Infographic: How to Play Ukulele in 10 Steps


It seems like everyone wants to learn the ukulele these days. Which is great for you, because there are a lot of good resources out there for the beginner uke player! Having a system to help you get started can be very useful, however.

Here are 10 steps to learn the ukulele, for beginners:

How to Play Ukulele in 10 Steps Infographic


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Need help learning Ukulele?

Try one of our most popular online Ukulele classes for free

Learn Ukulele Chord Progressions
In this class, you will learn and practice common ukulele chord progressions with a live instructor. Get ready to practice using Diatonic Triads and the Roman Numeral system to identify the function of chords in a given progression. If you're looking to expand your ukulele playing skills, this is the class for you.
Practice Playing the Ukulele with Others
In this laid back, fun ukulele class for students of all skill levels, your expert instructor will lead an interactive jam session. Your instructor will help you improv on he ukulele, work on playing your favorite songs, and jam with other students. Don't miss this class led by an award winning instructor for a live ukulele jam session.
Practice Playing Common Melodies
The main focus of this beginners’ class is to learn how to play basic melodies - a necessary part of advancing your ukulele skills. Melodies are the building blocks of songs and we’ll start by using a few well-known nursery rhymes to help you understand them. You’ll also get to practice reading tablature and playing new chords.
Ukulele 1: 4 Part Class
Keep drilling with the basics including fundamental chord review, essential strumming patterns, and song repertoire! This 8 week series is designed for anyone who is relatively new to the instrument (under 1 year) and wants to improve upon the basics as well as continue playing songs that gradually increase in difficulty. Upon completion, students can continue their musical journey with Ukulele 2.
Ukulele 2: 4 Part Class
Keep exploring what the ukulele has to offer including advanced techniques, expanded chord review, complex rhythms, and a diverse song repertoire! This 8 week series is designed for anyone who has been playing for more than a year and wants to expand their knowledge past the basics. upon completion, students will perform in front of the class and can continue their musical journey with Ukulele 3.
Intro to Movable Chord Shapes
This online ukulele class will cover movable chords and how they can help making playing the ukulele a lot easier! This might sound like an advanced concept, but your expert instructor will break it down into easily comprehensible segments. Having this skill under your belt will make you a more well-rounded ukulele player.
Essential Chords and Ukulele Techniques
This online ukulele class is a perfect starting point for someone wanting to learn the instrument or simply improve their skills. You’ll learn the fundamentals of playing the ukulele including how to hold it. An expert instructor will also discuss ukulele chords, including the four most basic chords. You’ll then practice playing and switching between chords. This will get you one step closer to playing full songs!
Practice More Popular Ukulele Chords
In this online ukulele class, an expert instructor will cover a few more advanced chords that you can add to your repertoire. You’ll also practice playing back to back chords to improve your transitions. Hit songs like “Valerie” and “Like a Rolling Stone” will help you learn even more ukulele basics in a fun way!