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About Frankie P.

Salem, MA
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I have been playing various woodwind instruments for almost my entire life. I focus on tone, intonation (staying in tune), and the confidence needed to be a strong melodic player.

About Frankie
In addition to being a Berklee College of Music Graduate, I have a Masters in Music Education, and currently completing my Doctorate in Music Education from Boston University, I have been playing for over 30 years.

Lessons are written and tailored to you. I use music, printouts, and instructional material to make sure you progress as you should.

I have spots available every day of the week, so I'm confident that we can find something that works for both of us.

I know that learning to play any style of music whether it be Jazz, Blues, Soul, Motown, Funk, or Rock is a challenge, but with help from an experienced educator, your instrument becomes a rewarding lifelong enjoyment.

Please feel free to contact me. I would be happy to speak with you regarding any questions you may have.
Carol March 1, 2019
· Banjo · In home
It's so rewarding to meet a teacher on the same page with me. Very personable, knowledgable and sets direction/goals clearly.
Dwonka "Dee" C. December 3, 2018
· Songwriting · Online
I enjoy my song writing coach Frankie. His knowledge and patience was well appreciated.
Stephen September 10, 2018
· Guitar · In studio
Frankie tailors each music lesson to my needs and interests, while sharing his extensive knowlege of music, theory, and playing technique. I have enjoyed each lesson over past 8 years, as he has encouraged me to grow and develop my own knowledge and skill. An excellent instructor!
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Frankie P.

Salem, MA 01970
starting at
$30 / 30-min

About Stephanie M.

Boston, MA

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Instruction for fundamentals and techniques of flute as a primary instrument (or doubling instrument) in both classical and jazz styles.

About Stephanie
Hello, and thank you for your interest!

My name is Stephanie, I am a teaching-artist from El Paso, Texas. I currently reside, perform and teach in the Boston and greater Boston area.

I am a recent graduate of The New England Conservatory of Music with a Masters and Graduate Diploma in Saxophone Performance. I received my Bacherlors in Music Education from New Mexico State University.

“A teaching artist, by definition, is a two-career professional: a working artist and a working educator. As a working artist is they are involved in an ongoing process of discovery, problem solving, discipline and refinement of skills in their discipline. As a working educator, it is essential that the artist is also developing a knowledge base and skills to be an effective partner in education. Achieving a meaningful balance between these two prof
essions, whereby one feeds the other, is an ongoing process that requires a deepening awareness for the teaching artist of what their teaching brings to their art and what their art teaches them about learning.”

I am devoted and dedicated to helping find each of my students' strengths, weaknesses and style of learning. Once I have identified these traits, I am able to develop lessons and repertoire that helps each students become the most efficient learner and best musician they can be.

I pride myself in creating a fun and safe learning environment in which I establish a firm musical foundation for my students. Lessons include: scales, etudes, articulation, dynamic and sight reading exercises, standard repertoire, recording and analyzing performances, music history lessons, and exploration of the sounds, genres and artists of saxophone/flute/clarinet/piano.

Simultaneously, my students cultivate many other skills while learning how to play their instrument. Students enhance their fine motor skills and ability to memorize, students increase their overall self-confidence and become self-sufficient and creative problem solvers. I am passionate about educating and empowering my students and I enjoy connecting with a wide array of musicians of all ages, playing levels and backgrounds.

Feel free to contact me to inquire about lessons, I hope to hear from you soon!

ellen January 21, 2019
· Piano · In studio
I'm an older student (old actually) who started piano 2 years ago with Stephanie . She is great for a beginning student. Knows how to teach. Is encouraging, but demanding enough to keep me on my toes. Just wonderful and a thoroughly lovely person.
Jon S. October 30, 2017
· Saxophone · In studio
Stephanie is a patient, knowledgeable, enthusiastic educator and collaborator who loves to perform and teach. I had the honor of working with her for nearly four years while we pursued similar degrees at New Mexico State University. She consistently brought a level of maturity and preparedness beyond her age to our rehearsals and practices. If I was limited to only one word to describe her, it would be "professional".
Christine September 21, 2017
· Saxophone · Online
I very much enjoyed my lesson!
Stephanie is very personable and patient! Can't wait until next week!
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Stephanie M.

Boston, MA 02115
starting at
$55 / 30-min

About Perry E.

Roxbury Crossing, MA
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Hi! My name is Perry and I am a recently-graduated flutist from the Eastman School of Music where I was trained in orchestra, wind ensemble, chamber music, and solo repertoire. I believe in a goal-based approach to studying music and the flute. Students of all ages and experience levels can expect that I will guide them to their individual goals at their own pace. I really love to teach and help students find their own journey through music and enrich all parts of their lives!

About Perry
I am not currently taking new students.

My name is Perry and I have been playing flute for over twelve years. I recently graduated from the Eastman School of Music in Rochester, New York studying Flute Performance under the tutelage of Bonita Boyd. I have recently moved to Boston to begin my career freelancing and teaching before eventually pursuing Graduate studies. While at Eastman, I performed eight full solo recitals, demonstrating an eclectic range of repertoire from solo works, to unusual chamber pieces with interesting instrumentations, and concerti with full orchestral accompaniment.

From very early on in my time playing the flute, I pushed myself to compete festival auditions, competitions, and recitals. These experiences give me great insight for teaching younger students wishing to pursue flute competitively or more casu

Over the course of my playing career, I have experienced a variety of performance injuries involving my hands, arms, and torso. Through these experiences, I have gained experience in injury prevention and recovery relevant to flutists at all ages and levels. This has helped me develop more efficient and healthy approach to my own playing and greatly informed my teaching methods in the process.

My musical experiences make me well suited for teaching students of all ages to achieve individual goals. I loved the teaching I did as a part of the Eastman Community Music School and I love sharing all that I have learned with others! Being a very organized and structured person, I generally propose a steady practice regimen based on both long term goals and short term achievements! I also believe in letting students go at their own pace and constantly adjusting those milestones as required. I believe that the ultimate goal of any teacher is to give the student the means to teach themselves. This philosophy places great emphasis on practicing techniques to make students more self-aware and able to trust themselves in the practice room.
Thank you so much for reading and feel free to contact me with any questions!
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Perry E.

Roxbury Crossing, MA 02120
starting at
$35 / 30-min

About Alyssa W.

Bellingham, MA

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I offer flute lessons for the beginner-intermediate student, where together we'll work on scales, breath support, basic theory, and repertoire. Lessons should always be fun, so we forget that we're secretly working so hard!

About Alyssa
Hi there, I'm so glad you're here!

I am a supportive and encouraging teacher willing to teach all ages and abilities. It is my firm belief that music is for everyone!

I am currently pursuing my Master of Arts in Teaching at Rhode Island College. I studied Oboe Performance at Longy School of Music for a year before decidingto pursue education further (I love teaching too much!.) I completed my undergraduate work at Rhode Island College, where I studied oboe and bassoon privately. I am currently on the private lesson roster for two public schools in the area, and teach both double-reeded instruments. I have successfully helped young students prepare for and audition into district and all state level ensembles.

I have reed-making experience and can assist students with finicky reeds, to help ease the most frustrating part about pl
aying oboe & bassoon.

I'm looking forward to working with you!
Kirstin June 22, 2019
· Oboe · Online
My daughter has enjoyed her lessons. Alyssa has recognized and gently corrected many of the bad habits that she has picked up in band. I noticed a dramatic improvement after just a few lessons.
Louisa M. April 16, 2019
· Oboe · Online
My daughter had a great first lesson with Alyssa. She is looking forward to continuing in the weeks to come.
Divine C. March 31, 2019
· Flute · Online
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Alyssa W.

Bellingham, MA 02019
starting at
$25 / 30-min

About Kendall D.

Newton Center, MA
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I always begin lessons with some form of warm up to focus on beauty in tone and then I follow that with exercises that build technique. I am happy to work with students with whatever method book they are currently using but I am also happy to suggest method books and literature that I feel could further guide their growth. My lessons are very student-centered in that I see what the student's goals are and work from there. I adjust my lessons based on how the student is performing that day. I am happy to teach students of any age and of any ability level!

About Kendall
I'm a musician, a music educator, and music researcher. I enjoy teaching and sharing my passion for music with students of all ages. I currently teach at the Urban College of Boston as an adjunct professor and I substitute teach for Newton Public Schools. I received my Bachelor of Music in Music Education from Furman University in Greenville, SC and received my Master of Music in Music Education from Boston University in Boston, MA. I'm a certified music educator in the state of South Carolina and Massachusetts. I perform regularly on the flute and the violin but have had experience learning and playing other instruments such as viola, cello, bass, trumpet, trombone, and piano. In my free time, I enjoy playing the tin whistle at local Irish sessions in the Boston area. I have taught private lessons on the flute and the violin for the last
five years and am starting to offer tin whistle lessons to students interested in learning to pick up Irish music. As a music educator, I fulfilled my student teaching at the middle school and high school level in Pickens, South Carolina. My goal as an educator is making sure that my students succeed and reach their goals.
Natnicha July 17, 2019
· Flute · In studio
Kendall engaged my daughter in her first flute lesson. She is a talented musician who seems keen to share her passion. We look forward to future lessons with Kendall.
Felipee H. May 16, 2019
· Violin · In home
She is great very good with our 6 yr old.
Jamie G. February 18, 2019
· Violin · In studio
This is my first time learning to play an instrument, and Kendall has been nothing short of amazing. I feel like I am progressing with each lesson, and I enjoy working on my homework between lessons. I absolutely recommend Kendall if you want to learn violin as an adult beginner, and I'm sure she is equally good with younger students and more experienced ones.
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Kendall D.

Newton Center, MA 02459
starting at
$34 / 30-min
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About Mai N.

Cambridge, MA
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Beginner/Intermediate FLUTE PRIVATE LESSONS
in Cambridge
Mai, flute/piccolo

Welcoming students, elementary-middle-high school age

Student at Harvard University
12 years of playing experience
Performs with the Boston Youth Symphony Orchestras, New England Conservatory Preparatory School, NPR’s From The Top
Active in the community, leader of the Greater Boston Music Outreach

About Mai

I perform with the Boston Youth Symphony and the New England Conservatory Preparatory School. Additionally, I am a Leader of the Greater Boston Music Outreach, a program dedicated to bringing the talent of young musicians, through performance and mentorship, out into the community. Starting Fall 2019, I will be on a gap year to explore arts administration, after which I will attend Harvard University, Class of 2024.
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Mai N.

Cambridge, MA 02138
starting at
$25 / 30-min

About xiao L.

Brookline, MA
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Hello everyone.

My name is Xiao Liu, you can call me Amelie. I am a music educator/flute performer just graduated from Boston University school of music in January.

I am offering Beginner/ Intermedia/ Advance Flute private lesson. And also Beginner music theory lesson.

I majored in flute performance in my undergraduate. I had 6 years of teaching experience in private flute studio and general music class. My students involving in many different kinds of musical performance, including solo music playing, chamber, school band and also self-recorded video making performances(One man band, pop music video making.)

My teaching philosophy is student-centered teaching. Firstly, I will encourage my students to think about their goal for the playing(Like achieve level 5 certificate of ABRSM exam, playing in the local orchestra, having fun for playing pop music), and I will help them to achieve what they want.

If you are interested in learning to play flute/ want to improve your flute ...

About xiao
I am a classically trained flutist who working as a freelance musician and flute teacher in the Boston area. I studied with previous Boston Symphony Orchestra solo piccoloist and flutist Geralyn Coticone and gained my Master’s degree at Boston University.

Flute students can expect to improve week to week with their flute playing technique including breathing, embouchure, articulations, vibrato and understand of music.

My teaching philosophy is a student-centered method.
I encourage students
1. Set up their own goal of playing (such as learning a new song, audition for a spot in the youth orchestra, pass the level 3 ABRSM/ LCM Exam, improving the playing in the school band, making self-recorded music performance video, etc.)
2. Help them achieve their goal and play the flute with joy, confidence, and expression.
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xiao L.

Brookline, MA 02445
starting at
$34 / 30-min

About YALIN Y.

Brighton, MA
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Being a flute teacher one-on-one has been always more than teaching to me. I really like to talk about my student’s personal life besides about their playing skills with them. How are they feeling? Are they celebrating or sad about something? Is there anything that I can help? In this case, I believe that it would be more effective way of teaching if I know how to reach out to them.
I believe that the flute is the sound of the heaven. I like to focus on couple things which I think it will help my students to reach that beautiful sound such as; air control, relaxed posture and position. No matter which instrument you are playing, first you need to find a way to make yourself comfortable on your instrument with good body posture.
The air control is the key of the pure and clear sound of flute to me, and that is the reason, which makes me to focus on embouchure and most importantly the air control with the people who I am working with.
Besides the technical parts of flute, I have ...

Flutist Yalın Yavuz born in Bursa, Turkey in 1989. With his music teacher’s exploration of the ability into music at the beginner school, he started his music career as the only musician in his entire family when he was 9 years old at Uludag University State Conservatory in Flute Performance.
After his graduation from high school in 2007, he transferred to Dokuz Eylül University State Conservatory in Izmir for his bachelor’s degree in Flute Performance. He had numerous solo and orchestral concerts and was teaching as a flute instructor at TOBAV (Turkey Opera & Ballet Foundation-Izmir) while he was studying at the university. He took auditions for Berklee College of Music on his last semester at the university and he had chance to study Flute Performance with half scholarship at Berklee College of Music, Boston, MA.
After his 2nd year
at Berklee, he raised his scholarship to full while he was having solo and orchestral concerts. He had a chance to play with Berklee College of Music Symphonic Winds Orchestra, Dream Theater and Silent Film Orchestra while he was working at Berklee Film Scoring Department as a flute player. He also had a chance to perform at community care centers around Boston when he was on his last year at Berklee. After his graduation, he accepted to study Master of Music at Longy School of Music of Bard College on scholarship.
He is currently studying in GPD (Graduate Performance Diploma) with Sergio Pallottelli at Longy School of Music while he is working as a Teaching Assistant at Longy’s El Sistema Side by Side program.
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Brighton, MA 02135
starting at
$30 / 30-min

About Ricardo C.

Boston, MA

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To me, music is all about personal expression and individuality. I want my students to seek and find what makes music special to them and pursue it. Whatever my students goal is, I can adapt to each of their unique needs and to create a curriculum that works best for them.

There are two main approaches to my teaching philosophy. One of these is professionally oriented while the other is experimental/hobbyist. I prepare my students to be able to master the unique techniques, interpretation and professional aspects that is expected in a professional setting such as auditioning for a classical music job opportunity, recording session musician, solo performer, jazz or popular music ensemble.

I also value and understand the desire to simply play the flute for fun and provide a more open/experimental approach to my teaching where I expose the student to potentially interesting things for them and go from there.

Here are some of the topics than can be covered:

-Fundamental ...

About Ricardo
I am a professional Flute player, Film and Video Game composer who recently graduated from Berklee College of Music. Music is my passion and I look forward helping you achieve your goals, whether that is to become a professional player or simply to have fun playing the flute. To me, music is about expression and emotion, it helps us feel. I believe music is of unmeasured value regardless of the goal and its greatest beauty is that no one can take it away from you but you can give everything you are with it.

As a kid I had the honor to have tremendous opportunities and exposition as a Jazz player and as an improviser. I played at the Heineken Jazz fest on 2006 with Nestor Torres and in 2007 with Dave Valentin. I've been improvising ever since I started playing the flute when I was eleven years old and I can assure you that If you want
to become a better improviser, this is my area of expertise. I would love to help you. Improvising not only is a beautiful aspect of music but it's also a place to find unique textures and that only the flute can make.

As a classical player, I had the privilege of playing with Puerto Rico Symphony Orchestra on multiple occasions. And perhaps one the most incredible experiences I had was to play for internationally renowned conductor and pianist, Daniel Barenboim, at his reception at La Fortaleza on 2007.

More recently, I was awarded the Berklee College of Music on Tour Scholarship on 2014 and the Latin Grammy Cultural Foundation Tuition Assistance Award in 2015.Recently, I wanted to expand upon what music means to me and what I could create, so I majored in Composition for Film and Videogames since both have also been a passion of mine.

I believe that everything in music is connected. Players are composers as much as composers should be players. Music is all abut expression and emotion, it transcends thought and brings life to common experiences. Every note and every moment can the make the difference between making us else feel moved by a piece of music or not, and that alone is wonderful to me. I look forward to develop your skills as flute player but most importantly, to help you find through music the joy that is to create through sound, the force that makes people feel.
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Ricardo C.

Boston, MA 02115
starting at
$40 / 30-min

About Holly D.

Jamaica Plain, MA

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I'll work with you to figure out what your goals are and how best to reach them! Our lessons will involve/include warmups (maybe duets), etudes and exercises to develop technique, and repertoire pieces (music for recitals, auditions - or just for fun!).

About Holly
Hi! My name is Holly, and I love music.

I'm a classically trained conductor, and work with several choirs in the Boston area. I went to school at the New England Conservatory, where I got masters degrees in Choral Conducting and Music History. Mostly, my work focuses on Renaissance and modern classical vocal music. Last year, I conducted seven full programs worth of music at several venues throughout the greater Boston area, and sang in several more.

I want to help you deepen your love for music, and develop your musical chops! Working together, we'll talk about what your goals are, and create a regular lesson schedule and plan to help you reach those goals!

I have experience teaching a lot of specific fields within music, so send me a message if you're looking to learn:

-conducting (beginner-advanced)
-music theory and musicianshi
p (beginner-advanced)
-music history (beginner-advanced)
-flute (beginner-intermediate)
-piano (beginner)
-keyboard harmony (beginner)

Hope to hear from you!
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Holly D.

Jamaica Plain, MA 02130
starting at
$50 / 30-min

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