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About Carol K.

Manassas, VA

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I teach both classical, theater, pop and rock music. I can also teach the blues. I like any genre of music, so I feel confident that I can assist a student in learning whatever song they like.

About Carol
As a young child, I knew I loved music. I was fortunate to have my parents who supported and encouraged me with a variety of music lessons. It is my personal joy and a privilege to pass my love of music to the next generation of musicians.

Taking private lessons is a unique environment as it fosters a customized approach to learning. Both the instructor and the student work together to create a better understanding of the instrument and achieve a higher level of appreciation. .

I would love to share my passion and joy of music with anyone who wants to discover their own journey into the musical world.

I have worked with student's from the age of five through adulthood. I enjoy working with any age group. As a teacher, I am always looking for new ideas to aid in a student's musical journey.

I teach to the student's "l
earning style." I use whatever resources are available to reinforce musical concepts. I am patient, and laid back. I want my students to feel comfortable, and know that they can be themselves when they are working with me. Most of all what a student can expect is a teacher who is interested in them, their progress, and making the our time together as enjoyable as possible. I believe that I help students see the joy music brings to their lives.

I have always felt that one of my greatest strengthens is my ability to interact with children and adults, and I hope that I can continue to share my love of music in the coming years.


During high school I participated in A Cappella Choir, and joined a global performing group, called "Up With People" that traveled locally and statewide. I was active in high school music productions and I studied privately voice and piano.

Since then, I have continued to sing with community based choral groups throughout the Washington, DC region. I have also assisted as an piano accompanist for a small local church.


I graduated from George Mason University, with a Bachelors degree in Liberal Arts. While attending the University, I sang with the university choir and studied classical piano under the tutelage of Jacequeline Schmitt. I was because of her that I developed an interest in piano technique.

During and after college I studied with a private voice instructor from Catholic University, where I learned classical voice.
I am currently working with a Takelessons teacher to maintain my skill.

I am also currently working on being certified as a Music Color teacher through an online course written by Andrew Ingkavet. I also received training and certification as a Music for Young Children, a program designed for early keyboard beginners.

I have continued to broaden my personal education by taking online courses, such as reharmonization of chords. I have also attended workshops, sponsored by the Piedmont music club, on how to incorporate improvisation into my lesson plans.

Lesson Details

I use a variety of methods for teaching piano. I do not restrain my approach to one method, but draw on resources from other methods and approaches.

I include music theory, ear training and piano technique into the lesson. While I am a classically trained pianist, I do not stick to that style of music. I believe that exposing the student to all types or styles of music broadens their education.

I use the computer and any apps that are available to further my students skills on the keyboard.

Within six months I would hope that the student would feel more comfortable at the piano. I would expect him to learn posture at the piano, including hand position. I would expect that his knowledge of the right and left hand notes would become more proficient, and that he would understand what the staff is. I would expect that he understands keyboard geography, distance between notes, the concept of high/low, dynamics, and patterns (both directional and melodic). I would add two-handed playing, at a very basic level. This, of course, would depend upon the student's pace and how much effort is put into the learning of the instrument.

My goal is to create a fun and lively learning environments, that with patience, will result in a life long love of music and the personal benefits it imparts.

Studio Equipment

lessons in dedicated music room in basement; computer with electronic piano and keyboard;
Aaron P. August 9, 2017
· Piano · In studio
She is very good with children and has really great techniques to teach children. She is also very patient with him.
Alexandra W. June 10, 2017
· Piano · In studio
Just took my first lesson and loved it! Carol put me at ease and quickly assessed my level and then started me on a customized plan to meet my goals! She is both knowledgeable and personable. I can see why she is a favorite teacher. 5 stars!
Diego A. February 12, 2017
· Vocal Training · In studio
Everything is good but I would like to know more about singing
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Carol K.

Carol K.

Manassas, VA 20112
starting at
$30 / 30-min

About Nicole B.

Arlington, VA
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About Nicole
Nicole B., Soprano/Musician is soprano soloist for the premiere band of the U.S. Army, "Pershing's Own". Nicole has her Masters of Music from CSU, Northridge while actively working as a professional vocalist for groups like the Verdi Chorus, St. Luke's Episcopal, St. Mark's Presbyterian and playing countless roles in opera's and musicals across the states and overseas. Nicole has had a lifetime involvement in voice, theatre, songwriting and music and is also currently lead singer and flutist for local D.C. Based rock band, Strum the Fox. Nicole has also worked in the pop industry with the four girl pop group "Women of Wealth" based out of Montecito, CA and featured on KEYT with guest star John Cleese. Coming from a family of artists and musicians, Nicole has always found the art within live performance to be the inspiration for her life
and her career. Melding artist expression with technical ability, Nicole's talents and passion make her a performer and teacher with the ability to bridge honest and natural acting skills with a powerful and studied classical voice! Throughout her life, Nicole has found herself pursuing classical voice, rock music and theatrical performance with a drive and passion that surprises even those who know her well. Her students have included parents and children alike as she has opened the door for many to pursue their life-long passions, she also is experienced in and loves teaching and working with special needs students.

*** Lesson Details ***
All of my lessons are tailored to the interest of the student! Although I come from a strict technical background, I believe that the love of music and performance comes from experimenting and being creative! In a lesson with me, I suggest repertoire but if something is not working it is never a problem to redirect and find the right path for the student! With the wealth of my experience having been in over 45 musicals, opera's and other productions I can teach and guide the student through any performance and musical interest they may have and bridge the gap between genre's that so many are unable to do.

*** Studio Equipment ***
Living Room, computer, keyboard, couch.

*** Travel Equipment ***
I expect the students to provide a piano and or instrument of choice, and purchase method books and other repertoire.

*** Specialties ***
I am expert in any type of vocal style, as I have an extensive background in musical theatre, pop as well as opera. I also have a great ability to teach Music Theory, something I love and something I do very well at. Like I said previously I have been in over 45 musical theatre/straight theatre and Opera productions, so I can teach acting as well as performance. I have also written over 50 songs for guitar and voice and performed with a local band in Santa Barbara, CA , so I have a lot of experience as a songwriter and guitar and can teach those as well too.
Pavel / Rhonda H. October 8, 2014
· Singing · In home
My daughter loves working with Nicole! I am so grateful we found her. Professional, reliable and extremely talented. Most of all, inspiring to my child.
Christine V. October 31, 2013
· Guitar ·
We are lucky to have found her!!!

Around a year ago, my daughter decided she wanted to learn to play the guitar! Thanks to Google, we ran into TakeLessons.
Nicole was recommended to us. After reading about her we were quite impressed!
Right after the first lesson and to my surprise, my (very shy) daughter had a great 1st experience with Nicole.
Nicole is a professional in her field AND also in handling kids and knowing how to help them overcome their shyness. She brings out the best in my daughter and also encourages her to sing even write her own notes!
I would highly recommend Nicole. She is truly talented and the greatest teacher!!!
Christine, Lia's mom!
Stella V. January 10, 2013
· ·
Great for younger kids

Nicole,is amazing with my daughter. She is patient and really makes her feel at ease. I will absolutely recommend her.
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Nicole B.

Nicole B.

Arlington, VA 22204
starting at
$45 / 30-min

About Christine P.

Alexandria, VA

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I specialize in reading skills and establishing exceptional foundations in beginners.

Focus will be set on fundamentals in reading, music theory, counting, interpretation, technique and reasoning.

I teach students how to simplify music, even students who have struggled significantly in the past with their reading comprehension.

I have developed a very clear and unique methodology that leads to student success and further gain in musical independence.

I teach in the traditional route, which can lead into other styles by understanding music theory.

I work with many client's with impairments that have found success in my methods. Please ask me how if you have any questions.

Piano begins at age 5.

About Christine
The Exquisite Voice, Inc.

Christine is a professional vocal coach and piano instructor with an exceptional reputation. She is the owner of The Exquisite Voice, Inc. and resides in Old Town Alexandria.

She has over seven years of teaching experience and has taught hundreds of students, including the full spectrum of learning needs during this time (both vocal and piano throughout the DMV area). She is considered an expert in her field and maintains a very active studio.

Christine's unique approach to voice has allowed her to continue to help beginning to expert level students advance their technique with incredible results.

Christine is a master of vocal technique and specializes in vocal intonation. She teaches how the voice should perform from a wholistic approach by integrating the body to support the voice.

Although her
methods are placed firmly in the true Italian traditions of bel canto, due to her extensive experience and knowledge in various styles, she has her own unique approach to all legitimate styles of singing that is beyond comparison, nor can her teaching style be matched.

She has a phenomenal ear and knows what to listen for and then how to direct students during the process.

Christine is a dramatic soprano and is very confident and experienced with large instruments (that are more difficult to train for various reasons). Having an extremely rare and large voice herself has given her invaluable insight toward fully understanding all other voice types and the discipline necessary to achieve efficient technique.

Many teachers can be limited in their view and teach "their technique" as opposed to helping the student develop their own technique and what works best for them.

Developing technique in a complete and effective way leads toward discovering the full capacity of our instrument without compromise or compensation.

Students should expect to learn how to use breath direction that continues to connect and blend registers, modification of placement that creates cover, internal space with an open throat and sustained low larynx by using efficient breath and support from the body.

Her methods in vocal intonation translate directly and indirectly into all styles of legitimate singing, which she coaches many varying styles and will direct student toward appropriate rep. Students will learn the full potential of their instrument under her guidance. It is her belief that technique should lead toward one sounding natural, no matter the style.

Christine offers very traditional based vocal lessons with a focus on improving technique through practical exercises and song rep designed for each student's unique vocal needs. She will offer necessary guidance and adjustments to ensure the student's continuous development.

Her goal is for her vocal students to discover their authentic voice and to find freedom in their technique and most importantly their expression as artists.

Christine is also a highly sought out piano instructor for her ability to establish an exceptional foundation in beginning piano students and those who wish to continue their studies and build upon the fundamentals. She specializes in reading skills and excellent technique.

It is her belief that having a solid foundation sets the tone for determining if a student will continue with their studies and therefore this is the most vital part of a student's development and future progress.

She teaches Russian technique, which allows for flexibility, strength and tonal beauty of musical lines. This technique can be applied to all styles of playing piano such as pop, jazz and is not limited to just the classical repertoire.

Her goal is for all of her music students to become increasingly independent as musicians to where they feel confident to teach themselves and others and to ultimately find enjoyment in the process of learning music.

Her approach helps students advance their technique, reading proficiency, including music theory and expand their artistic capabilities.

She received her music education in classical vocal performance from George Mason University and has vigiourously continued her studies in opera with Mrs. Fabiana Bravo, who studied with Luciano Pavarotti and Renata Scotto. Christine specializes in Italian for classical rep.

General styles I coach:
Opera (bel canto and verismo) classical, sacred, hymnal, traditional, jazz, r&b, folk, among other popular styles.

Christine also has an international recording career as an adult contemporary artist.

Voice lessons begin at age 14-55 and piano at age 6-any age. Please no inquires about exceptions on age or travel, I will not respond. I teach from my home only, regardless of distance. I am worth waiting for and traveling to:)

What do I expect from students who are applying:

Those who are hard working, motivated, passionate, dedicated, responsible, considerate, humble and serious about lessons and greatly improving as musicians should apply only!

I strongly believe that music is a discipline and this is how it will be approached during lessons.

I am looking for potential long term students who are willing and ready to work hard in a practical and realistic manner, regardless of age, learning needs or proficiency.

I have limited availability and I am only seeking serious students who have a positive professional attitude and will value me as a teacher. Thank you.
Charlotte September 14, 2016
· Piano · In home
We moved to Mt. Vernon area less than a year ago, and we needed a piano instructor for our three children who was affordable, but both my husband and I are from musical backgrounds, which makes finding a teacher a difficult process, as we aren't interested in taking just anyone who happens to have a degree in music. Christine is a rare find. She teaches in what I would describe as an immersion style that keeps the lessons steeped with concepts from theory to technique to artistry. She surrounds the children (mine ages 5, 9, and 11) with explanation, demonstration, analogy, and encourages them to learn at their own pace. "Do you understand?" is her gentle motto, probing for areas where the children need reinforcement. When they admit they aren't getting something, she will circle back to explanation from many different angles, illustrating a deeply empathetic reading of individual learning styles. My 5 year old began lessons 3 months ago and is already reading music. She listens to the children and asks thoughtful questions about their personalities. Christine is exacting in the best way an invested parent could hope for. Masterfully, she challenges the children to perfect themselves as she allows the time for such training and evolution to take place. I have been so pleased and excited over the children's experience, that I am seriously considering taking voice lessons with her, myself. I could not more highly recommend a piano instructor.
Robyn S. September 1, 2016
· Piano · In home
It was truly by chance that I found Christine after another instructor didn't work out, and I am so fortunate! Day one, I was impressed with her professionalism, passion for music, and patience with a first time adult piano student.

I've always wished I had played an instrument growing up; now that I'm stable, I decided to go for it! However, I was very nervous, considering I had no musical experience. Christine has been nothing short of encouraging. In addition, my 8 year old son is taking lessons with her. It is evident that she has a gift when it comes to teaching. She has constructed her teaching methods in a way that is suitable for all ages. Although I'm learning to play at an accelerated pace compared to my son, we're able to communicate and play together because of Christine's consistency with her teaching methods.

Christine's goal for all of her students is that they will leave with the confidence and ability to go out and teach others how to play the piano. As a healthcare professional, I love knowing the rationale for things; that's what you're going to get with her. No memorization over here!! With each week, I'm getting better with reading music, understanding the WHY behind what I'm doing, and becoming more familiar with my instrument.
Danielle July 24, 2016
· · In studio
Christine is undoubtedly an accomplished expert in both piano and voice (she taught my 7 year old daughter both) and has an unique ability to translate this expertise into "laymans" terms for even the youngest student. I watched my daughter grown during our time with Christine, in not only her musical abilities but also as a young lady -- taking responsibility to practice at home, wanting to do her best, and reading her lessons to make sure she was on track. Christine is pleasant and engaging, and yet has a gentle firmness when my daughter needed that extra nudge along the way. I could not give her a higher review, for any student, at any age ... with Christine as your teacher you will learn, grown and achieve your goals. (I say "was." as we moved across the country, otherwise we would have been with Christine until my daughter went to college ... my daughter, and I, think the world of her!)
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Christine P.

Christine P.

Alexandria, VA 22314
starting at
$40 / 30-min

About claire L.

Fairfax, VA
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The piano is a great instrument that can produce music with the full octave.

About claire

I've been tutoring in multiple subjects and paino/violin since I was a freshman in high school. I love it when students make progress and it is my passion to help them reach their goals. This builds self-confidence and leadership, which are necessary skills in this economy. I have a B.S. in Accounting from George Mason University with over 10 years of Accounting work experience.

Currently, I am preparing to sit for the teaching license with a concentration in 7-12 Mathematics. I have over two years of teaching experience at a private boarding school where I taught (including curriculum and lesson planning) Algebra, Pre-Calculus, TOEFL, ESOL (writing), Geography, and US history.

I would love to be a part of reaching your goals.
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claire L.

claire L.

Fairfax, VA 22030
starting at
$48 / 30-min

About Florentina B.

Falls Church, VA
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I have been profoundly classically trained in music for over 12 years. Started as a tutor at the age of 16 and kept going till this day, for over 11 years now.
I like to build great relationships with all of my students, weather they are adults, teenagers or children. For me it is very important students gets to feel comfortable at my lessons, as in this way they can focus better, have more fun and learn faster how to hit their goals in the musical field.

About Florentina
I am teacher since I was an adolescent. Always wanted to do everything it takes so my pupils take everything they need from my lessons, understand and assimilate all the information and live with the desire of coming back and continue with me the journey in the field they have had selected.
Many of my students became my close friends that I go to see operas, broadway shows , concerts or other cultural and entertaining events.
I also organize recitals and interesting meetings with the participation of my students.
For any additional information, contact me and I will answer in no time.
Amal Hammoudeh February 17, 2017
· Vocal Training ·
I feel comfortable with Florentina, she gives good feedback, she is very clear in her guidance, which helps me understand exactly what i need to do to improve.
Alicia Maurer February 9, 2017
· Piano ·
Florentina is an extremely knowledgeable and patient instructor who takes the time to help her students learn. Each class I take away something new, and I am farther along in learning piano than I thought I would be after only a few classes! She is also extremely flexible with timing, which is much appreciated.
Anoop Singh December 3, 2016
· Piano ·
She was really constructive and very helpful, and I enjoyed the session very much
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Florentina B.

Florentina B.

Falls Church, VA 22044
starting at
$50 / 45-min
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About Toni M.

Alexandria, VA

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Music teacher with over 25 years experience. I encourage my students to explore their musical side. Students learn songs they want to learn as well as the traditional piano repertoire. You will also learn music theory and technique. I love doing duets with students or if your friend also takes lessons you can play together.

About Toni
Hi! I'm Teacher Toni and I'm your next music or ESL teacher. I care about My students. I work hard to find out your learning style and teach you how you best learn.

I have an Associates of Fine Arts from Northern VA Community College and a TEFL certificate and a Home Tutor certificate from Tutor in your Home.

I'm a life long musician. Piano is my main instrument but I play guitar, and voice. I have performed in choirs. And I have judged musicians here in America and in China. Recently I lived in China and taught music and English to students 6 years old to adults. The language of music and English open many doors the world over.

I have performed all over the world on piano and as a singer/songwriter with the guitar. I write music for Piano, voice and guitar and I'm always looking to learn that next instrument.

would be my pleasure and honor to introduce you or continue your exploration of music and English.
LI July 22, 2017
· ESL · In studio
I am a professor of a university in China. About 4 years ago, my daughter was a student of first grade in a junior school. At that time ,my daughter's English was not good, especially her pronunciation. I was very worry about it. I came to know Toni through some people of a English Corner, and asked her to help me and my daughter. That was the begin of the story of teacher Toni and my family. My daughter went to Toni's home almost every Sunday afternoon. Toni is a very good teacher, and very kind, very Patient to my daughter. Toni improved my daughter's English very quickly, and at same time make her like to learn it. My daughter like Toni very much, and every week had a very pleasant and interesting conversation. Now, my daughter is a student in a foreign language senior school ,and was be voted as a monitor. I am so glad to have met Toni, and helped us. Thanks a lot for Toni's excellent work.
Fairy July 21, 2017
· ESL · In home
Toni is one of my best teachers I have ever met. She is a very nice teacher for her helps me to talk in English bravely and explains questions patiently. It's my pleasure to be a student of her.Thanks Toni~
angel July 21, 2017
· · In home
she is my daughter's English teacher. my daughter likes her very much. she is a good teacher, her pronunciation is perfect, she has variety of teaching methods .she can sing and play games with my daughter. every week my daughter can't wait to see her.
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Toni M.

Toni M.

Alexandria, VA 22306
starting at
$54 / 30-min

About Susan M.

Dumfries, VA
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First and foremost I believe music should be fun. To that end, I assign fun pieces of music for the student to feel less stressed.
However, having being Conservatory trained I believe that an understanding of all facets of music will provide the student with freedom to experiment and enjoy.
During a course of study, I attempt to cover all areas of musicianship: theory, technique, formal analysis, harmony, ear-training, sight-reading, performance, and a comprehensive study of musical literature in a progressive fashion. I truly feel that a well-rounded musical education helps students define for themselves what music means to them.

About Susan
Experienced Bilingual Piano Teacher who enjoys working with students of all ages. I believe that first and foremost we should have fun. Playing a musical instrument should be part of that fun. I also believe that we can truly enjoy an activity when we become proficient in it and therefore consistent practicing and completion of work will set up the student for success. I have performed in different venues as an accompanist to singers and instrumentalists as well as in Community Theater. Currently play in the community band.

Speak both Spanish and English fluently and am able to teach in either language.
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Susan M.

Susan M.

Dumfries, VA 22025
starting at
$38 / 30-min

About Grace J.

Centreville, VA

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I have taught piano for 35 years in USA.
I teach basic of piano very well. I can built hand and finger forms, I emphasis on hand/finger shape, reading and counting which will make a person to learn other instruments very easily.
Most of my students and parents who learn satisfied with learning music from me.

About Grace
I have taught piano for 35 yrs in USA, and taught Math, English (ESL), Korean, Ppaer folding, Abacus (Korean style) Vioin for 11 yrs.
I know how to help students need. I can help students to get better results.
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Grace J.

Grace J.

Centreville, VA 20121
starting at
$42 / 30-min

About Javier S.

Springfield, VA

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Let's work together! I will teach you more than the basics of piano, but how to experience the passion and fun of being a great musician. You will do notes, theory, and technique like most students. However, I will guide you in the ways of how to truly perform as well as appreciate every key the piano has to offer. Send me an email and let's have fun!

About Javier
I am a choir director for my local church and have been since I was 19. I started playing piano when I was 6, but I never really got into it until several years later. My parents pushed me to play piano my whole life. It took a lot of practice and encouragement, but little by little, and with the help of some amazing teachers, I have become a very talented piano player.

I graduated from The Catholic University of America with a Bachelors in Architecture, and a Minor in Theology (what does that have to do with music right?). I constantly motivate myself to teach piano and learn as much as I can which places me in strong position of talent, while my degree is not in Music, I challenge anyone to perform with as much passion as I have for music.

A few years ago, my choir was awarded a silver medal in a competition among choirs in the area.
My talent and natural leadership skills were lauded by the audience and the judges. Since then, I have only improved in my skills and wish to give those skills to others.

As a well-experienced student and instructor, I have acquired several (nearly 50) piano books that I use to constantly refresh my skill set. I am happy to use and donate any book for prospective students, so that they may follow my footsteps into true piano playing.

Everyday, I listen to a different song and work hard to learn it on the piano and develop chords, melodies, or just various forms of accompaniment .

I also enjoy singing as much as possible, to keep my voice as well-maintained as my piano. When I sing and play together, it is an entirely different atmosphere that I create and know any student is capable achieving that as well.

I am happy that my family kept pushing me to play because I learned to maintain a positive attitude. Now I play with so much passion and fun, which very few teachers can do.
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Javier S.

Javier S.

Springfield, VA 22152
starting at
$17 / 30-min

About Ai S.

Fairfax, VA

View Full Profile

I have been teaching professionally for 15 years. For beginners, I use Faber Piano Adventure Method Series to emphasize proper reading and technical skills to ensure improvement very quickly! I believe learning how to play the piano should be a joyful experience and one that will be part of their life for a long time. I teach mainly classical music and specialize in recital and audition preparation. I enjoy my students to reach their highest musical potential and to lead to confidence in their ability. I am very experienced in teaching beginners and intermediate to early advanced students. All students have opportunities to perform in recitals, festivals and auditions.

About Ai
Ai began her piano lessons when she was five years old. She attended Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana and received her Bachelor of Music and Master of Music in Piano Performance in 1996. She also was an assistant instructor (1995-1996) while she was working on her Master's degree. After graduating with her Master's degree, she studied privately with at Peabody Conservatory in Baltimore for two years. She taught privately at Northern Virginia Community College in Annandale (1996-2000), Columbia Institute of Fine Arts in Falls Church (1997-2001), Jordan Kitt's Music in Merrifield (2004-2005 and 2013-present), and her own studio in Oakton (1996-2005 and 2012-present). Her students participated in festivals and competitions at the local music organizations (1998-2002 and 2013-present). Besides teaching, she participated in mas
ter classes and competitions in Europe, Moscow, and the U.S. She performed in recitals and performed with orchestras in the Czech Republic (1999, 2001 and 2003) and Taiwan (2002). She received a recital prize from the French Embassy in Washington, D.C. (1998) as well as a Faure Special Mention Prize in the IBLA Grand Prize Competition in Sicily (2002).
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Ai S.

Ai S.

Fairfax, VA 22033
starting at
$32 / 30-min

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Ready to practice your piano scales? Break out that metronome and consider this advice from online piano teacher Crystal B... When it comes to practicing piano scales, the subject of tempo always comes up. Many students are unsure of what tempo scales should be practiced, and the truth of the matter is, the answer will vary depending on the student. A good rule of thumb is always start slowly and work your way up to faster tempos. Here are some tips to help you assess your individual abilities
5 Fun Online Games For Learning Piano Notes
Many people later in life regret not playing an instrument. And you probably already know about the benefits to both adults and children in learning to play music. The best news of all? It's never too late to learn! Even just learning a few notes on the piano can give you a great start. And as soon as you learn those, you'll find out how awesome it can feel to use your hands to produce beautiful music! Kids can also gain a sense of confidence from learning piano notes and will likely remember
3 Steps for Reigniting Your Child’s Interest in Piano Learning
Is your once-enthused child suddenly losing interest in the piano? Read on as Oakland Gardens, NY teacher Ophelia T. shares three steps to take before it's too late...    “I don’t want to learn piano anymore! It’s boring! I always have to practice the same thing over and over again! I’m sick and tired of it!” an 11-year-old boy shouts to his parents. This is a common case scenario for many parents and children who have taken piano lessons, and it can be due to several reasons.
Test Your Piano Trivia Knowledge! [Infographic]
Think you're a piano know-it-all? Whether you're an ace at recognizing famous piano composers or you're a viral piano video connoisseur, you might be surprised to learn the interesting facts on this piano trivia infographic! Whether you love classical, jazz, or pop, the piano is a versatile instrument that can do it all. If you've always wanted to learn to play but never got the chance, the best time to start piano lessons is right now! What do you think? Did any of this piano trivia s
True or False? Top 7 Piano Myths...Busted!
There are a lot of myths about learning how to play the piano. In this week's guest post, our friends from OnlinePianist.com dispel the seven most common myths about playing the piano...  One way to understand how valuable or how popular something is to our society is to understand the fallacies and myths surrounding it. Quite often, the more famous something is the more stories and pseudo-intellectual facts there happens to be about it. The piano it seems is not immune to these ela

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