern, technique, or correcting a mistake
• Knitting Lace and Openwork Basics – How to do increases and decreases
• Bead Crochet – Crochet necklaces and bracelets, or embellish knitting or crochet projects with beads.
• Hyperbolic Crochet – For those that love math or want to learn how to crochet curves from a flat surface (think of coral, or the edge of a curly lettuce leaf like kale)
• Your wish list of knitting or crochet skills…

I have been teaching since 2012 and am available to teach lessons online and in NYC. I learned teaching skills from some of the most loved and respected teachers in well-known stores, teaching venues, and events. I look forward to working with you to achieve your goals, and have fun while we work together. As an added bonus, I teach both right and left handed as needed. Do you need a time, place, or topic not listed here? Just ask. We can probably work something out.

Enrich your fiber crafting experience. What would you like to learn? Contact me and let’s get started.
Danielle June 2, 2017
· Knitting · In studio
Ellen is the best knitter/crocheter I've ever met. She's saved several of my projects. She's very patient, doesn't make me feel stupid and she's very helpful. I'd recommend her without reservation.
Carol March 16, 2017
· ·
Ellen is a great knitter and a great teacher. She has a lot of expertise and patience. She has been knitting for years and knows how to convey it to he students. I definitely recommend her!
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Ellen D.

Ellen D.

starting at
$15 / 15-min
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About Cheryl C.

Houston, TX

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New students are taught how to hold the hook and yarn, shown different crochet materials, how to read yarn labels, and create and maintain tension. Starting chains, stitch height and the importance of stitch count are also taught. Students will learn a variety of stitches including the slip stitch, single, half double, double, treble, "X" stitch, front-and back-post stitches, and how to combine them for interest and texture. They will be proud to show off their first project!

About Cheryl
Crochet is my passion and God-given talent and I love to share what I learn with others! I've been crocheting off and on since age 10 via books, dedicated teachers, YouTube, crochet magazines, and online communities including Ravelry, Pinterest, crochet blogs, yarn company websites to name a few. I love trolling for online patterns, can interpret the unique crochet "language" and have literally binders full of crochet patterns I've saved over the years.

Friends and family know what to to expect from me as gifts--handmade crochet items. They have encouraged me to sell my creations...

I've been teaching for almost 10 years, offering private and group lessons up to five students. Also, I am a current member of the Crochet Guild of America (CGOA) since 2009.

Lessons are designed for folks who have never picked up a crochet hook or w
ho want to refresh their skills or learn new ones. Lessons are available online, at your home or my studio.
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Cheryl C.

Cheryl C.

starting at
$30 / 60-min

About Mallary N.

Grand Rapids, MI
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Are you a hands on learner? I love to teach one on one sessions. I have experience with teaching beginners, reading and writing patterns, and selling crochet creations online and at craft shows. I am unwaveringly patient and have taught a variety of learners. I hope that you will consider being my next student.

About Mallary
I have three loves in my life, my family, being a nurse, and crochet. I am self taught by the book, which means I have first hand experiences breaking through the barriers that come with learning to crochet.
I have a flexible schedule because my primary occupation allows me to work 3 long days per week delivering babies. My lesson hours will be on an individualized schedule, I will be happy to arrange various times and dates that work for you.
I have a tremendous amount of patience, which I attribute to my two small children and loving husband. My love for crochet comes from seeing the joy on ones face after receiving a handmade crochet creation. Let me teach you to love crochet as well.
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Mallary N.

Mallary N.

Grand Rapids, MI 49525
starting at
$15 / 60-min

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