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Sean M.

3 Reviews
Baltimore, MD
Starting at $25
  • B. A. Music Composition from University of Maryland, Baltimore County
  • Teaches students 8 to 50
  • Awarded 2019 Gustav Klemm Award from Peabody Conservatory
Teaching Locations:
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Sean M.

3 Reviews
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Private Violin Teacher

I combine the styles of music that you prefer with some kind of method book for reading and theory. No purchasing of music is required. Normal lessons start with the previously assigned material, determining what we need to work on, new material, and ending with things to do at home.

About Sean

Hi! I'm Sean. I am an active freelance composer, guitarist, and teacher in Baltimore City. I have a degree from Peabody in Music Composition and I am a firmly established teacher of guitar, violin, piano, and rock instruments in the city. I play a wide range of styles - fingerstyle, classical, rock

Recent Reviews
Stephen B.
Sean is great
Sean was a great teacher. I asked him if he knew how to teach Bollywood style Violin and even though he didn't he took the time to study it and learn just to teach me. I really appreciate that he was so open to trying so hard for his students. I think Sean is great!
Marc T.
Great first lesson. High hopes for follow lessons.

I self-taught myself guitar over 35 years ago; mostly forgotten. Sean began with establishing goals that would meet my goals. The feedback to me during the lessons was focused and delivered in a friendly manner. Progression was enhanced due to his manner and his approach to teaching. While this was the first lesson, I am looking forward to future lessons.

Raycurt J.

17 Reviews
Washington, DC
Starting at $40
  • Speaks Geman, Italian, Spanish
  • Teaching since 1990
  • Teaches Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Teaching Locations:
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Raycurt J.

17 Reviews
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Private Violin Teacher

Melodies in your head and a song in your heart, but your voice isn't so great, or maybe it is. I can teach your to connect the physicality and express yourself with a Violin or Viola. (soprano or Alto). The tough part is learning hold to hold the violin properly. It takes a couple months to train the muscles a new stance. With my help your posture and breathing will become as one with the music It's not a myth, the violin is the most complex instrtument to learn. Having said that You will consider what joy it is to enjoy the music and dance. Comprehensive program with ear training and reading the music.

About Raycurt

Raycurt J. aka "Fiddla", Violin-Viola-Voice-Piano-Rhythm-Dance Multi-talent native of Washington, D.C. began playing music at the age of seven on the piano. Singing in church choirs with family members and participating with the D.C. Youth Chorale. Began instruction on the Viola in the D.C. Yout

Recent Reviews
Reed E.
cool guy
Very good first lesson for a 6 year old - looking forward to continuing!
David B.
1st lesson. was an awesome experience. Knowledgeable, patient and encouraging!

Theresa D.

23 Reviews
Rosedale, MD
Starting at $20
  • Associate Degree in Music from Essex Community College
  • Teaching since 1996
  • Teaches students 5 and up
Teaching Locations:
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Theresa D.

23 Reviews
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Private Violin Teacher

I do not follow any specific teaching method. I teach they way you need to learn. I will customize your lessons to you and make adjustments as you learn.

About Theresa

I am a former instrumental music teacher in the Catholic school system. I have been teaching in some way, shape or form for the past 20 years. My methods of teaching vary depending on the student and what they need to succeed. I make myself available between lessons via text, phone and email for

Recent Reviews
Robert B.
Zoe U.
Nice experience
Muy Buena Maestra con buen metodo de ensenansa con ninos. Mantubo muy entretenida a la nena durante toda la hora de clase. Muchas Gracias. Quedamos encantados.

Meet Online Violin Teachers Serving Brooklyn, MD

Cristina H.

6 Reviews
Teaches Online
Starting at $45
  • Speaks English, mandrine
  • Master of Music Performance from New York University
  • Teaches students 5 to 60
Teaching Locations:
Profile-location-online Online
Profile-location-studio Teacher's Studio
Profile-location-home Student's Home
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Cristina H.

6 Reviews
Book Now
Online Violin Teacher

Experienced Violin and Piano teacher of 8 years available for eager students of all experience levels and ages! I structure my lessons so students learn what they want to learn, while also building a strong foundation of classical Piano and violins skill. I specialize in classical,but i can also teach you some pop .

About Cristina

I am Cristina, Violin Piano Music teacher, recording artist and educator. Classical trained from Piano and Violin when I was 5 and switched to viola after high school. I earned Advanced Certificate and Music Performance Master degreed from New York University where I also teach private lesson as

Recent Reviews
My son has been taking lessons from Cristina for 2 years and wow has he progressed. He loves his lessons, can read music, and is playing well. The struggle is getting him to practice! Cristina has a great blend of warmth, knowledge and discipline that works well for my 6,7, and now 8 year old son. I highly recommend her.
Our 8 year old had been taking violin for two years and was about to the point of quitting due to the lack of motivational teaching. I went in search of a teacher that could motivate her while still progressing rapidly each week! My daughter is so eager to please Cristina, because she makes the lessons fun and interesting. When I check in to see how the lesson is going, my daughter is engaged, and answering questions correctly which tells me she's still paying attention - even in the evening hours when she's tired. Cristina mixes classical and popular music as well. I still have to ask my daughter to practice each night but she pulls out her violin on her own a couple of times a week as well. It's a complete 180 from where we were 8 months ago. Cristina is a rare find and I'd recommend her to anyone who wants to ensure their child is getting the best violin training while being inspired!
Our 11 year old daughter, Drew, started with Cristina for a little over a year, and has made some amazing progress from not knowing how to play, to having great intonation and musicality. Cristina teaches our daughter in a way that works with her interests and learning style, rather than having a regimented curriculum. I think this has allowed Drew to be way more excited about playing.

i've been playing music all my life but since i'm a square parent, it's hard for me to teach drew :) Cristina does a great job giving her guidance during the lesson.
i would highly recommend her as a teacher!
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Margaret G.

18 Reviews
Teaches Online
Starting at $20
  • Teaches students 6 and up
  • Teaching since 2003
  • Teaches Beginner, Intermediate
Teaching Locations:
Profile-location-online Online
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Student Favorite

Margaret G.

18 Reviews
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Online Violin Teacher

I teach violin to adults and kids age six and older, and welcome adult beginners. I teach studio lessons for beginner and intermediate levels and online lessons for beginners only.

Studio/in person lessons: I teach studio lessons for beginner and intermediate levels. I offer an approach to classical violin studying the Strictly Strings and Suzuki Books, emphasizing reading music and music theory. I can also provide tutoring for student orchestra members and assistance with orchestra music.

Online lessons: I teach online lessons for beginners only. My online violin lessons use Strictly Strings Violin Book 1 and Suzuki Violin Book 1, and cover the basics of violin, including reading music and music theory.

About Margaret

I am a professional violin, fiddle, and viola instructor offering studio and online lessons for kids and adults including adult beginners. I teach out of my home studio in Boise. I have performed in orchestras, chamber music groups, bluegrass bands, and country bands. I have played violin since

Recent Reviews
Naftali R.
Very patient, knowledgeable, and able to analyze areas students must work on
Casey J.
Great first lesson!
Margaret was very professional and patient with my 7 year old.

Kendall D.

5 Reviews
Teaches Online
Starting at $34
  • Speaks Spanish
  • Teaching since 2012
  • Teaches Beginner, Intermediate
Teaching Locations:
Profile-location-online Online
Profile-location-studio Teacher's Studio
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Kendall D.

5 Reviews
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Online Violin Teacher

When I teach violin, my lessons address students' performance goals while also emphasizing that the music-making experience should be about fun and enjoyment. I bring enthusiasm and curiosity to lessons as I facilitate students' musical growth.

About Kendall

I'm a musician, a music educator, and music researcher. I enjoy teaching and sharing my passion for music with students of all ages. I currently teach at the Urban College of Boston as an adjunct professor and I substitute teach for Newton Public Schools. I received my Bachelor of Music in Music Ed

Recent Reviews
I feel very lucky to have my son take flute lessons from Kendall! She is a wonderful teacher. Her lessons are dynamic, engaging and fun. Thirty minutes fly by like three minutes. Next time will schedule a longer session.
Kendall engaged my daughter in her first flute lesson. She is a talented musician who seems keen to share her passion. We look forward to future lessons with Kendall.
Felipee H.
She is great very good with our 6 yr old.

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"Erin is a terrific teacher. She is so good with children. She is patient and kind. My granddaughter has made amazing progress with the violin--and she takes her lessons long distance via Skype!"
Took Violin lessons from Erin C.
"Very Good with my son who has ADD"
Took Violin lessons from Kelvin L.
"Mark was really encouraging the whole time! My first lesson was super informative. I was really happy I was able to learn my first song by the end."
Took Violin lessons from Mark L.
"Great job. She really did a good job helping me hit all the rhythms I wanted. I would recommend her to others who need a good violin instructor."
Took Violin lessons from Elizabeth B.
"It was really good information and I had a lot of fun."
Took Violin lessons from Marc D.
"Highly excellent teacher and personally the best private teacher I've had.

Julie is an amazing teacher who I had for about 5 years. I would never have to worry about her cancelling and she was always open to changes in availability on your side due to things coming up. She is an excellent teacher who has helped me greatly on the violin, helped me get started on the piano and has even helped me with auditions for my trumpet when asked about. She is a wonderful person who is extremely friendly to both students and parents and I can guarantee that you will learn and become a better musician by studying with her."
Took Violin lessons from Julie P.
"Nice and patient, great teacher :)"
Took Violin lessons from Lily F.
"Enjoyable lessons from someone who has many years of teaching experience. I feel engaged with my instrument and confident in my ability. JoAnne has a gift to teach and patience."
Took Violin lessons from JoAnne H.
"Not only is Ferenc an amazing artist and performer, he’s a terrific instructor as well. He is really good about describing proper technique. I was twelve when I began with the violin, and he’s very patient and encouraging, plus he makes playing a lot of fun. You will be hard pressed to find a teacher with more talent and experience!"
Took Violin lessons from Ferenc C.
"Theresa was very nice and easy to get along with, and she teaches very well."
Took Violin lessons from Theresa S.
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