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Sean M.

3 Reviews
Baltimore, MD
Starting at $25
  • Teaching since 2011
  • Awarded 2019 Gustav Klemm Award from Peabody Conservatory
  • Teaches Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Teaching Locations:
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Sean M.

3 Reviews
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Private Acoustic Guitar Teacher

I combine the styles of music that you prefer with some kind of method book for reading and theory. No purchasing of music is required. Normal lessons start with the previously assigned material, determining what we need to work on, new material, and ending with things to do at home.

About Sean

Hi! I'm Sean. I am an active freelance composer, guitarist, and teacher in Baltimore City. I have a degree from Peabody in Music Composition and I am a firmly established teacher of guitar, violin, piano, and rock instruments in the city. I play a wide range of styles - fingerstyle, classical, rock

Recent Reviews
Stephen B.
Sean is great
Sean was a great teacher. I asked him if he knew how to teach Bollywood style Violin and even though he didn't he took the time to study it and learn just to teach me. I really appreciate that he was so open to trying so hard for his students. I think Sean is great!
Marc T.
Great first lesson. High hopes for follow lessons.

I self-taught myself guitar over 35 years ago; mostly forgotten. Sean began with establishing goals that would meet my goals. The feedback to me during the lessons was focused and delivered in a friendly manner. Progression was enhanced due to his manner and his approach to teaching. While this was the first lesson, I am looking forward to future lessons.

Detrece L.

11 Reviews
Baltimore, MD
Starting at $55
  • Teaches students 8 and up
  • Teaches Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
  • Early Education Childhood from State College of Florida
Teaching Locations:
Profile-location-online Online
Profile-location-studio Teacher's Studio
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Detrece L.

11 Reviews
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Private Acoustic Guitar Teacher

Basic understanding of guitar, agility, chord structure, beginners finger picking, basic accompaniment

About Detrece

DeTrece "Dee" Lavender is a native of Miami, Florida. When her family moved to Sarasota, she was afforded the opportunity to study music and the performing arts as a student of the Westcoast School/Henry L. Porter School of Music. It was then that Dee began to understand the power of the creative

Recent Reviews
Ma'at A.
Ms. D was extremely patient and thorough with me. And her warm demeanor helped me calm my nerves and loosen up. I appreciate all the valuable insight and direction she gave me.
I had such an amazing experience training with Detrece! She always has such sweet positive energy. I was so happy that with me being more of an advanced singer she was able to teach me about my voice and tips that I never knew! I only had 5 lessons and still had a vocal breakthrough where she helped me realize my range is wider than I thought. She gave me more confidence and is always seeking to share opportunities with me. I’m so grateful to her!!
Nidhi E.
she is amazing

Theresa D.

23 Reviews
Rosedale, MD
Starting at $20
  • Teaches students 5 and up
  • Teaches Beginner
  • Associate Degree in Music from Essex Community College
Teaching Locations:
Profile-location-studio Teacher's Studio
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Theresa D.

23 Reviews
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Private Acoustic Guitar Teacher

I will teach you the basics including reading both music notation and tab, music theory, chords and more.

About Theresa

I am a former instrumental music teacher in the Catholic school system. I have been teaching in some way, shape or form for the past 20 years. My methods of teaching vary depending on the student and what they need to succeed. I make myself available between lessons via text, phone and email for

Recent Reviews
Robert B.
Zoe U.
Nice experience
Muy Buena Maestra con buen metodo de ensenansa con ninos. Mantubo muy entretenida a la nena durante toda la hora de clase. Muchas Gracias. Quedamos encantados.

Meet Online Acoustic Guitar Teachers Serving Belcamp, MD

Frank P.

Teaches Online
Starting at $35
  • Teaches Beginner, Intermediate
  • Teaching since 2019
  • High school from Queensbury
Teaching Locations:
Profile-location-online Online
Profile-location-studio Teacher's Studio
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Frank P.

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Online Acoustic Guitar Teacher

The "Real World" style. Chords - Riffs - Scales - Songs - Basic Theory - Tabs - which can branch out into song writing and recording techniques. I start out with the basics and then focus on switching - getting your fingers moving/stretching - getting them ready for scales and songs. Different patterns and techniques of picking and strumming. Understanding timing and attention to movement. I don't teach traditional guitar musical notes with staff reading. Guitar Tabs I will teach you and easy exercises. For advanced beginners to intermediate I can proceed with what you need help with next by hearing your goals and what you'd like to cover whether it's more techniques - chords - playing style - song writing - techniques for studio playing.

I'm a rock recording artist that has been doing music full time for 10 years opening for national artists, playing gigs and recording here in Upstate NY. I'm an easy going instructor teaching the "real world" way of learning acoustic or electric ...

About Frank

I'm a rock recording artist that has been doing music full time for 10 years opening for national artists, playing gigs and recording here in Upstate NY. I'm an easy going instructor teaching the "real world" way of learning acoustic or electric guitar. I teach from my home studio or online where I

Profile-background-check Background Check

Tamari (Tamara) W.

35 Reviews
Teaches Online
Starting at $47
  • Teaches students Male: 5 to 68; Female: 5 to 85
  • Teaching since 1990
  • MM Piano; Composition; Comparative Literature Music in Film from Indiana University Jacob's School of Music
Teaching Locations:
Profile-location-online Online
Profile-location-studio Teacher's Studio
Profile-location-home Student's Home
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Tamari (Tamara) W.

35 Reviews
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Online Acoustic Guitar Teacher

Students will experience a fun; step-by-step lesson each session they book, viewing their teacher (myself!) on FaceTime (for MAC users) or SKYPE (for PC users); Google hangouts, demonstrating scales, chords and style of execution, when applicable. I prefer the feeling of the nylon stringed guitar in my fingers, but every student and teacher has his or her own preference. I offer the 'basics' of both MUSIC THEORY and the mastering of scales and chords on the 6 string guitar, which translates to:

1. Learning the notes and scales on each string of the guitar, adding new knowledge yet repeating and re-iterating the knowledge acquired from the previous lesson
2. Learning to play simple songs and melodies on one or two strings of the guitar, gradually incorporating the other strings
3. Accruing a repertoire of chords which may be used to accompany the singing of a folk song or ballad
4. Playing a melody AND accompanying oneself with chords together on the guitar
5. Learning to play ...

About Tamari (Tamara)

Hi, there! I'm Tamara and I can't wait to meet you! On social media and for those who are more familiar, I'm Tamari. We all learn in different ways; some are more visual; others, auditory; some, kinesthetic--I combine a number of different modalities in my teaching, including direct feed

Recent Reviews
Anna C.
Tamari is a remarkably accommodating teacher. Uses instructional strategies that are effective and appropriate. Also, presents new material clearly and logically. Demonstrates enthusiasm and interest in lesson presentation. My daughter loves learning classical piano with Tamari.
Rhea Farbman
I have known Tamari professionally for fifteen years.
She is an excellent music teacher for piano and voice. Her expertise is noticeable as she patiently meets her student at his/her level and guides that student to the next step.
The process is perfect for any student, even if developmentally challenged and for any age. I highly recommend Tamari.

I've been consistent weekly taking yoga lessons from Tamari at the Y in Canaan CT. I try not to miss it. She's a compassionate and caring yoga teacher and will trailer her classes to fit your needs. Her classes are good for newbies and seniors and those who want a simple class. No athletics. Hatha Yoga are basic yoga stretches that will make you feel good after participating . My aches and pains are gone after each session. To be continued....
Profile-student-favorite Student Favorite

Andrew M.

8 Reviews
Teaches Online
Starting at $35
  • Speaks English, Spanish
  • Teaching since 2010
  • Bachelors of Science, Youth Ministry from Liberty University
Teaching Locations:
Profile-location-online Online
Profile-location-studio Teacher's Studio
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Student Favorite

Andrew M.

8 Reviews
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Online Acoustic Guitar Teacher

You will learn to play melodies: Mary Had A little lamb, Ode to Joy, etc. as well as chords to rhythm. If you have songs you wish to learn we can do that and if you want to learn to play guitar and sing that is possible. Any pop songs on the radio we can learn and have you playing for your friends.

About Andrew

I have loved music since I was a child. I began playing clarinet when I was 11 years old and slowly picked up new instruments like the saxophone, harmonica, guitar, ukulele, flutes, whistles, kazoo, and others. I enjoy any style of music and have a desire to learn as many instruments as possible.

Recent Reviews
Nathaniel M.
Excellent experience. Learned a great deal on the first day. Hoping to get fluent in playing this instrument.
Aaliyah F.
Very professional and knowledgeable of music and playing the instruments. He is a wonderful teacher who is optimistic and truly works hard too bring out the best in his students. My daughter Aaliyah has learned so much in such a short time and we are greatful.
Tracy H.
Simply put, Andrew is the best. His genuine love and passion for all-things music was obvious the first day we met him. He is great with kids. He is flexible yet reliable. We love the fact that he tailors his lessons, homework, and incentives to the needs and interests of each individual student. We are confident that we could not find a better guitar instructor for our daughter.

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Allison Wilson
Took Acoustic Guitar lessons from Lynn K.
"Daniel is very thorough and patient. He's a great teacher!"
Took Acoustic Guitar lessons from Daniel B.
"My first lesson was a little nerve-wrecking, but Omar has done his best to put me at ease. He is a great mentor and a teacher, and I am looking forward to our next lesson! Thank you, Omar!"
Anna Reeves
Took Acoustic Guitar lessons from Omar W.
"Amazing teacher. Learned so much and had a lot of fun. Still learning thank you."
Took Acoustic Guitar lessons from Paul S.
"Chris lesson structure is great. Not only am I learning songs I want but also the theory behind the song."
Took Acoustic Guitar lessons from Chris C.
"Super nice!!! Jeremie really is patient and gives great tips and helps with tips and corrections. Had fun!"
Took Acoustic Guitar lessons from Jeremie W.
"Ryan is an outstanding instructor who taught me my first lesson. Every week, I looked forward to having my next lesson with Ryan. He has great musical knowledge that he applies to each lesson. Ryan is extremely patient and friendly. I was always impressed with the good communication that he employed. Every lesson I had felt like it was tailored to me personally and they were always fun. I strongly suggest giving Ryan a try, he won't let you down."
Took Acoustic Guitar lessons from Ryan P.
"Sam is an excellent instructor without question! I spoke with him on the phone to get an idea of where I'm at and where I want to be, so immediately when I came to my first lesson we hit the ground running! I am very pleased with what I've learned so far and it's now up to me to practice and have my questions ready to make the most out of the time given (which is the fastest half hour you'll live ) I definitely recommend Sam to any level student who is serious about reaching the next level."
Took Acoustic Guitar lessons from Sam K.
"Wes makes lessons very easy to follow and helps me understand the things I need to without over-confusing things!"
Took Acoustic Guitar lessons from Wes C.
"Greg was an incredible guitar teacher for me, he consistently worked with me to make lessons that I would want to learn, and helped me find my own path in music. Often times teachers have a set curriculum and idea of how someone should progress through their learning, and I'm sure Greg did too but I was probably not the best student for that. I was so focused on wanting to be a song writer and also maybe not the most practiced student, but he'd work with me and come up with these lesson plans that revolved around learning new chords and progressions and then when we'd get to a point where I had a basic understanding of some of it we'd try writing a song with these new learned chords. It was very helpful and even if I wasn't making leaps and bounds of progress every week Greg helped me feel like I was. I can't thank him enough for the experience. I would recommend him to anybody that asked and if I still lived in Helena I'd definitely still go to Greg for lessons."
Took Acoustic Guitar lessons from Greg C.
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