Learn Summer Camp with Haley Shea

Young Coders: Python Programming 8-10

Haley Shea B.
TakeLessons Live Instructor
Live-clock-goldClass length: 55 Min
Level: Elementary

What You'll Learn

Start programming through a series of fun puzzles and exciting games designed to challenge your problem-solving skills.

About Haley Shea B.

Coding with Coach Haley Shea: Learn or improve your skills in a programming language with a fun online instructor of game design & development. Haley Shea can help with Python, C#, Java, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and a few other languages by request. She especially enjoys teaching basic computer science foundations to kids through block coding on platforms like Scratch and Blockly, where students get to design, animate, and develop their own video games. In addition to creating games, she helps students develop their own websites and apps. Gamers can also meet with Coach Haley for live sessions playing Minecraft, Roblox, and other games where we often get to practice in-game console commands (coding to change what happens in the game).