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Bill I.

With 40 years of teaching and touring experience and a Music Performance Bachelor Degree, Bill can teach a variety of styles be it rock, funk, blues, pop, or folk in a fun atmosphere. From beginner to pro either guitar or bass TAB or reading music manuscript charts, Bill teaches his students how to be their own prolific guitarist harnessing their own style with sophisticated harmonies and techniques. Bill C I. has the ability to instantly elevate the proceedings on any lesson or session by channeling the spirits of his own personal guitar heroes, George Benson to Larry Carlton, as well as Jimi Hendrix to Joe Satriani.
/30 minutes

Russell S.

If you are ready to start taking your guitar skills SERIOUSLY then stop wasting time and money on teachers who don't fully understand the instrument or subject matter themselves. My name is Russ and I have been playing guitar professionally for 20 years and teaching music and producing records for over 15. I have a Platinum #1 Billboard charting record under my belt, worked with artists such as Mac Miller, Sean Kingston, Red Velvet, Lifehouse and more; and have composed music to 100s of your favorite TV shows! Feel free to browse my official website for a full list of credits. Want to learn to shred guitar? Produce beats? Write your own songs? Dive into theory? Record yourself? This page is the one stop shop. Feel free to reach out with any requests or questions!
/60 minutes

Spiros S.

Learn how to play the songs and solos that you love, develop a good ear so you can pick up tunes by listening to them, and a good knowledge of music theory to help you understand music and how everything connects so you’ll become a better musician! I am Blues-Rock specialist with a vast knowledge and experience. I will teach you and guide you how to improve and become a good blues guitar player! All levels are welcome from beginners to advanced players. “High energy and versatility with the strings makes him a dangerous man." --Blues Revue
/30 minutes

Austin K.

I focus on teaching beginners. Understanding how each student is different and requires a different approach to learn is essential. The first 6 months are crucial to a student wanting to continue with an instrument. So it is my job to motivate you to become a better player. Most teachers are afraid to put down the book. For me books are a great way to structure lessons, but often times it is good to take a step away from the books. Focus on the points a student is interested in, and learn something other than the preselected songs from a lesson book.
/30 minutes

Jeff B.

Robert Johnson, Muddy, SRV, Hendrix, Sumlin, BB King, Slide/Bottleneck. I've studied all the greats and I will show you how to emulate your idols to speak with your own voice! ¡Hablo Español! I Teach All Ages, at All Levels: Songwriting, Music Theory, Composition Lessons, Soloing, Improvisation, Technique, Jazz, Blues, Rock, Latin, Funk, and much much more! I have been a pro musician all my adult life, teaching thousands of students over a span of more than three decades! I am a published contributor to the #1 best-selling Jazz Theory book "Jazzology" (published by Hal Leonard - the world's largest music publisher), in addition to having almost 20 books published on the subject of theory and technique! I also have many many professional recordings to my credit that you can listen to online anytime! I am the author of the following books (available on Amazon): "Scales & Modes for the Guitar Fretboard" by Schell Barkley with Jeff B. - 2012 The only Guitar Scale Fingering Book you’ll ever need! Full-color. "Chordalogy - Tonal II-V-I Progressions for the Jazz Guitarist" by Jeff B. / Joe Bianco / Gerhard Ersdal - 2013 A thesaurus of jazz guitar chord options "Jazz Guitar Arpeggios" by Jeff B. - 2016 Jazz Arpeggios: 9ths thru 13ths with all alterations, plus rootless 251 soloing! I use the Zoom app for live interactive lessons from the comfort of your home. You certainly have many options available regarding choosing an instructor, but I have to assume that you would like to hire the most qualified teacher to guide you on the journey through the wonderful world of music. Everyone moves further, much faster, and is more likely to stay engaged by learning from a master teacher with decades of real-world professional experience to share. I will give you what you need to know, in order to take you where you want to go!
/30 minutes

Ian S.

I have been teaching guitar professionally for 16 years, and have extensive experience playing and teaching practically every style of guitar, including blues, jazz, fingerstyle, classical, folk, rock, pop, country, and metal. When I first started learning the guitar, I emulated the blues greats like Eric Clapton and BB King in order to learn what they knew. Blues is not only an amazing genre in and of itself, but also a great foundation for playing solos in other genres. Let my experience and patience guide you on your way to mastering the guitar!
/30 minutes

Jordan M.

Learn lead and rhythm blues guitar in relaxed, friendly environment :) Scales, chords, licks, ear training, and rhythm.
/30 minutes

William G.

Are you interested in learning to play the music you love, using techniques that are actually healthy for your hands? My instruction promotes efficient, ergonomically sound, time-tested playing techniques. Do you want to play well? Then you need to learn to practice well. Quality practice coaching will make a profound difference in your ability to learn and play music effectively, but it takes time. That's why I offer weekly full hour lessons at a reasonable price. Practice well and you will play well. I offer training for acoustic as well as electric (steel and/or nylon string) instruments and provide instruction in popular music styles as well as formal classical. About me: I earned my Degree in Music Education from Shenandoah Conservatory where I studied Classical Guitar, Jazz Guitar, Violin, Piano, Music Theory, Psychology, and other related areas, before graduating with Magna Cum Laude Honors in 1996. I have been providing quality music instruction to my students for over 30 years now. I work well with adults as well as children from a wide variety of backgrounds. I look forward to hearing from you and thanks again for your time.
/60 minutes
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Exactly what I have been looking for. Terrific lesson. Just enough practice material for next week.

bob (Blues Guitar lessons with Michael S.)

I taught music to children in the public school system and retired after just when the pandemic hit. I am grateful that during this difficult time , I found Robin . 🙏🏻She is “ blues/ slide guitar

Beth (Blues Guitar lessons with Robin O.)

Nils is a great teacher with a lot of experience. I highly recommend employing his help to improve your guitar skills!

Daniel T. (Blues Guitar lessons with Nils B.)

I came to Mich an with 8ish years of self-taught acoustic experience looking to make my first foray into electric/lead playing/improvising/soloing. After two weeks with Mich, my playing has improved e

Justin Diamond (Blues Guitar lessons with Michael S.)

Exactly what I have been looking for. Terrific lesson. Just enough practice material for next week.

bob (Blues Guitar lessons with Michael S.)

I taught music to children in the public school system and retired after just when the pandemic hit. I am grateful that during this difficult time , I found Robin . 🙏🏻She is “ blues/ slide guitar

Beth (Blues Guitar lessons with Robin O.)

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