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Unlocked Secrets: Tips to Learn Piano Quickly

Photo of Jessie M.
with Jessie M.
If you’ve always wanted to learn piano, this is the class for you! In this class you’ll learn the basics of making music, how to find notes on the piano, and you’ll learn to build habits that will make you a great pianist in no time!

Essential Piano Practice Techniques for Beginners

Photo of Jared J.
with Jared J.
In this live piano class for beginners, learn how to improve your piano playing skills through mastering effective practice techniques. Taught by an expert piano instructor, you will have the chance to ask questions, get direct feedback, and have fun with other students in class. From deconstructing complicated passages to working on memorization techniques, you will continually improve your piano playing skills with this class.

Fundamentals of Music Theory

Photo of Jared J.
with Jared J.
In this fundamental music theory class, your expert instructor will help you master the basics of music theory and reading music for all types of musicians and instruments. All students who are taking any type of music lessons from singing to piano to guitar and more should consider taking this class. This class will help you gain more confidence with your musicianship and help you learn and play new pieces of music faster. Although this class is designed for beginners, all students are welcome.

Beginning Vocal Training for All Ages

Photo of Reina M.
with Reina M.
Ready to start singing? In this class, you will learn the basics of learning how to sing properly so you do not damage your voice and can see steady improvement over time. Your expert instructor will guide you through simple exercises to start warming up your voice and will help you identify your vocal range so you know what areas to work on. This class is perfect for beginners who want to start taking the first steps toward becoming a skilled vocalist!

Essential Guitar Exercises for All Skill Levels

Photo of Grant H.
with Grant H.
In this guitar class for students of all skill levels, your expert instructor will lead you through progressive, helpful guitar exercises to increase your confidence and speed with playing the guitar. Your instructor will cover strumming patterns, scale exercises, proper technique, and more. Every week you will learn a new set of skills and exercises.

Heartstopping to Showstopping: Conquering Stage Fright

Photo of Arlys A.
with Arlys A.
Is stage fright holding you back? Conquer your fears in this fun, interactive class taught by an expert instructor. In this class, you will learn effective techniques for overcoming pre-performance anxiety and have a chance to ask questions about what to expect when you perform. Students of all ages and skill levels can have problems with stage fright, and all students are welcome to join this inclusive, supportive group class. Ready to feel more confident about your next performance or audition? Join this class to get the useful tips and confidence boost you need.

Proper Guitar Techniques from Step 1

Photo of Carl S.
with Carl S.
In this class, learn how to play the guitar properly by creating a solid foundation of good habits right from the beginning. Your expert instructor will show you how to master basic guitar techniques the right way so that you can continually build your skills without tricky setbacks. Ready to set yourself up for long-term success with learning the guitar? This is the class for you!

Introduction to Ukulele: Simple Chords to Play 100's of Songs

Photo of Grant H.
with Grant H.
In this ukulele class, your expert instructor will teach you a new set of essential ukulele chords to unlock hundreds of your favorite songs. Every week you will learn a new set of skills and exercises, so be sure to sign up for each class!

Practice Smarter Not Harder: Tips for Violin

Photo of Susanna S.
with Susanna S.
In this violin practice class, your expert violin instructor will walk you through some very effective practice techniques for playing the violin. The goal of this class is to provide you with new ways to practice that help you isolate and improve specific skills you need to work on so you spend your practice time wisely and see great improvement. New students are always welcome!

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400 lessons taught
Spanish. Beginner to advanced. Vocabulary and grammar.
Rosita R.
1,000 lessons taught
Spanish, Piano, and Singing. Over 10 years experience teaching
Jared J.
3,000 lessons taught
Guitar. Beginner to advanced. Jazz, Blues, Rock, and more.
Reina M.
700 lessons taught
Singing. Beginner to advanced. Classical to Jazz.

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