Top 5 Piano Books for Beginners

Piano Books For Beginners To Learn

Want to learn how to play the piano? This is a totally achievable goal, for students of all ages! With the right tools and a little focus, you may be surprised at how quickly you become proficient in basic piano techniques.

In order to build a strong foundation, however, you’ll need two things: first, a great piano teacher to help guide you along. Second, a set of quality piano lesson books for beginners. Although you may be excited to get started, it’s wise not to dive right into tough theory and techniques before you’re ready! The following books are wonderful options for beginner piano players.

5 Piano Books for Beginners to Learn From

Alfred’s Basic Piano Course Lesson Series

The Alfred’s collection of piano books is incredibly popular with students of all ages. The Basic Piano Course lesson series progresses in small steps, so that the information is easy to replicate and remember. As the lessons progress, students will learn the names of the piano keys: first white, then black. As one of the most sought-after piano books for beginners on the market, this book is a sure step toward practical piano skills!

Alfred’s Basic Piano Course Theory Series

The Alfred’s Theory Series is designed as an accompaniment to the Basic Lesson Series, but the two do not necessarily have to go together. If you’re interested in learning more about musical theory and the intricate workings of your new instrument, this is the book for you. These theory books can be worked through on their own or together with the practical series for a more rounded education. Your piano teacher can help you decide which steps to focus on first.

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Hal Leonard Student Piano Library Book 1

The Hal Leonard series of piano lesson books is a compelling one for students. The workbook is designed so that the greenest of beginners can create music right from the very start of their studies. Simple instructions and illustrations, as well as an accompanying CD, make the first step toward becoming a real piano player as easy as possible. This book makes at-home individual practice simple, while leaving room for a private piano teacher to fill in the blanks about technical considerations and musical theory.

Ultimate Beginner Series

If you are a focused and dedicated, yet impatient student, some piano lesson books for beginners may frustrate you due to their slow pace. Not this one! The Ultimate Beginner Series uses text and a DVD accompaniment to jump right into the world of piano playing and teach you about chords, arpeggios, playing with both hands, and even playing music by ear. This is truly a workbook for an inspired virtuoso in waiting!

Faber Music Piano Adventures

The Piano Adventures book takes a different approach to teaching beginners to learn how to play the piano. Students using this guide are encouraged to experiment with the piano pedals in order to properly understand their function; they are also led through exercises that focus on constant awareness of “middle C.” Through skill exercises and instructional theory, you’ll learn to be more aware of the notes behind the keys.

Whichever piano books for beginners work the best for you, always keep in mind that working with a private piano teacher will help you advance your skills more quickly and correctly! The one-on-one attention and guidance you receive will make a world of difference in your quality of playing!



March 20, 2015 at 3:16pm

It's overwhelming to choose from the different books. I think I have chosen to go with the Faber books, but then they offer so many within one level. Any recommendations on that? Do we need the lesson, theory, performance and technique book?

Suzy S.

March 24, 2015 at 8:05am

Hi Sharla, I'd recommend checking with your piano teacher on that! He/she can tell you what you'll need for your lessons.


May 24, 2017 at 12:52pm

HI, Sharla! I would definitely recommend using the Faber series. I used them myself, and they were wonderful. If you are serious about learning piano, you should probably get all the books: lesson, theory, performance, and technique, because they build off of each other to help you progress faster.

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September 03, 2017 at 9:36pm

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